Problems at Bowtech?

Something crazy just happened within the Bowtech company – the producer of the popular archery bows. This is kind of confusing, but let me see if I can get this straight. For those of you familiar with the archery industry, there is the “Martin” girl. She is the girl in all of the Martin bow advertisements. Ususally she is wearing something that gets attention (if you know what I mean) while holding a Martin bow.

Well, to add to the drama, Kevin Strother, Vice President and Co-Founder of Bowtech,(yes, a competitor of Martin) has married the “Martin” girl (sorry, I do not know her name). This apparently has caused some problems at Bowtech and the President of BowTech has fired Kevin Strother.

Kevin just posted some heated feelings about this on a popular archery message board. Click Here to read his comments about Bowtech and him being fired.

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105 Comments on "Problems at Bowtech?"

  1. David says:

    I have a 2008 bowtech allegiance and like it very well, its rifle like in velocity and accuracy. I dont care whos doinkin who at the bow companies, or whos says what about whoever. Bowtech has proven customer service, and will take care of any and all issues very quickly and professionally. The limb thing is a great debate. There was a problem with certain limbs on certain models a few years ago, I never heard of any that they did not take care of quickly. To me if you want the best, you want a mathews or a bowtech, I preferred the feel and shooting of the bowtech. I do wish I would of got the 80 lb limbs though……

  2. Joe Purdy says:

    I have an Allegience set at 60#, shoot 7595 gold tips at 28 in. I can’t seem to tune the thing so as to get rid of an arrow kicking sideways. I’ve tried moving the rest,(whisker biscuit), and can’t get a no-tear hole thru paper. Any one have a suggestion?

  3. Mike says:

    I have a 2005 bowtech aliegiance and I’m here to say the bottom limb completely busted right at the edge of the limb pocket. As anyone would be I’m very disappointed in bowtech as they are not standing up to their product. I’m currently fighting for a new bow because now I don’t know what it did to the riser. Bowtech will replace the limbs at dealers discretion but the dealer for not have equipment to check riser for any stress cracks. So I’m asking if you were in my shoes would you want a new bow, and for them to stand behind their product since they claim to be the best…”Refuse to Follow”.

  4. JDB says:

    I have shot many bows in the past. Started out with a Darton of all things (early 80’s). Eventually moved into the Bowtech line with the first generation Patriot. Robin hooded the second arrow though it. LOL. Fun at first, but after trashing a couple dozen arrows you find yourself looking for the spaces “between” the knocks. Due to military obligations, I knew it would be a while before I had th chance to shoot again so sold off all my equipment in anticipation of returning to new, faster, better, quieter, more accurate equipment. Ended up picking up the new Diamond Ice Man. HOLY COW! Quiet, accurate, quick and perfect for tree stand/blind shooting! I was impacting arrows 5 min after slapping sights on the thing. Great new hunting bow. For the dot chaser in me….I actually went for a used bow since I just dropped so much into my new hunting bow. Ended up grabbing a good deal on an 06 Consitution. Binary cams and all….outshoots the Hoyt Ultratec I used in competition. Yes I said the 4 letter H word. I used to shoot the Olympic Training Center in San Diego. Everyone had one…you get the picture. Although down there, I got some odd looks when I broke out the camo Patriot and stepped up to the line. LOL. Regardless, I was and remain utterly impressed with the Bowtech lines and now including the Diamond line bows. Good job guys!
    BTW….lose the string stock string dampners and just go with good ‘ol rubber whiskers. Both mine were completly gone within 2 dozen arrows anyway. But that is trivial. Still the best bows hands down.

  5. Rachel says:

    I need help!!!! I am not a hunter but my husband is. I am wanting to buy him a new bow for christmas but have no clue what to get. He has used the same bow for years and the limbs are cracking. He borrowed a bow from his cousin that is really small and he hates it so I need a good sized bow. I know he wants a bowtech, so what is you suggestions. I want him to have the best and will pay for it.

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