Woman Arrows Record Whitetail Deer

Deb Luzinski Record Whitetail Deer
photo: kstp.com

Are women dominating the hunting field or what? In 2004 Kathy Keene bagged a monster 291 gross non-typical mule deer in Wyoming, being the second largest non-typical mule deer taken by a woman. In January of 2006, Myra Smith headed down to Mexico and brought home what is now the biggest typical mule deer taken by a woman scoring 210 net typical.

There is now word of a great whitetail buck taken by a 38-year old mother of two in Minnesota. Furthermore, she did it with a bow and arrow. Deb Luzinski of Woodbury shot the 24-point buck on Friday at Bald Eagle-Otter Lakes Regional Park in White Bear Township. The green score on this great buck is 223 4/8 inches P&Y and could rank within the top three for the state, but more importantly it could be the largest taken by a woman for Minnesota.

Luzinski is a landscaper who has been archery hunting for 15 years. She is a member of the Metro Bowhunters Resource Base, which helps control deer populations.

Link: kstp.com

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19 Comments on "Woman Arrows Record Whitetail Deer"

  1. Casey Fall says:

    I would not want here bow drew back on me if I were a deer!!!!

  2. stephanie cooper says:

    hey kathy that is a way nice buck and it is really nice to know that a girl finally got a world record deer. It kind of got old seeing guys get them all the time. Well good look on your future hunts. And very nice buck.

  3. Dan says:

    I see more and more women out in the woods these days and am encouraged by this. My wife absolutely loves to go hunting from jack rabbits to elk. If you want an opinion I think they have more patience than us guys………..my wife can actually sit a stand:-) Congrats to those ladies…………awesome bucks!

  4. Cpl Summers says:

    congrats on this trophy whitetail. we dont have them like that in east texas but we are working on it..

  5. sam says:

    Congradulations!! on take this magnificent trophy.

  6. Jamie says:

    Way to go girl!!! Wish more women would get the nerve to go hunting!!!!

  7. Jerry Morin says:

    Way to go girl, i’m gonna show my wife this and hope she gets encouraged by it. love to see more woman hunters out in the bush especially in northern saskatchewan.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Way to go! It’s about time women got the respect they deserve in all areas of hunting. I hunt whitetails every year during gun season and my husband is afraid of guns. I have taught my two oldest sons to hunt and about gun safety all their lives because that’s what my mom taught me…………………….

  9. Cathy Smith says:

    That is a great Whitetail. Congratulations! This photo should be prominently displayed. The inclusion of women in hunting is obviously a good thing. I have gone hunting with my husband but we have never caught such a great specimen.

  10. marshalene says:

    you go girl, congratulation great buck i also deer hunt last year i took a great buck but your’s got me beat

  11. NM-Hunter Tony m. fair chase 100% says:

    congradulations! That is one big buck, although I’ve only had the opportunity to hunt mule deer. I sure wouldn’t mind that o’l gal showing me few tricks about whitetail hunting. All I can say her husband is a lucky guy for her particapating in this great sport that we all love. where’s the rest of all you girls???

  12. Alan Druckemiller says:

    Nice Buck! I’ve seen a couple close to that here in central Iowa but not that big. Folks, dont rule out Soutern Indiana. I was there all last week and saw alot of big bucks! My brother took a big 10.

  13. Zach says:

    Great deer. I think more women should hunt.

  14. Andy says:

    very nice buck, but its not as impressive looking as the one that was taken in northern minnesota, becker county, detroit lakes area. or the bernu buck of 2005 from new york mills minnesota. were are the pics from these massive bucks????

  15. Tyson says:

    Maybe my girlfriend will hunt after seeing that monster!

  16. Mary says:

    way to go , very , very nice buck,

  17. Matt says:

    This comment is for Andy. Don’t belittle Debs deer by saying it’s not as impressive as a couple other deer taken in Minnesota. Of course we all know there have been bigger deer taken than this one. But that doesn’t change the fact that this deer was taken with a bow and arrow. And is the best taken by a women.

    Great deer, Deb.

  18. Steven Griffith says:

    What a great deer! Congratulations Mrs. Luzinski. I live in South Carolina. We don’t have deer no where close to your big buck. Someone up north please invite me to hunt–Thanks!!

  19. Hillbilly Al Canada says:

    Wow ,What a super nice buck , way to go lady .I,ve seen alot of nice game taken by women in magazines lately ,way to go gals.I wish I could get my wife intrested in hunting .But she came from a life of big city, and is not into hunting , but does like the taste of elk meat.I ,m very glad to see more women are taking an intrest in hunting. Some of the women around here have , out shot the the men at the rifle range,taking home the trophys.Watch out guys they are going to be the ones holding those big horns next time .I,did like to see more women out in the woods hunting ,The only thing is women are my soft spot , I give alot of my good hunting spots away , I,f they sweet talk me ,ha ha .Best of luck ladies!. Good Hunting !

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