Possible New World Record Blacktail

I just got some information from an Oregon contact about two monster blacktail deer that were taken this past year. Both of these bucks were taken with a bow. One is a buck that scores 212 net non-typical. Another buck potentially scores 187 net typical. This could be a new world record if this score is legit and holds up. I should find out in the next few weeks after the official scores come in on how these bucks stack up.

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7 Comments on "Possible New World Record Blacktail"

  1. George says:

    Any pictures yet of Darrel Coe’s CA buck taken in Dec.? I heard it’s about a 38″ spread?

  2. George,
    I do have some nice pics of the CA buck you are referring to. A great mule deer that is over 39-inches wide! You will see some of these pics and the story on this buck in our upcoming “Best of 2005” issue of Hunting Illustrated.

    David King
    King’s Outdoor World

  3. George says:

    Ok, cool. When is that coming out ?

  4. It will be coming out around the end of March/first of April.

    David King
    King’s Outdoor World

  5. Brian says:

    I know of a blacktail buck shot in washington that is supposed to exeed that score but I believe it was taken with a rifle.

  6. Ryan Wills says:

    I killed a Buck about a mile as the crow flies inland from the ocean . As far as I know it is the record for a coastal blacktail{which only some people recognize but really is a different species than what you find inland}. It scored 1354/8 It was killed on private property in curry county oregon. I had it scored at the sportsman show in roseburg and they said it was the 75 largest taken in the oregon record book. I still have two years to wait before the next edition comes out. It did qualify for boone abd crocket all time records but I have not submitted it yet

  7. marina says:

    Every time I hear about a new record typical blacktail
    I look it up and my Dads is still # 1 @ 184/3/8 hes had it for half a century..

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