Jim Zumbo in Hot Water for AR AK Rifle Comments

Jim Zumbo is one of the most renowned and respected outdoor writers of our time. Unfortunately Jim Zumbo is now taking a lot of heat from the very industry he is apart of. Jim Zumbo “had” a blog on the Outdoor Life web site. Jim recently made a post on his Outdoor Life Blog in regards to AR and AK rifles that were negative and how there shouldn’t be a place for these types of rifles in hunting. Here is a short portion of his comments:

I call them “assault” rifles, which may upset some people. Excuse me, maybe I’m a traditionalist, but I see no place for these weapons among our hunting fraternity. I’ll go so far as to call them “terrorist” rifles. They tell me that some companies are producing assault rifles that are “tackdrivers.”

Unfortunately these comments have made a lasting impression on his supporters. Outdoor Life has now pulled his blog and has left the following message on the blog site:

Statement from Outdoor Life

Due to the controversy surrounding Jim Zumbo’s recent postings, Outdoor Life has decided to discontinue the “Hunting With Zumbo” blog for the time being. Outdoor Life has always been, and will always be, a steadfast supporter of our Second Amendment rights, which do not make distinctions based on the looks of the firearms we choose to own, shoot and take hunting. Please direct any comments you have to OLletters@time4.com.

Furthermore, another blow has come from one of his major sponsors – Remington Arms Company. It is ironic that the very hunt Jim Zumbo was on that he made the blog post from was a hunt accompanied by Remington Arms personnel. Remington Arms has since released a statement that they are severing their sponsorship with Jim Zumbo:

Remington to Sever Sponsorship Ties with Jim Zumbo

Madison, North Carolina – As a result of comments made by Mr. Jim Zumbo in recent postings on his blog site, Remington Arms Company, Inc., has severed all sponsorship ties with Mr. Zumbo effective immediately. While Mr. Zumbo is entitled to his opinions and has the constitutional right to freely express those opinions, these comments are solely his, and do not reflect the views of Remington.

“Remington has spent tens of millions of dollars defending our Second Amendment rights to privately own and possess firearms and we will continue to vigorously fight to protect these rights,” commented Tommy Millner, Remington’s CEO and President. “As hunters and shooters of all interest levels, we should strive to utilize this unfortunate occurrence to unite as a whole in support of our Second Amendment rights.”

We regret having to terminate our long-standing relationship with Mr. Zumbo, who is a well-respected writer and life-long hunter.

To try and stop the landslide of criticism, Jim Zumbo quickly made a follow up post on his blog making a serious apology (all of this has since been taken down from the Outdoor Life Blog site). Here is how it started out:

I was wrong, BIG TIME

Someone once said that to err is human. I just erred, and made without question, the biggest blunder in my 42 years of writing hunting articles.

My blog inflamed legions of people I love most….. hunters and shooters. Obviously, when I wrote that blog, I activated my mouth before engaging my brain.

Let me explain the circumstances surrounding that blog. I was hunting coyotes, and after the hunt was over and being beat up by 60 mph winds all day, I was discussing hunting with one of the young guides. I was tired and exhausted, and I should have gone to bed early. When the guide told me that there was a “huge” following of hunters who use AR 15’s and similar weapons to hunt prairies dogs, I was amazed. At that point I wrote the blog, and never thought it through.

Mr. Zumbo continues to apologize, expressing his concern for not understanding the rifles he was criticizing before making his comments, but also confirming his stand on his lifelong support of hunting, the NRA, our Second Amendment Rights, and his support of the troops overseas fighting for our freedom. He concludes that he already has plans to hunt with Ted Nugent using AR 15’s as a way of learning more about them.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds in the future. There has been some damage done already and the future of Jim Zumbo the outdoor writer could be in jeopardy. I hope that there can be some give and take on this issue, maybe a little forgiveness, and most importantly a good lesson learned. For Mr. Zumbo, unfortunately that lesson was learned the hard way.

UPDATE: I thought it would be best to try and post the whole comments made by Jim Zumbo so people would be able to get the whole picture instead of tid bits here and there and to allow you to make a better conclusion for yourself. I went through my RSS feed reader, and I was fortunate enough to find the feeds of his blog posts (I subscribe to his blog feed). I was able to find these posts in my reader that stored them in cache. Since they are now taken down on his Outdoor Life Blog site, the only way of getting a true account of this is if you grabbed it before it was taken down or if you have it saved in cache somewhere. Well, I have it saved and therefore thought I would post his whole orginal blog post and then his second post where he makes his apology. What’s interesting is the disclaimer that was posted by Outdoor Life after Jim’s original post.

Original Post (made Feb. 16, 2007)

Assault Rifles For Hunters?
from Hunting With Jim Zumbo by outdoorlife

As I write this, I’m hunting coyotes in southeastern Wyoming with Eddie Stevenson, PR Manager for Remington Arms, Greg Dennison, who is senior research engineer for Remington, and several writers. We’re testing Remington’s brand new .17 cal Spitfire bullet on coyotes.

I must be living in a vacuum. The guides on our hunt tell me that the use of AR and AK rifles have a rapidly growing following among hunters, especially prairie dog hunters. I had no clue. Only once in my life have I ever seen anyone using one of these firearms.

I call them “assault” rifles, which may upset some people. Excuse me, maybe I’m a traditionalist, but I see no place for these weapons among our hunting fraternity. I’ll go so far as to call them “terrorist” rifles. They tell me that some companies are producing assault rifles that are “tackdrivers.”

Sorry, folks, in my humble opinion, these things have no place in hunting. We don’t need to be lumped into the group of people who terrorize the world with them, which is an obvious concern. I’ve always been comfortable with the statement that hunters don’t use assault rifles. We’ve always been proud of our “sporting firearms.”

This really has me concerned. As hunters, we don’t need the image of walking around the woods carrying one of these weapons. To most of the public, an assault rifle is a terrifying thing. Let’s divorce ourselves from them. I say game departments should ban them from the praries and woods.

UPDATE: As a point of clarification about this blog, it is important for everyone to realize that the opinions expressed here are Jim’s and not necessarily those of Outdoor Life.

I’ve been friends with Jim for many years and have shared countless great times with him talking about both hunting and guns. While I totally support Jim’s right to express his point of view—this is his blog after all—I don’t happen to agree with him on this matter.

His position that AR- and AK-style rifles don’t have a place among our “sporting arms” is not one that I personally, or Outdoor Life as a magazine, happens to share.

In the six years that I’ve worked at Outdoor Life we have never wavered in our support of our Second Amendment rights, which don’t, and shouldn’t, make a distinction about the cosmetic look of the guns that we choose take to our local gun clubs or into hunting camp.

That said, I don’t expect every other hunter and sportsman out there to have a set of opinions that moves in lockstep with mine. So while I don’t share Jim’s view on this, I also know that he is still the same wonderfully talented and good-natured person he was before this post went up. For those of you who have followed him for all or part of his more than thirty years at Outdoor Life, I would ask you to bear that in mind before damning him with personal attacks.

John B. Snow
Executive Editor
Outdoor Life

Second Post – Apology

I was wrong, BIG TIME
from Hunting With Jim Zumbo by outdoorlife

Someone once said that to err is human. I just erred, and made without question, the biggest blunder in my 42 years of writing hunting articles.

My blog inflamed legions of people I love most….. hunters and shooters. Obviously, when I wrote that blog, I activated my mouth before engaging my brain.

Let me explain the circumstances surrounding that blog. I was hunting coyotes, and after the hunt was over and being beat up by 60 mph winds all day, I was discussing hunting with one of the young guides. I was tired and exhausted, and I should have gone to bed early. When the guide told me that there was a “huge” following of hunters who use AR 15’s and similar weapons to hunt prairies dogs, I was amazed. At that point I wrote the blog, and never thought it through.

Now then, you might not believe what I have to say, but I hope you do. How is it that Zumbo, who has been hunting for more than 50 years, is totally ignorant about these types of guns. I don’t know. I shot one once at a target last year, and thought it was cool, but I never considered using one for hunting. I had absolutely no idea how vast the numbers of folks are who use them.

I never intended to be divisive, and I certainly believe in United we Stand, Divided we Fall. I’ve been an NRA member for 40 years, have attended 8 national NRA conventions in the last 10 years, and I’m an advisory board member for the United States Sportsmen’s Alliance which actively fights anti-hunters and animal rights groups for hunter’s rights.

What really bothers me are some of the unpatriotic comments leveled at me. I fly the flag 365 days a year in my front yard. Last year, through an essay contest, I hosted a soldier wounded in Iraq to a free hunt in Botswana. This year, through another essay contest, I’m taking two more soldiers on a free moose and elk hunt.

When I started blogging, I was told to write my thoughts, expressing my own opinion. The offensive blog I wrote was MY opinion, and no one else’s. None of the companies that I deal with share that opinion, nor were they aware of what I had written until this firestorm started.

Believe it or not, I’m your best friend if you’re a hunter or shooter, though it might not seem that way. I simply screwed up. And, to show that I’m sincere about this, I just talked to Ted Nugent, who everyone knows, and is a Board member of the NRA. Ted is extremely active with charities concerning our wounded military, and though he’s known as a bowhunter, Ted has no problem with AR 15’s and similar firearms. My sincerity stems from the fact that Ted and I are planning a hunt using AR 15’s. I intend to learn all I can about them, and again, I’m sorry for inserting my foot in my mouth.

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135 Comments on "Jim Zumbo in Hot Water for AR AK Rifle Comments"

  1. R. Pollard says:

    I guess I should turn in my badge and uniforms since I now carry a “terrorist” rifle in order to keep the streets safe. You offended me and my brother and sister police officers by stating that the weapons we use are weapons used by terrorist. Shame on you sir.

  2. CB Bently says:

    Do not outcast Mr. Zumbo, as you will see, we’re playing into the hands of all anti-gun advocates. Jim is one of our own, let’s embrace him and help him along the way. What would you want if you were to stumble, should we kick you while your down. Let’s not let one of the greatest writers, hunters, and shooting enthusiasts slip from our fingers as we’ll all regret it someday. Let’s help build him up, stronger, smarter, and better than ever. Jim merely expressed a sudden thought, opinion, nothing more, nothing less. We don’t have to agree with his comments, but we’re all still on the same team.

  3. ruger 06 says:

    I have read a lot of the previous posts, and I do agree that a Mr. Zumbo made a mistake and acted like a man and apologized. I mean, what other choice did he have? To put it in perspective, this is a man who’s worth tens of millions of dollars if not much more. He made his millions writing stories about the outdoors, and made that money selling stories and TV shows to an audience that is almost totally pro-gun. He is not apologizing because he believes
    he made a mistake, he is apologizing because he wants to retain the money and power structure that he built over that last 30 years. I really don’t care how tired he was. The fact that he was tired brought out the truth. In 30 years of writing, Zumbo has had lucrative career garnished with opportunities that the common working man will never get a chance at. All that money and power went to his head, and he forgot one thing that none of us should never forget: Gun ownership is a right, hunting is a privilege.

  4. Al says:

    I was aware of Mr. Zumbo’s blogging and apology when it happened, but wasn’t aware of his resignation as OL hunting editor. I agree with his view of those type arms in the hunting field. I have hunted since the early 1950’s. About 20 years ago I stopped hunting on public lands, and became very selective of hunting party members, due to people with semiautomatic arms, both rifle and shotguns, shooting without making sure of their target. I also have never had a reason for a 30 round magazine while hunting. I own several firearms, some I wouldn’t carry in the field.

  5. Leon Walters says:

    I agree with Zumbo’s view on semi- automatic weapons. Too bad he was forced into an apology. Use of AK-47’s and the like can only give our hunting adversaries more ammuntion. Furthermore, why does a “sportsman” need such a weapon. Shouldn’t we all strive for the one shot kill and not rely on several quick shots, hoping for a hit? I killed my first bull elk in 1952 and have hunted Idaho and Montana since.

  6. Chris says:

    How many of you agreeing with Zumbo’s comments own a pistol? A semi-automatic rifle of any kind? A semi-automatic shotgun? A black gun? A short gun? A gun with a 10 round clip? A gun that has synthetic parts?
    Be careful what your definition of a “bad” gun is! If my gun goes, yours is next!
    I just traded a Remington 700 VSSF for a Rock River Arms A-4 Varmint. The diiference between the two of them to me? Not so much; afterall they are both .223 caliber varmint guns that are a heck of a lot of fun to shoot. Me, a terrorist? Well, perhaps the little orange stickers I shoot at think so :).

  7. gregg says:

    kudos to Jim! I have always enjoyed his articles and seminars…………..but I can certainly do without outdoor life (just a big billboard these days). and remington for that matter.

    the hard fact is there are divisions in gun circles…………….we should be talking about fair chase hunting and not hobby guns

  8. I Soldier says:

    By mid-2007, we have about a million Iraq War veterans in the United States. Their numbers are growing. We are lucky that many of these soldiers have become experts in urban and open land warfare. They represent an enormously valuable human resource of experience when we go back to fighting Muslims seriously, which will eventually come because these people are not going to quit until we make them quit.

    Generally, soldiers have found our M16 superior to the AK47. Some AKs are of good quality but most are effective out to about 100 meters. On the other hand, most M16 based rifles are pretty good out to 400 meters. (Unfortunately, they don’t always make good kills at long range and enemy are seen to survive several hits.)

    Army leaders committed us to the 5.56 mm round a long time ago. Years of experience has improved it greatly. The early problems with M16s in Vietnam caused by soldiers failing to clean their rifles, are long forgotten. In fact, the best AK rifles made in Russia are produced in the 5.56 caliber because Russians experts recognize the superiority of the 5.56 round over the .30 cal short.

    In Iraq, a number of our soldiers have been able to get their hands on up graded M14 rifles and they like them. Those who have used them in combat have learned that a well trained American soldier armed with a .30 cal M14 rifle has a significant advantage over his poorly trained enemy without body armor and equipped with a sloppy poor quality AK47. Because the M60 machine gun, either mounted, or in the hands of an infantryman, is the ultimate firefight winner in eyeball to eyeball combat, there are quite a few of them in the field. This makes 7.62 ammo plentiful for the M14.

    We have a lot of AK rifles in the United States and a cult following due to the ubiquitous parts market and the simplicity of assembling one from said parts. Sadly, I am willing to bet most AKs in the US are without the proper automatic weapons permits. Don’t accuse me of being anti gun if I point out that people who own machine guns without the proper papers are not very smart. Yes, there is a debate as to whether it ought to be legal for machine guns to circulate freely through the gun owning community, but right now, machine guns are illegal without the proper paperwork.

    Soldiers who have been in real firefights in Iraq laugh at people in the United States who think that a bunch of rednecks with no body armor and privately owned assault rifles could ward off a modern invading army. Sorry to inform you, a modern army equipped with armor and no moral constraints as to killing civilians would mop up any bunch of civilian woodsmen in no time flat. By the time the Muslim Army assembles on our shores, they will be equipped with plenty of poison gas to evacuate American cities. After they get through with the first city using that stuff, everyone will realize they mean business. Very few will hesitate to bow before Mecca. Folks, we are not living in 1776. People ought to understand this fact, and start supporting our military because it offers the United States the only practical means of survival in the face of the Muslim Religious Revival currently sweeping this planet.

    In case anyone missed it, the Israelis did not do well against Hezbollah in Lebanon. Guess what? They never got the soldiers back who had been captured by Hezbollah. Imagine what those guys must be going through right now, if they are still alive. A lot of people in Israel are doing some serious rethinking about how dangerous a Muslim army can be to their tiny democracy. It is a big time threat. The Muslim enemy has an unlimited supply of money from oil revenues. They can buy good equipment, including any weapon, nuclear bombs, any journalist, and apparently any congressmen, even a former Marine.

    If American shooters are smart, they will forget about AK47 rifles. Americans should own nothing less than an M16 style rifle, and preferably a good .30 cal rifle that uses common ammo. Basically, I agree with Zumbo. Unless you own something like a top quality Russian made AK, your AK is not much of a rifle, and thankfully so, because this is the rifle of our enemy.

  9. E .N. says:

    I,m not sure why the ar-15 affends the hunting establishment. Most states require that 5 round magazines to be the legal capacity on public land when using semi automatic rifles. Marlin 336 leveraction capicity 6-7 determined by barrel length, oh can’t forget there 26″ barrelled 45/70 that only holds 9. Don’t leave out Winchesters model 94, there also 6 to 7 rounds for rifle and 10 to 12 for pistol. But that is okay becuase the firearm is not black, even though these weapons were brought about during civil war times for military use and highly prized for there high capacity the term terrosist didnt excist so know need to make a stand. The Ruger Mark 1, 2, and 3 that many small game hunters use hold ten rounds of rimfire ammo is acceptable, butt funny how it is Black and designed to look like a German Luger, you know them guys from WW2 sometimes called Nazi’s. Butt I guess that is still no reason to bring it up they only tried to take many of americans lives. Also dont forget the German Mauser bolt action rifle, it too started off as a infintry rifle to kill your grandfather, Butt seeing that Remington, Ruger, Winchester, Savage and other hunting rifle manufactures tend too like the reliability of the military rifle action you tend not to make it a issue Jim, you should though Iv’e see them making them with Black synthetic stocks with detachable magazines perfect for turning any American civilian into “terrosist snipers” excuse me I mean hunters. Should we bring up Revolvers, Smith and Wesson 686 plus holds 7 just as the Tuarus Tracker Hunting Revolver 7 too. They are centifire metallic cartriges in .357 mag, butt are satin stainless steal so the Terrorist Black identification coloring does not make them to be public endangering. The Winchester model 12 Trench pump action shotgun was used by American Infantry in the World Wars and on point in Vietnam, but there too was no muslim conspiracy around so I guess it is completely okay to shoot Deer, Turkey, Hog, Waterfowl, and even Small Game with them as long as it is not Black synthetic. So even as irritating my simple message may seem to be , it is only being put out there for you America to remember that almost every sporting firearm used in the field started out as a weapon of war. Labeling law abiding civilians as Terrorist to make a un- educated assumption is not needed. So I say thankyou too John Moses Browning, Mr. Garrand, and Eugene Stoener to help us garuntee the 1st and 2nd Admendments, good or bad, Terrorist or Hunter.

  10. S.Lawyer says:

    I wonder if anyone who has posted an opinion on this and any other forum would do so if there was a possibility that their whole life was at stake. I am in law enforcement and have both a shotgun and “assault” rifle in my car. I also have been a hunter since I was old enough to chase lizards. I have enjoyed reading Zumbo since I used to ride my bicycle to the public library.(when was the last time the public library had outdoor magazines?) I feel if you disagree with what a writer says, you should write him or voice your disagreement in some other way. We take a huge risk when we over react to someone we don’t agree with. I personally believe we should all be allowed to own any gun we want. That being said, I wouldnt use a chainsaw to slice my steak or would I personally hunt with an assault weapon.I also wouldn’t clear a building with my bolt action 30 06. Bottom line, if you don’t agree, fine, but you don’t throw away a man’s whole carrer and life for an opinion. I will voice my opinion by not purchasing any remington products or renewing my subscription to Outdoor Life. GOOD LUCK JIM !!!

  11. Jay says:

    Jim has definitely accomplished a couple of things, he has us divided on a subject and has given the anti gunners more ammo to use against us. AR’s are terrorist weapons? Ban AR’s and AK’s from the woods and prairies? I cant say all, but our magazines are only allowed to hold 4 rounds when we hunt. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your favorite Browning autoloader or an AR. He made a huge mistake, no amount of hunting with Ted are going to fix. I don’t believe that someone as involved in our industry should get a pass after those comments.
    Now we have to come together, without Jim, and fix this mess he has made.

  12. Joe says:

    I am sorry but I have to agree with Jim even though many will not. The ARs & AKs are military weapons. Weapons are used to kill humans. Yes you can use them for other purposes but they just really are not hunting guns. My Ruger M77 is a gun used for sport which I happen to call hunting. It can be a weapon and like a baseball bat can be turned into something it is not. (Yes I know it is modeled after military arms of the past but that is not its primary function today).

    Seems to me that many of Jim’s former sponsers & readers are being too politically correct. I guess they do not support Jim’s right to express his freedom of speech! But I do!

  13. Brian Drane says:

    Jim, if you ever read this post, I just want you to know that I am sorry all of this happened. It is unfortunate to say the least. I have empathy for you, as you are entitled to your own thoughts. I respect you deeply as a fellow outdoorsman. Thank you for all of your wonderful years of service and devotion to a sport you love!


    I’m afraid I lost respect for JZ after his head over heels reversal of opinion due to corporate duress. And after all that desparate effort to appease the gods, just to be kicked to the curb, dropped like a bad habit by the magazine, and find disfavor amoungst the NRA gentry….why, that is the real storyline here. The thoughts rendered were not attacks on the 2nd Amendment, but rather on our brothers-in-arms choice of firearms in pursuit of game. Image portrayl not withstanding, at some point serious, open, and honest debate is needed concerning the sportmanship traditionally valued by hunters as opposed to the continual technilogical advances available. We owe it to the game we pursue to collectively reach some decisions among ourselves. If not, then i fear the face the anti’s place before the general public for us will be one that is by design meant to arouse negative emotion. If the pages of a hunting magazine’s artitcles, ed ops, and letters to sections, cannot be used as a forum for such discussion and thought provoking deliberation of this important subject,…..then where I ask? Perhaps we are to leave it to the marketplace to decide just how far and in what direction we are to be taken. After all, as we have witnessed, “Money talks and everything else walks”.

  15. JG says:

    I think some people at remington need to seriously think about
    what they just did terminating a sponsorship of a well respected member of the hunting community for more than 30 yrs?

  16. G. Werner says:

    I believe Zumbo just restated the sporting world’s own beliefs. Whenever the sporting publications lists the top ten hunting rifles the list usually includes 7-8 bolt actions, 1-2 BAR type semi-automatic, and one lever action rifle. Nowhere do you see an AR or AK type on that list………..Want to bet an AR doesn’t appear on the next list? I’m betting it will, if for no other reason than to justify the crucifiction of Zumbo and to legitimize the AR as a hunting rifle.

  17. Christine says:

    Look at this logically. JZ stated an opinion – one man’s opinion. The logical result could have been a nice logical discussion by people either agreeing or disagreeing to the opinion itself, and the reasons why. Those comments could have benefitted and intrigued everyone concerned (including Remington, including Outdoor Life, including the on-the-fence people following the discussion. Instead, you have all these up in arms (so to speak) “yahoos”, etc. WHINING about what he said and whether he should have said it, whether this or that should have happened. It takes away from the “sporting” and logical discussion of the issue that should have followed. Since when is expressing an opinion a reason to completely disrupt life and liberty?

  18. Jack Zeller says:

    What is really unforgiveable was the utter ignorance expressed by Zumbo. For a career man of the field, how could he not have known or respected the fact that AR’s and clones make up some of the most accurate varmint rifles out there? And while he had every right to attempt a nexsus between terrorists and AR-15’s he had NO right to expect Remington, Outdoor Life or anyone else to pay him for such ‘honest’ opinion. He has done much harm to the entire (including hunting) firearms arena, and the price he has paid is what he deserves. I can forgive him, but he needs to stay gone. There are plenty of other writers/hunters out there just as good. Go Remington!

  19. Bob Creekmore says:

    Jim Zumbo made a serious mistake and looking over it just adds fuel to the anti firearm crowd.Ar 15 rifles are accurate and powerful rifles capable of easily makeing one shot kills on deer sized game especialy in the larger calibers.Jim Zumbo is going to have to live with this dabacle and we as a group of hunters and shooters I believe should and probably will forgive this unfortunate statement but I do not think we should forget maybe next time he will have no use for pistols or auto rifles in general outdoor writers need not tell others what is suitable to hunt with keep negative firearm comments and blogs to yourself.

  20. James Seller says:

    Remington, Gerber, Outdoor Life etc…they all did the right thing. Yes..one has their own opinions but when it contradicts what these companies believe in…they have every right to distance themselves from such ignorance. The apology only came when he saw how it hurt him in the pocket.. The apology is not sincere. I support any company that would not affiliate themselves with such people.

  21. Larry A. Powles says:

    I am a Retired Military man & Disabled Vet. I gave my country 23 years of my life to help defend our right to speech among other rights we so dearly love like the BIG one, Freedom of Choice! I just read through 120 comments by other readers concerning Mr. Jim Zumbos’ comments on the AR & AK rifles. In these 120 comments, some were negetive towards Mr. Zumbo & some positive. If I am not mistaken, ALL of them are personal opinions correct? How is it then, that we as hunter’s, outdoor’s men, and generally American people who take our 2nd Ammendment seriously have the right to express ourselves and at the same time, criticise another American for doing the same thing? We all make mistakes, but it takes a bigger person to admit their mistake & learn from it.
    Mr. Zumbo, you made a mistake, admitted it & have made the choise to learn from it. My hat’s off to you Sir.

  22. cecil d. borboa says:

    Jim: I’m 70 years old. I have learned that expierence comes from events in our lives good and bad. If we repeat our bad events, then we have learned nothing. I do not apoligize for your unfortante actions, however after following you for a number of years I consider you a man of great worth to the hunting & gun community. I for one find it noble and humble to be able to apologize for ones mistakes. Far too many of us falter in this endeavor. Best of Luck in the future.

  23. Ron Kruger says:

    I first saw a display of assault-style rifles at the SHOT Show during the 1980s and was filled with a sickening sense that the arms industry was hastening their own demise by trying to expand their markets beyond hunters and target shooters. Such military style weapons appeal not to hunters or target shooters, but to an element of the population with questionable motives and desires.
    I saw them then, and see them now, as the biggest assault (pun intended) upon or Second Amendment rights and the best ammunition (pun intended) gun control advocates have ever received.
    I believe most conscientious hunters and target shooters feel this way, but they are afraid to voice their views for fear of political repercussions from special interests.
    I applaud Jim Zumbo for his brave comments on this issue, but I am dissapointed he did not stand his ground. Shame on Outdoor Life and Remington for not supporting him and for caving to political pressures from short-sighted or greedy interests.
    Where do we draw the line: surface-to-air missles for squirrel hunting?


  25. Ryan Acree says:

    I am deeply sadden to hear that Zumbo has made such a ignorant comment. I have followed him since I was a child. I am and hopefully will always be an AR owner. But I hate the public perception of the weapon. Now we have someone like Zumbo make negative comments about a weapon that he himself admits he knows nothing about, he has just unknowingly given the anti-gun nuts the best ammo they have had in years. I do not believe that Zumbo’s apology is (was) sincere. I believe that he is sorry that his comments got him in so much trouble, but not that is not his true belief. Unfortunately this is the opinion of my people his age which is very unfortunate. I have many (older) people look at me like I am crazy when they see my camo and scoped AR just because they are ignorate to the gun.

    I just watched the Zumbo/Nugent show where Zumbo tries to make up for his blunder by shooting an AR. This also does not seem sincere to me. Sorry.

    Also while I’m at it Jim, todays professional hunter do not hunt in blue jeans and black cowboy hats so while you are trying to salvage your career you might want to hit up your remaining sponsors for some pants and a hat. IMO.

    Ryan Acree
    NRA Life Member (and proud)

  26. JB says:

    I have just learned of Jim Zumbos comments last year having seen his “comeback” show on The Outdoor Channel. I did not until recently recieve this channel on Direct TV so I had never seen his show. I had heard of him and read his articles in OL magazine. i was shocked to learn he had made such statements. What shocked me the most is that someone who obviously is commited to the cause could fall for such nonsenseical logic.

    Lets get something straight our 2nd amendment rights have nothing to do with Hunting. This is the trick of the Anti’s to divide the community. They grab any firearm they can under the notion that “it has no real hunting value”. Thats right it does not because I do not own it to hunt. I own it to defend myself and my family from all enemies foreign and domestic. No where in the 2nd does it say “hunting weapons” in fact it specifically implies Military style weapons. The Hunting and Shooting community can have this internal debate about what calibers are good for what purpose but to have this hit the public at large is bad for 2nd amendment rights in general. Hunters need to wise up are see that they are not the only gun owners out there.

  27. Matthew Silveira says:

    I have hunted my whole life in California.The comments originally made by Mr. Zumbo are indeed correct in my opinion. The use of assualt type weapons have no buisness being used in the sport of hunting. And yes im a firm believer in out of my cold dead hands. For target shooting yes, but as weapon for fair chase never.

  28. steve thompson says:

    the second amendment is and was never intented for the exclusive use for sportsmen or dedicated target shooters ,rather it was instituded to guarantee all our other rights.I also disagree with tactical weapons on any game, thats my right by the first amendment.Was Jim wrong for stating his opinion? NO way, granted hind sight tells us it could have been worded differently, I sure hope i can always use the right words all the time; but like JIM i’m human.I’ll never meet mr, Zumbo but when i;m around a campfire i’ll think of his cooking recipes and after a long day in the outdoors perhaps after a few drinks , we might find something else we don’t agree on. WHY not we are only humans . good luck JIM 6phunter

  29. Poor Mr. Steve Thompson. (See comment number 128.)

    Since he disagrees with tactical weapons on any game I guess he won’t be hunting with any semi-automatic rifle that functions the same as the tactical weapon, the M-1 Garand.

    I guess he also won’t be hunting with any bolt action tactical weapon that functions the same as the tactical weapon, the Springfield 1903-A3.

    I guess he also won’t be hunting with any lever action tactical weapon that functions the same as the tactical weapon, the Spencer Repeating Rifle.

    I guess he also won’t be hunting with any tactical weapon that functions the same as the tactical weapon, the 1861 Springfield.

    I guess he also won’t be hunting with any tactical weapon that functions the same as the tactical weapon, the Cross Bow.

    I guess he also won’t be hunting with any tactical weapon that functions the same as the tactical weapon, the Long Bow.

    I guess he won’t be hunting with any tactical weapon that functions the same as the tactical weapon, the Spear.

    I guess he won’t be hunting with any tactical weapon that functions the same as the tactical weapon, the Sword.

    I guess he won’t be hunting with any tactical weapon that functions the same as the tactical weapon, the Knife.

    I guess he won’t be hunting with any tactical weapon that functions the same as the tactical weapon, the Slingshot.

    I guess he won’t be hunting with any tactical weapon that functions the same as the tactical weapons of the hands of the Ninja Warrior.

    If Mr. Thompson will check history he will see that each of these “Tactical Weapons” that I listed have all been used by armies at some time or other.

    We all use “Tactical Weapons” to hunt with. Just choose your era of history.

    And for the record, I am a member of, P.E.T.A. (People Eating Tasty Animals). I love the idea of killing animals and eating them. I’m not real picky either. I don’t care if it flies, crawls, or swims. In the words of “Uncle Ted” Nugent, “Just Kill it and Grill it.” As always obey game laws and enjoy the harvest.

    No offense meant Mr. Thompson. Just watch what you say.
    Someone may take you to task on it some day.

    Have a nice day, sitting at home instead of hunting.

    Paul A. Gantt II

  30. ALAN E NELSON says:


  31. Al Norby says:

    Gee wizz, Zumbo said somthing somebody did not like and Remington and O.L. cut the ties for fear of loosing a couple of pennies. I Am 72 yrs. old and been hunting for 63 or 64 yrs.I don’t like Military looking weapons for hunting either,but where has Jim zumbro been, living in a vaccum the last 50 yrs. He reminds me of all these well informed politicians from DC, that don’t know up from sikkem. Wake up Zumbro and go out by your self and try to kill something. Have you ever shot some thing without some guide saying ,”over there thats a good one, shoot it!” Open your eyes man and try living in the real world for a change. To be as uninformed as you seem to be must be very embarassing. I think you lost it about 20 yrs ago but thats just my personal thinking.

  32. You gotta love Jim. He’s an honest guy and has done more for hunting as well as our troops than most people. This is nothing more than a case of mistaken identity. Jim, an assault rifle is, by definition, fully automatic. You won’t find those out on the prairie shooting coyotes or anything else. Second, a terrorist is not a rifle, it’s a person. I have one of those rifles, and though I don’t use it for hunting, I would definitely use as an anti-terrorist role. All in all, it was a mistake born of a simple lack of information. I say give the guy a break.

  33. Bob says:

    I consider myself an old timer too since I got my start hunting and fishing in rural northern Pennsylvania back in the late 50s. Back then, the only long guns I knew of had wood stocks. Maybe that’s why I’m a traditionalist and would no sooner hunt with a “black gun” as jump off a cliff. But if guys want to hunt with them, or do whatever, I guess to each his own.

    That said, going to the range is one thing, but I maintain they look absurd in the woods, and I’ll stick to that opinion. (And I have shot others’ ARs at the range, and enjoyed it – I always have fun shooting).

    “Back in the day,” I lived and breathed to hunt (and fish), poured over the gun section in the Sears catalog, and read every outdoor magazine I got my hands on, including Outdoor Life to which I had a subscription for years and years. And I always bought Remington ammo. I had so little money back then I used to buy my ammo by the shell (shotgun) because the local gun shops and Western Auto in the small town I grew up in would gladly break boxes and sell it that way. I still have a Rem 870 Wingmaster I bought more recently (35 years ago now if you consider that more recently) that I’ve maintained in mint condition.

    I’m an adamant and life-long supporter of the Second Amendment. I also happen to be an adamant, life-long supporter of the First Amendment.

    Maybe it’s because I happen to have some of the same views of black guns as Zumbo, but I can’t agree with some of the vilification I’ve heard and read about, on this blog and others where some of it has been far worse – much of it is way over the top and my in opinion, some of it is pretty sick stuff. The man is a life-long Second Amendment guy who has supported our interests and he’s entitled to his opinion.

    I totally disagree with Outdoor Life and Remington. We have our Constitution, ten Amendments comprising our Bill of Rights, and 17 additional Amendments, and it would appear they only concern themselves with one single amendment. To me, that’s un-American. I will never so much as read Outdoor Life again much less buy it, nor will I ever buy Remington products – and I am right this moment planning on acquiring several rifles and another shotgun or two as I begin to prepare for my retirement activities. Remington would have been on the list of possibilities until this. As for my mint Wingmaster, it will be unused until I sell it.

  34. Jon says:

    As much as I respect Jim Zumbo, he made a huge mistake. Sometimes, we get set in our ways, and it’s hard to except change. In his mind, a traditional hunting rife has a wood stock and a bolt or lever action. Things change, even if we don’t think it’s for the better. We have all made this type of mistake, or we will as we get older. The AR-15 is a great sporting rife and we be accepted for just that. The new generation of hunters and shooters will give it it’s due. Remington and Outdoor Life had to do what they did..it’s a business and they have to keep customers. Some opions suggested that “it’s just a gun” and they are correct. But, if they get one gun banned, what’s stopping them from moving on to the next. In this day and age, you have to roll with the flow. And the flow is a trend towards AR sporting rifles. He has a right to his opion, but you can’t bite the hand that feeds you, and I don’t mean his paycheck from just Outdoor Life and Remington, but the entire 2nd Amendment. Without those freedoms, we don’t know who Jim Zumbo is………………

  35. Matthew Pitt says:

    I Am glad that remington is no longer supporting Jim,They should not support a man that does not support the firearms that they make. I was deciding on a new rifle I was having a hard time deciding between the remington and the savage,I now now that I will go with the remington.I have purched two AR-15 rifles I’m sure not a terrorist and my girls age 9 & 10 love to shoot milk jugs with them and I am glad that they have the chance to live in this country so that they can do this,It is much better than playing video games all day.I just can’t immagine somebody seeing them shooting and thinking that they were going to be terrorist when they grow up. My Ar-15 will hit a milk jug at 400 yards,my target 223 will not.I think Jim made a mistake that he would take back if he could,but I have to wonder for what reasons he would want to take it bake for?

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