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Whitetail Version of Buck of Justice

If you remember a massive whitetail that was generating a lot of buzz around the Internet during the fall of 2003, you will then recognize this great whitetail deer. Chad Goetten took this amazing whitetail in Illinois. Chad recently emailed his great buck to us to get posted in our trophy room. Thanks Chad, and what a great buck. You will also see Chad’s buck in a future King’s Calendar.

Those of you out here in the West will understand when I say that Chad’s whitetail could very well be the whitetail version of the Buck of Justice. The Buck of Justice was declared ‘the world’s most massive deer’ when the sheds were found to this great mule deer back in the mid 1990s in southern Utah. The buck was never harvested, but multiple sets of the sheds were found over the years. The most recent set were found by Dennis Shirley in 2001 while on a sheep hunt.

Chad’s 23-point whitetail buck scores 234 7/8 non-typical B&C. It was the largest gun kill in Illinois in 2003. So how massive is the Goetten buck? The buck has over 55 inches of mass and is one of the most massive whitetail listed in B&C.

Here is a great shot of Chad’s massive Illinois whitetail

Dennis Shirley with the Buck of Justice Sheds from 2001
Here is the last set of sheds from the Buck of Justice picked up by Dennis Shirley in 2001

King’s Outdoor World featured one of the first sets of sheds found of the Buck of Justice in our Original Magnificent Seven Print in 1996. The set that Dennis Shirley picked up were featured in our 2003 King’s Mule Deer Calendar and the story of how he found the sheds and the actual remains to this buck has been featured in our Hunting Illustrated Magazine.

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  1. Randy Stevens
    112 mos, 2 wks ago

    Chad this is my second year of hunting here in Montana, I am only 13. When I look at your picture it makes me think how lucky I might get and run into a monster buck such as yours. Opening season for 2005 is this sunday for rifle. I am very excited now that I know there are deer like that one out there. I am gonna work my hardest to find one. Well congrats on that buck. Randy Stevens

  2. kyle maki
    109 mos, 4 wks ago

    that is one huge buck. I live in montana and if i see a 20 inch buck it is a huge buck and the mass is only about 2 inches.

  3. jimmy
    106 mos, 3 wks ago

    can’t say much. that’s one heck of a whitetail.

  4. 106 mos, 1 wk ago

    hey those are some huge sheds………………it would be nice to find some of them in wisconsin

  5. evan murphy
    96 mos, 1 wk ago

    Wow thats a nice non-typical buck i live in seymour,Indiana and in 2003 my cousin Corry Wait killed a 20- pionter it was nice i havn’t killed my first one yet i took some shots but we didn’t find my buck oh well it’s all aprt of hunting.

  6. vaughn
    95 mos ago

    the monster that did’nt get away

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