Bear Attack Kills 11-Year Old Boy in Utah

News is just coming out this morning about a very unfortunate event that happened over the weekend. This happened in an area I am very familiar with and spent a lot of time as a kid. In American Fork Canyon, about 30 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah, an 11-year old was pull from his tent and killed by a black bear. Apparently the boy, his mother, stepfather and a 6-year-old brother were sleeping in a large tent with several sections and the 11-year-old was in a section of the tent by himself.

The stepfather heard a scream about 11 pm. The boy and the sleeping bag were pulled from the tent. They found the boy’s remains about 400 yards from the tent. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and the U.S. Forest Service are currently tracking the bear with dogs.

Update: Authorities have now found and killed the black bear. With 26 dogs assisting them in the search, authorities were confident that the bear that was shot was the same one that ripped through the tent shortly before midnight Sunday.

LINK: Daily Herald Story

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8 Comments on "Bear Attack Kills 11-Year Old Boy in Utah"

  1. shawn pinnt says:

    I grew up in southwestern Colorado and hunted bear with hounds, bait and just spot and stalk. It is a tragedy that this is happend Colorado has stoped the use of hounds and baiting. Now we have a fall season and thats it. There is no way to tell why this has happend in Utah. This is what you expect to happen in southern California not Utah. The bears around here have grown more agressive due to the lack of being “taught” to respect man and to fear him. I know Utah has a hound season but are all the areas that bears and humans live together have houndsmen and women educating these animals? Even in Yellowstone Park the anti’s use dogs to EDUCATE the bears. My heart reaches out to the family of this boy, I have a twelve year old son and he is looking forward to his first year of big game hunting and i know there is not one bear, lion or anything that is more important than than him or any human life.

  2. Trent Leavitt says:

    First of all my heart and prayers to this dear family. The outdoors promote family values and truly help bring families together. So tragic that this has to scar this family.
    Secondly, living in Idaho we still enjoy baiting and hound hunting. The bears do respect and stay clear of us in the wild. Anytime I have encountered bears in the wild I have never had a problem. States like Oregon and others who have completely outlawed the use of bait and hounds for bears and cougars will sadly see problems like this happen again and again. I hope we may unite as sportsman to see that this does not happen. Make sure that sportsmen make the laws for sportsmen to follow.


    how can we be educated campers. how do we pick a camp sight
    and feel comfortable with our family? i grew up in utah and have
    camped in the same area as this bear attack. my son has heard about this attack and now is having fear. do i stop camping in tents and buy a trailer. this saddens me. there is such an experience lost. but if this is the safest route than its not worth my families safety



  5. Randy Gates says:

    Dogs are a great deterrent- even small ones will scare off a bear 99% of the time, and will always wake you up to let you grab the bear spray or gun. If you’re really serious, consider a Karellian. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are my alltime favorite breed.

  6. adam bedont says:

    That is really to bad for the familey and the boy. But form what i have herd living in Utah the bear had been fed at the camp groud beffore. When you feed a bear it knows to go back for food. The boy had candy in his pillow. So the bear probbley thought FOOD.

    Just go’s to show A FED BEAR IS A DEAD BEAR.

  7. adam bedont says:

    Just go’s to show A FED BEAR IS A DEAD BEAR.

  8. Chris Glaser says:

    Someone asked how to know if it is safe to camp where there are bears. Would you swim with sharks? Why take the risk? This is your family you’re talking about. Is it really worth any risk at all??

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