Amazing 502 World Record Bull Elk?

Kevin Reid with his 502 SCI Elk
There is definitely a buzz going around about two monster bull elk. Some rumors say there is a legit world record bull scoring over 500 inches taken with a bow. Some saying it is from idaho, others saying possibly from Arizona. Then there are photos of another huge bull, likely taken the same year…by the same guy? A lot of questions, but what are some of the correct answers?

The message boards and emails are going crazy with this topic and the photos that continue to circulate about these big bulls. Some are posted with truths, some totally made up falsehoods, and others with a little bit of both.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to talk with the hunter of both of these bulls. Kevin Reid was the lucky hunter to take down not one of these huge bulls, but both of them. Contrary to what many may think, these two bulls were not taken the same year. One was taken last year during the 2004 season and the other this year. Now the big question…Are these fair chase bulls?

Kevin Reid was hunting a private high fenced ranch in Idaho in 2004 and came across two monster bulls running together. Kevin ended up taken one of the bulls with his bow at just over 30 yards. The bull is an incredible bull scoring 447 SCI. After the season, the ranch owner called Kevin and told him he thought the other bull that was running with the bull Kevin shot was even bigger. Sure enough, Kevin went back for the 2005 season. After three weeks of hunting, he finally got within bow range of this bull. This bull has been scored by SCI (Safari Club International) scorers at an incredible 502 2/8 SCI. This bull will become the new SCI world record bull (taken with any weapon).

So will these bulls be eligable for Pope & Young or Boone & Crockett? No, they will not. They were taken in a high fence arrangement, and therefore will not be eligable. They will be entered in SCI and be not only one of, but two of the biggest bulls recorded. Even in high fence, there has never been a 500 inch bull taken before. The only bull ever taken by a hunter that scored over 500 inches (gross score) is the Mike Shipsey Bull. Mike Shipsey shot this bull in 1997 on the San Carlos Reservation. This 11×10 point bull scores 502 6/8 gross, 487 net non-typical B&C. However, the Shipsey bull has not been entered (or accepted) into the B&C Club. The San Carlos Fish and Game in Arizona has a replica of this elk in their office – so if you are down that way you can check it out.

Kevin was nice enough to give me permission to post these photos of his elk. Kevin is an accomplished hunter and has hunted all over the world, which includes entries in Pope & Young. However, one thing he is a little frustrated with is the rumors about these bulls going around on the Internet. He has never tried to pass these bulls off as fair chase bulls, and has been up front about them from the start. Unfortunately, people have been passing these photos around and included their own information which has been incorrect. Kevin knows what they are, but is not trying to trick anyone, and has been getting emails daily about his bulls himself. Hopefully this will help clear up some of the confusion.

Below are some photos of Kevin’s two Idaho archery bulls:

Kevin with his 447 SCI bull taken in 2004 on an Idaho high fence ranch

Another pic of this monster typical 447 SCI bull

Kevin and his 502 2/8 SCI high fence bull taken in 2005

One more pic of this 502 2/8 SCI bull from Idaho

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375 Comments on "Amazing 502 World Record Bull Elk?"

  1. kyle says:

    boone and crockett has it right not fair chase. might as well be a dairy cow in that picture ,doesnt impress me in the least . one of my friends did one of these hunts for some crazy ram species he came back all happy, i told him he might as well went to the nearest petting zoo with a 30 cal. rifle cause thats pretty much what he did anyways. all these guys come across as just LAZY

  2. Joedjr says:

    We hunt elk on a private ranch with over 2000 acres in North West New Mexico that surrounds public land. During the season with all the hunters chasing the elk off State forest we are fortunate that the elk come over to our property for some seclusion. If we don’t push them off foolishly we are fortunate to have our own herd for the season with our pick of nice trophy elk. I consider the State Forest my high fence.
    We also hunt whitetail and elk on a couple real sweet high fence ranches. Due to the large properties it seems like it’s the same as our New mexico property except YES the animals can’t go off to the neighbors property. It’s still faichase with a twist.
    I enjoy and am fortunate to be able to do both as I please.
    Point being lets not critisize each other in pursuit of what we enjoy doing. If we seperate ourselves than the bad guys who are trying to take our sport away become stronger.

  3. Illinois guy says:

    SOOOO What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who cares if he shot him on a fenced ranch. I also say who cares if it goes in its own record book. As long as My public land bull goes in a completely seperate book. I dont agree with it! but let the guy spend his money the way he wants. At least he is not spending his money trying to stop hunting and hugging trees. Praise God for public hunting its the only way, but dont hand this guy for doing it another way. Lets all just hunt hard and have fun. The truth of the matter is that i will never run into this guy or even have to think of it again. Because I wont hunt a fenced ranch, but as long as he doent tell me how to hunt I wont tell him

    past Idaho guide
    present Illinois bowhunter

  4. Kendall Allred says:

    how do these guys deserve any respect they didn’t scout out these elk for weeks months or any amount of time they didn’t work like a real hunter they just paid some cash to some farmer walked onto some fenced in zoo and already knew what they were looking for mabey sighted the big bulls cornered them and shot WOW !! This is somthing that you can tell your friends about it’s pretty cool but the farmer who raised the two bulls deserves the real respect. I’m sure he could have just have easily shot the bulls when he was feeding them and mounted them in his house and been put on the top of the SCI record book.

  5. Kendall Allred says:

    when I first saw the two bulls and saw their scores I didn’t believe it and thought it was bull @%(*^ but I geuss if you were to breed the elk with intent to have this size of rack then I guess it is possible. Like the belgin bull (as in cow) moo they breed for muscle and show. The two bulls shown are the same. Would they have grown to this size in the wild NOT A CHANCE look at how long B&C has been around and nothing this big has ever been shot. these bulls were fed and pampered in a nice closed in area with no wolves or predators present. No disrespect to the hunters who shot these bulls or the ranchers who raised them good job guys! But these shouldn’t be in any record book besides guinuess book, were you can see the worlds fattest man and the largest horse.I’m sorry to the guys who shot these people must really give you a hard time but to each his own. Mabey next time you’ll keep the bulls away from any real record books but good luck with that. P.S. hope you had the meat made into lean ground beef otherwise I’ve never known a farm cow to be good eatin.

  6. lar says:


  7. dan says:

    anyone in this blog would shoot that elk given the opportunity so i dont know why everyone is crying about how it was in a high fence. it wasn’t tied up. the guy had to hunt for three weeks to shoot one of the bulls. i gurantee he hunted harder for it than a lot of the people talking about how he isn’t a real hunter. also enough complaining about how hard it is to go hunt public land. if you put in the time, its very possible to shoot a real trophy. and lar, please learn how to spell.

  8. Buz says:

    As far as I’m concerned, anytime an animal is harvested within the confines of a fence, it should never be considered “Fair Chase”. It is a canned hunt pure and simple………What is really funny is reading some of the other responses trying to justify this type of hunting……..that is the key………’s not hunting it’s paying BIG Bucks to go shooting.

  9. Thomas says:

    Enough on this. Here’s the facts. It is not thousands of acres of land. He paid a boatload for the big bull. People do it every year. It is not hunting. It is shooting. Shot a fenced in bull. The bull was not going to get away. Where was he going to hide? In the timber of the fenced- in area. Go check the place out. I have. If that’s your cup of tea, so be it. But that is the cold hard truth. Anyone could have shot that bull- For all you people who think that is a tough hunt, please quit bullSh@##n yourselves…please!
    Enough about the Fenced-in World Record Canned hunt bull! To all the people that think this was such an accomplishment, you obviously only hunt like this, or not much, or you do these “kills” because you have more money than brains… I honestly can’t believe that this is the #1 blog….after more than a year…..Change the heading to “Farm Raised 502 Fenced In Bull is Killed” Bet it wouldn’t be the top blog….

  10. dan says:

    actually thomas i hunt public land every day of the season for elk. and i dont have more money than brains. and you must be bullsh@##n yourself if you are saying you wouldn’t shoot that elk.
    and it doesn’t take a lot of brains to wonder why this is still the number one blog…it is a 502 inch elk…..same reason the 575 bull is still a top blogger. and are you saying this area is a big field? the elk had plenty of cover to hide in. i know what area it is and it would be no piece of cake to just walk in and shoot that elk…..with a bow none the less. it isn’t like this elk was a pet. stop fooling yourself

  11. Ray North says:

    Those 2 bulls are absolutely massive!!!!! You are soo lucky to be able to hunt elk period and let alone get 2 of the biggest bulls i ever saw a pic of! You should be proud of yourself.

  12. DON says:

    I have hunted elk in idaho for 26 years now. and have injoyed every minute of it.when i could walk. i am not in any way appossed to this kind of hunting if you can afford it. but we should all be thankfull that if we cant we have a place we can hunt. i am disabled now and havent hunted elk in 6 years. but if i could afford it give me the number. just to be able to hunt again.

  13. Reality says:

    that bull is very impressive. The trophies that come off of high fenced-in areas and those that come off of those game farms should not eligible for any of the books. There is nothing better here in Missouri to see the small town papers that show folks who lucky on friends farms and ended up hammering a Monster or maybe even they have seen it off and on for a few years and finally took it. Id have more admiration for a buck and the taker that takes a big ‘un on some old run down farm than a ‘pay for a trophy’ any day

  14. Pam Card says:

    Although a high fenced trophy, I suspect that hunt was grulling, their still elk and big nasty Idaho canyons. I can imagine the bugle that bull made will not be soon forgottin and caused that hunter to run up and down many a steep mountain. Just about any elk hunt is a far cry from setting in a tree stand with a book, Or one of those Blinds ( mini House) and your walker game ear, your cough arester, and Lunch, with big numbers of white tails all over, Reality is Idaho Elk will never be Food Plots and Tree stands. United WE Stand

  15. COHunter says:

    Impressive pics, very impressive. Would I do it if I had the money? I’m fortunate to never have to find out. Part of “hunting” for me is the anticipation of the hunt and the wondering, will I see something, will I get a shot off. With that being said. I think these are great bulls, and as long as someone isn’t bragging about the skill it took to bring it down in a high-fenced area, no harm no foul.

  16. Justin says:

    The best thing about these types of “hunters”? It keeps them away from the public land hunts where the real hunters are!

  17. Ridgerunner says:

    The scrawniest spike taken in fair chase on Idaho’s public lands is a greater trophy than these phonies.The sad thing is so many so-called ‘sportsmen’ fail to shooting pens as the poison they are for honest, fair chase hunting. And so many think “if it’s legal, it must be OK.” What ever happened to policing our own ranks? And these shooters blame the internet and say “gee, I never said it was a real elk hunt.” Kinda like printing counterfeit money and and saying “gee, I never said I actually earned it.” Counterfeit trophies, is what these are.

  18. Casey says:

    I guess I stumbled upon this argument and I had to chime in. The reason that Montana has made fenced “hunts” illegal is because they are not considered ethical hunting, I agree with Montana. However, outfitting in Montana is pretty much the same as “high fence hunting” because outfitters, are generally out of state pukes with no idea of the area, the animal, or hunting in general, they will often drag someone around the hills for about a week, never seeing an elk, then pull a big bull in with a horse trailer, kick it out and “hunt” it. I have seen this practice twice. I dont believe that these “hunts” should go in record books either, but they do because of the area that the animal was killed. I have been a hunter since I was 12, before that I dragged around the forest every year learning about the animal that my father was hunting so that when it was my time, I could track, stalk and harvest my own animal. I have earned the right to hunt, but it is almost impossible to do now because all of the private land is “outfitted”. Landowners make alot of money doing this, so I cannot be upset at them. When I go to public land and am surrounded by California and Washington plated vehicles I am equally upset because these people will ruin a good hunting season in a heartbeat. Earlier this year, a moron from San Deigo shot my pickup because he thought it was an elk. How do you mistake a truck for an elk? So, even though I hate the idea of high fences, people who dont know how to hunt need them, and hiring “outfitters” is often just as unethical and ignorant as the high fence ranches in my book. If you dont know what you are doing, dont hunt, or come drag around the mountains with me and my son for about four years so that you can earn the right to hunt a beautiful and cunning animal like a bull elk.

  19. jacob says:

    Ridgerunner, I dont think you have a clue on what or how they do things on hunting ranches!!! Most of you people that are against these hunting ranches just figure you go out in the pasture and shoot the elk. I’ll tell you guys right now that its alot more complicated than that. My father in-law runs an elk hunting ranch and i’ve helped him for five years and there are days when you dont even see an elk. I dont undestand why so many of you so called hunters are so against these hunting ranches. These bulls that they shoot dont go in any record books besides the SCI record book. It keeps alot of these people that dont really know a whole lot about hunting off of public land and out of your way. In some ways were doing you guys a favor!! Oh (Ridgrunner) i know for a fact, if you had the chance to shoot a 460 bull on a hunting ranch i would garuntee you would do it!!! Dont kid yourself!!!

  20. Dustin says:

    The mike shipsey bull was not high fence, this makes it the true record to me. This bull is great, however not free rangeing. There are probably more elk of shipsey’s calliber out there. I know I shed hunt a mere 15 miles from where this bull was taken. 400+ sheds are common among the handfull of people who brave the terrain and rattlesnakes. The area simply produces massive bulls! Any elk farm can produce 500 bulls. but only special wild places produce 400-500 bulls!

  21. jake says:


  22. SP says:

    Sorry did not finish. The hunt was on a high fence ranch, about 3000 acres ?
    I cross 5000 to 10,000 acre ranches in the dark on my way to hunt public land bulls. You people act like those are large places, that is not a sanctuary for elk.
    What I have issue with is Kevins personal comment,#6, second line, “I do consider taking of these bulls “fair chase ” ”
    NO WAY, That is where he is wrong, And not recognized by P&Y or B&C.
    Comment#324 covers issues very well.
    I have hunted Montana my whole life for elk,with bow and rifle for 33 years. Covering alot of the state ,ID,AK, and wilderness area DYI. Thousands of acres traveled on foot, this year I put in 44 days of hunting dark too dark. I did not see a bull until the last afternoon of season. Lucy enough to be my 13th. 6×6 in a row,”Fair Chase” period. Those high fence ranch elk hunts , DO NOT COMPARE.

  23. JARED says:

    this happened years ago. give it a rest . a high fenced hunt is just another way for rich people to feel important. they hang the head on their wall and when someone comments about it they tell some lie about how great the hunt was. the more we talk about it the more important they feel. we are just feeding their egos. to me Kevin just went down to the local rancher and told him which cow he wanted to put in his freezer. maybe we should start hanging herford heads on the wall too.

  24. Mike Petras says:

    After Reading some of the comments on this “BULL”, I think that there is no way that this bull was taking in a fair chase situation, he is just to big to believe that he could have made it this long without being shot,, but other wise he is a MONSTER bull even if he was a $BIG$ bank breaker,, and I agree 100% that we are just making them feel “importent” be commnting on there elk,,,,,,,,,, and even if they say it was “and Amazing and Difficult” I think they are just trying for it to seem like they did something,,, when really they just got out of the truck walk around untill they looked over all the elk and found the one they wanted,, then asking the “guide” “HOW MUCH FOR THAT ONE” then getting in range to take the shot…. I think that high fence hunts are kinda dumb for elk and whitetaile,, but for exotics like a corsican ram, or a black buck Antilope, is a diffrent story,,, all in all it is not hunting when the animals are in a fence and have there meals taking to them on a silver platter,,,, I could go on and on about HIGH FENCE hunts but I will stop.. I think comment #358 cleans it up in a few sentences. 🙂 🙁

  25. sam says:

    After reading a few of the comments above, Im going to add my 2 bits. Im an avid hunter myself and enjoy fair chase hunts as much as the next guy. I think that if these guys- joe millionaire- want to pay $25k to go kill an elk in a high fenced area I want to be the one they are paying. They will find someone somewhere to sell them that opportunity. May as well be me they are paying the big bucks. I grew up on a cattle ranch and I see high fenced elk as a business. Sure its like going and shooting the bull out of the cattle herd but if someone will pay big bucks to shoot my bull, most things are for sale for the right price. Besides it keeps morons off of public land and thus less hunting pressure on my favorite spot. Sure dont want some idiot shooting my truck or the horse out from under me mistaking it for an elk.