Austin & Halleck Suspends Operations

Austin & Halleck has been a staple in the muzzleloading community. Unfortunately there is bad news to pass along. We’ve worked a lot with Austin & Halleck over the years and saddened by the news and wish them the best. Here is their statement from their web site:

It is with great disappointment that we announce the suspension of operations at Austin & Halleck, effective 10/01/06.

To our customers, you can take pride in knowing you own one of the finest muzzleloading rifles offered in this country. You’ll already have experienced it’s outstanding shooting performance and enjoyed and admired your rifle’s unmatched quality of materials and workmanship.

While there is no longer anybody on staff to service your rifle in the unlikely event it would need any, we will be pleased to provide you any component parts free of charge, as long as they remain available. We will also attempt to offer technical assistance by phone or email on a call-back basis. There are no longer any employees at Austin & Halleck and while we may contract for some repair services, we cannot offer any assurance about the timely return of your rifle.

First quality rifles may be made available at a discount from the factory. Please contact me for further information.

Follow this link to go to the web site of Austin & Halleck and get the rest of the information.

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47 Comments on "Austin & Halleck Suspends Operations"

  1. tim zendron says:

    I was interested in one of your 420 lr monte carlo hand select blu inlines. Can you give me a price.

    Thanks Tim Zendron

  2. Tim,
    Any inquiries need to be made directly to Austin & Halleck. Go to their web site and send your request to the email they have posted on their home page

    David King
    King’s Outdoor World

  3. Ted says:

    It’s not suprising to me that they went out of business, it took almost a year to get my gun and the quality is not as nearly what it is claimed to be. But the gun shoots well.

  4. Bob Lupkowski says:

    Just received my A&H 320 with mossy oak stock.
    What a shame this company wont be in business anymore.
    The gun I received is of an excellent quality.Look forward to using this muzzleloader during deerhunting season.

  5. Dave Perry says:

    I have one of their fancy maple flints. Very pretty gun, BUT, their customer service was awful and they really didn’t care after the sale was made. I bought the gun in 2005 and found that the front blade sight was cut so that I couldn’t get it to shoot on target (it was 14 inches low no matter how I played with the sights). After an absurd amount of time, I got them to agree to replace the barrel. ok – two months later it shows up. However, they had used a screwdriver (instead of a brass punch) to install the front and rear sights so there were numerous deep gauges in the sights and on the barrel (there were multiple gauges on the barrel and sights so they obviously didn’t care about what they were doing).

    After the barrel replacement, the gun shoots fine and I use it exculsively for hunting (even in “modern” gun season). Being in a service business, I was pretty sure that they would have not be long in business. I hate to see something like this happen as their guns are very pretty and shoot well, but it comes as no surprise to me that they are shutting down.

  6. Ed Fisher says:

    I have several A/H rifles and their 520 shotgun.Yes craftsmanship and service have suffered as of late, but I still hate to see them or any American gun manufacturer go under. The real problem now is where to get parts! I have searched and searched for a lock part for my percussion mountain rifle. Gone so far as to contacting the locks builder Ardesa in Spain. Found that they build the same lock for Traditions, but cant get their lousy service dept to send me parts either. Deer Creek Products is trying to buy A/H parts inventory, but as of now you cant get parts. A/H triggers are supposed to be made by Timney, but I cant find one like it nor will Timney answer e mail on parts. So American or foreign, no one wants to provide parts or service or the common courtesy of answering the question of A/H parts. Anyone know anything I dont???

  7. John Suykerbuyk says:

    I have owned a 420 lr for some 5 years, I have taken 3 turkeys ( one neck shot @ 65 yrds ) and too many deer to count. Im glad I spent the money on this fine firearm. Sad to see you go.

  8. Michigan Andy says:

    I love my A&H. I shoot many deer @ long range with it! Will someday buy a thumbhole stock for it.

  9. Bill Lipcamon says:

    To Ed Fisher. Try Bold triggers from Boyds’. They build stocks and I belive sell triggers for austin and halleck. Some of my austin and halleck guns have boyd triggers and I have contacted them before.

  10. Bill Lipcamon says:

    I am interested in finding an Austin and Halleck 520 shotgun. I have several of their 420’s.

  11. David Batdorf says:

    I just purchased a 420 in-line percussion and want to run a cotton swab down the barrel but I’m having problem removing the bolt. I have tried the standard pulliung back on the trigger but no luck. Can someone please help?
    Also, where can one find one of the universal bolts so that a 209 primers can be used.


  12. brian says:

    Just purchased a 420, now I know why the price was so good. It’s my first muzzleloader, just hope I don’t need parts. AS far as that bolt question, manual says to pull back and down as if you were closing the bolt. The Chuck Hawks site has nothing but good things to say.

  13. ken guynn says:

    i severlly damaged my barrel on my 420. i am looking for a barrel any suggestions

  14. Mike Skala says:

    Look at Thier website barrels 100.00 Just looked today and plenty on stock.

  15. roc mor says:

    Someone in my area is selling A&H for $250.00, everything ive read so far seems favorable. Also, A&H website shows they have some in stock for the same price. Would you recommend purchasing it? If so, from whom?

  16. Larry Krause says:

    Austin & Halleck went out of business owing me a 209 Primer Adapter Kit. Never shipped it.
    Who bought the parts & accessories? Would still like one.

  17. MTobin says:

    For Ed Fisher – I called Timney and they told me they stopped making triggers for A&H in 1998. I called Boyd’s and they said they don’t make triggers for A&H. Not sure what to tell you except to look on the A&H website as they still have some inventory listed. I just ordered 2 .50 calibers myself. I bid on one and won it at a Bighorn Sheep Auction and love it!

  18. Andrew Borbotko says:

    I had idea that Austin & Halleck would not continue with the fine guns. I take much pride hunting with my 420-.50cal .We gave one to a person on a drawing of tages during one of our deer check-in.The owner of that rifle won’t shoot it because we gave him the best looking fancey stock and I kept the plain one. At 75 I waited like a lifetime fo my Austin & Halleck, I show it to all my old hunters, Now time is getting on and those fun days are fewer as I look at that rifle in my den. I just want thank the wholeAustin & Halleck bunch for that great rifle. Just Andy @

  19. Jay Wilson says:

    I’m trying to locate the front blade sight for the Austin & Haleck Mountain rifle.

  20. benny vento says:

    For AH parts
    Try Harold Adams
    lost his phone number.

  21. Pat Hoehn says:

    I am looking for a breech plug for a Austin Helleck 420. Does anyone have any ideas?

  22. Peter says:

    A&H was at the Gunshow at Southtown center today 4-18-09 – clearing out all the inline muzzleloaders for $175 and $200 – beautiful guns.
    they were flying out the door. They might have some left for tomorrow.

  23. Scott Wood says:

    I have a model 420, where can i find replacement parts? I need a part for my bolt assembly.

    Thank you
    Scott W.

  24. Kat Gouge says:

    I just bought a Austin & Halleck 520 shotgun 12 gauge new in the box. I can’t find the percussion caps or #11 musket cap. It didn’t come with it. I want to use it for competition and i need those to interchange. Does anyone know were I can find the parts?

  25. ken biggert says:

    My 50 cal. Austin Halleck black powder rifle is the best gun I own. More than worth the money. Sorry to see you go.

  26. Hank Cupp says:

    I have one of these inlines. Can anyone tell me the best bullet to go with the Blackhorn 209 powder?
    thanks, hank

  27. dana clymer says:

    looking for a bolt for a 420 A&H

    thanks Dana 267 784 0273

  28. Vince Bonello says:

    I’m really late on this but I’m looking to get my hands on a Austin Halleck 520 shotgun. Anyone that can help will recieve a $100.00 finders fee in appreciation.Thank you and god bless Ameica!

  29. Bill Lipcamon says:

    A man named Marlow Richards who owns Alpine Technology bought some left overs for Austin and Halleck rifles.
    Phone 801-785-8940. I just talked to him today. He has some bolts for sure. I don’t know about everything he has. I know he has some barrels. I don’t know how much he wants to sell. He runs a machine shop and does work on guns.

  30. Bob Webster says:

    I just picked up a Austin Helleck 50 cal 320 S/N RT I haven’t shot it yet but it the sights settle in quickly and steady better than the other M.L.’s I’ve looked at. It seems to feel really balanced for my frame anyway. When I got it it didn’t come with an owners manual does anyone know where to get one or is there a site I can go to download one? I can’t wait to shoot it but would like to look at the manual first.

  31. mark black says:

    i need a 209 primer holder that screws into to the breech plug on my a/h muzzleloader. if you have one or know where i can get one, please let me know. thank you

  32. Bob Webster says:

    Mark, I have a 209 primer holder if you can make me a copy of your manual providing your gun is the 320 we could do some horse trading. I live in WA. state and can’t use this type of primer. Let me know I keep checking this site for your answer. see my comment right above yours

  33. Ken A says:

    I have a AH 420 Fancy S/S but no owner’s manual ….any help? I also can’ remove the bolt in the traditional manner of releasing the trigger while the bolt is in the rearward position….any ideas?

  34. Bob Webster says:

    I have a 320 AH but the bolt probably removes the same. As your pulling the bolt back there should be about an 1″ or less showing in the receiver area that is still visible. At about that area twist the bolt back down to the right, towards the trigger. There is a spot where it will allow you to do this. Once you find that spot you rotate it back down as if you were cocking the bolt and it should pull out the back of the gun. You may have to play with it a bit but you should be able to find it. Good luck with that and the owners manual I’m looking for one myself.

  35. Kat Gouge says:

    I have a Austin & Halleck 520 for sale listed on Item #157324338 It ends in 14 hrs. Please check it out Thx

  36. Lonnie Greuter says:

    Bob, I’m looking for a 209 nipple as well, have manuel. If you still have nipple would like to make a deal.

  37. James E. Nolan says:

    I bought a .50 cal Mountain Rifle just before you closed your doors. Something is wrong with the trigger group. The rifle will not hold the hammer in a full cock position. I have tried to adjust the set trigger screw to no avail. How can I get a replacement trigger group?

  38. Jim says:

    Any clue as to why my mountain rifle trigger would not hold the hammer back under full cock? I have not taken the rifle apart yet, but could use any info that might help me.

  39. Chris Hill says:

    trying to find out some info on an A&H 50 cal muzzleloader that I found for sale the guy only gave me the sn# 0002873 saw pics of it very great looking gun just trying to find out some information on this gun can some one help or point me in the right direction?


  40. Art Hunsaker says:

    My son gave me a .45 cal. Austin & Halleck muzzleloader. Can you tell me where I can find a book for this gun?

  41. Harold Adams says:

    Alpine Technologies has a new phone number for Austin & Halleck parts – 801-225-1195. He has a good selection of barrells and bolts and other parts.

  42. michael ball says:

    any guns left for sale????

  43. Hans March says:

    I need a trigger mechanism part stamped #506 for my inline stainless rifle with a camo synthetic stock

  44. todd says:

    Do you have any bolt springs mines not strong enough and i was wondering if you had any more guns for sale or maybey some stocks thanks

  45. Heath says:

    Bob, I have a manual and am looking for the 209 adapter. Let me know how to contact you if your still looking for a trade.



  47. Richard says:

    Just bought a N.I.B. stainless steel model 420 at auction from a retail gun store. Probably paid too much, but great looking and feeling gun. I take it the warranty card isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, so—who’s got parts?

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