New State Record Whitetail Buck from Maryland

New State Record Non-typical Whitetail from Maryland

Hunters unofficially harvested 17,231 deer during the opening weekend of the firearms season in Maryland. However, one buck from 2006 will become the new state record non-typical whitetail deer. Hunter Bill Crutchfield, Jr. of Charles County watched the buck for approximately two hours mid-day Monday before finding an opportunity to take the massive deer with a single shotgun round.

After wildlife officials examined the buck on Tuesday, the DNR staff confirmed that the buck has 26 scoreable points (13 per side) and a preliminary antler score of 268 5/8 inches. The buck still needs to wait the mandatory 60 day drying period before it can be officially scored by Boone & Crockett. However, Crutchfield’s trophy buck should coast in as the new state record as the preliminary score is 40 inches more than the previous record from Maryland.

Awesome buck!

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22 Comments on "New State Record Whitetail Buck from Maryland"

  1. George says:

    Congrats to Bill. I was wondering if we as viewers could get some more info about the deer and the hunter. Anything would be nice, gun type, tree stand or not, rattled him in, corn field, any bait used, you know anything else. Thanks

  2. Ken says:

    An awesome buck! Congratulations to Mr. Crutchfield. Can we get some more pics posted on the ‘net. Please!!!

  3. Hunter says:

    I read an article about this deer and it sounds to me that mr crutchfield is huntig for all the wrong reasons. Isaw that after the deer was score you said that you were going to lock the deer up and let it become a money maker.

  4. Gary Taney says:

    As a resident of La Plata, I want to know where(approximate location) in Newburg this deer was taken. I fish a private farm pond on Mount Victoria Rd and the company I work for has lots of property on Banks O Dee Road. I have lots of deer on my property (nothing like this) and I’m working on a food plot. This really gives me hope that one day we might see quality deer as a result of good property managemant. As far as making money from this deer…GO FOR IT! Share it with everyone. I would gladly pay to see it at a show somewhere in the future.

  5. russell says:

    man what a buck, i would like to know if you were surprized that he was so big, i would love to get something that big, i see a lot of bid bucks but never get a clear shot, again thats a nice buck

  6. Clarke says:

    As a 14 year old kid living in MD this deer gives me hope that i might one day see the Buck of a lifetime walk under my stand in my home state. COngrats MR Crutchfield AWESOME DEER!!!!!!!

  7. andrew says:

    As a newburg native i never realived that non tipical deer are here in thes woods. i grew up seeing the even rack seeing this is amazing!! mr. clutchfeild i think you know my dad john loar.

  8. joe says:

    what’s going n billy. We saw that deer a few times on my dad’s farm in faulkner. i guess the theory is bucks travel a ten mile radious. Congrat’s thoguh, patience paid off. hey i know where your spot is and there is another buck that is a little bit bigger traveling thru there. He probably weighs 230 pounds. good job buddy

  9. laurie riley says:

    Congratulations this is a beautiful buck a once in a lifetime opportunity. My son and I hunt together but have not ever had the pleasure of seeing such a magnificent creature. Again CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  10. fumeister06 says:

    That is an awesome buck, i hunt in new jersey and thats only a stone throws away,and ive seen my share of racks but never could imagine somthing like that coming at me. CONGRAT’S !

  11. dillan brown says:

    this is an amazing deer . I wich i could have seen a deer like this. I hav never ever seen a deer with this much mass. nice deer!!!!!!!

  12. steven b. says:

    anybody know what the typical score on this thing would be. looks like it would score high as a typical OR non. man what a deer!!!!!!!!

  13. luke stone says:

    that is one of the bigest deer that ive everseen and i would like to see more.

  14. Hillbilly Al Canada says:

    Wow that’s some nice buck got there! I,ve tanken many nice bucks none that big. I kinda lost intrest in white tail deer,as I have got twenty or so bucks , but I always see some every year. I.m trying get my teen age son out there hunting this year .Well I though I lost intrest, when I saw a big wall hanger last fall hunting elk , but did not want to shoot it as I would as it would spook the elk I was hunting.The size of the bucks in my hunting area of 50 or so miles has gone down hill. Hopefully it well turn around as you are only aloud to take only one buck for in my area for now anways. Time to have some fun teaching my boy not to make the same mistakes I made while I grew up hunting .I hope he gets the buck I saw while hunting elk.

  15. dan potter says:

    i grew up around laplat and southern pg county my family roots run deep there i saw a buck many years ago on berry rd at the old wooden bridge next to the swamp it has been 20 years ago and the buck i saw then was much bigger than this deer i am a avid hunter and have killed many trophy bucks i live in nc but i am deployed in afghanistain and envy you thank the good lord and the us we have th right to do these graet gifts

  16. Dave Clair says:

    Congrats on a great buck Mr. Crutchfield. We have a some great whitetails here in Chuck County for sure. Your deer further proves that. I have passed around the photo often braggin on the county.

    If you never do anything else with the buck display it at Freds. I would love to get a look at it in person.

  17. nick quinlan says:

    Wow, what a buck. I hunted Charles Co back in the early 70,s and killed a ten point typical that scored 184 gross, the first and biggest buck Ive ever killed. And I did kill another in Charles co that scored 139. I live in Michigan now, and every fall I wish I was back in Charles co

  18. nick moore says:

    great buck sixty day drying period is a joke

  19. michael stephen says:

    i really dont care if anyone believes me or not…. I was fishing in late august of 2006, and I saw this deer. A beautiful buck no doubt. Absolutly amazing in fact. There is a pond in the area that the buck was shot that is home of the biggest bass ive ever seen. Completley irrelevent to deer hunting but maybe its just a bigger breed of everything down here in southern maryland. I think us southern marylanders should just sit back and appreciate our home.. Just some food for thought. Theres more out there!!!!!

  20. Max Lindstrom says:

    I live off of Mill run road and quite close where Mr. Crutchfeild shot this deer. There is a camera on my property that had captured beautiful 10 and 12 point deer. There are tons of deer in Southern Maryland, This is why I’m thankful for the property that has been in my family for generations

  21. Mr.Big Buck Killer... says:

    Congratulations Bill CrutchFields.. Your deer was Only 27 inches Larger then mine i shot this year in the 2012 Maryland hunting season… But i shot mine with a Bow.. but it does Break a few records in Maryland the one i have shot.. even tho your’s is a good 26 points.. Mine is Only a “legal scoreable 25 points”.. but were about a 1/8 inch off on some points that could’nt be scored but he would have been 29 points if i were about 1/8 inch bigger on some points.. but i am wondering we live in the same state we both shot Record breaking deer.. and i am waiting on the 60 drying period also… was it 268 5/8th’s Gross or net scored?… because if thats Gross scored… I think i may have the New Maryland State Record… we shall see.. Hope to Hear from you soon Bill Crutchfield… i am very very very sure we will be meeting very soon about OUR bucks being scored side by side.. Happy Hunting and wish you the best of luck the rest of 2012 Maryland Hunting season!!!….

    -Mr. Big Buck..-

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