Biggest Archery Velvet Buck in the World!

Biggest Archery Velvet Typical Mule Deer
Something that has kind of stayed under wraps is a magnificent mule deer taken in Colorado last year in 2006. This buck is now the biggest archery velvet typical mule deer in the world! This world record buck was taken by Tim Roberts during the archery season. The photo above is a sneak peak at what you will see in the new Hunting Illustrated Magazine coming out this week. We have the story on Tim’s record archery mule deer and some great photos. We also break down how this buck matches up with the other great velvet typical archery bucks taken in recent years.

So what does it score? Tim’s buck is very symmetrical but has a 2 1/8-inch kicker coming off the right main beam which caused some extra deductions. The official Pope & Young score is 209 2/8 gross and 205 1/8 net typical. Tim chose to keep the velvet on the antlers or it could have challenged the hard-horned P&Y typical world record which scores 203 1/8. For now, Tim’s mule deer is the largest typical mule deer in the world taken by a bowhunter in the velvet category. Congratulations Tim.

Hunting Illustrated Aug/Sept 2007
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You can read the story on Tim’s hunt and see his cool kill shots in our Aug/Sept 2007 issue of Hunting Illustrated (Special Bowhunting Issue) out this week. You will also be able to see this Colorado giant in our upcoming 2008 King’s Mule Deer Calendar.

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16 Comments on "Biggest Archery Velvet Buck in the World!"

  1. Art says:

    What’s up? The buck in the bed and the buck on the cover of the magazine don’t look the same. Our these suppose to be photos of the same buck? The one at top does not have a kicker point and the main beam splits on one end. The buck on the cover does not split. If the one in the bed of the truck is the new world record why wouldn’t it be on the cover?

  2. Art,
    You are right, the buck in the bed of the Ranger and the buck on the cover of the Aug/Sept 2007 issue are not the same. Definitely cover worthy, but Tim’s buck is not on the cover. You will just have to take a peak inside to see for yourself (Horrible shameless plug). But that is the reason for the teaser photo I posted above.

    Also in the story feature we give you the ‘Tale of the Tape’ with the score breakdown on just what it took to get to 209 2/8 gross and 205 1/8 net P&Y. A special sidebar feature gives you photos and info on the #1, #2, #3 and #5 archery velvet typical mule deer. Thanks!

    David King
    Hunting Illustrated

  3. Wow, what an amazing Muley, and to think, it was taken with a bow. I’ll be waiting for that issue to read the story. I bet it will be a great read.


  4. Melvin Jeppson says:

    You’ve got to be kidding when you claim this buck is the world’s biggest mule deer taken in the velvet. Based upon the tape measure it appears to only be 34 inches wide. I agree it’s a magnificent buck and I wouldn’t turn down a shot at a similar buck, but many larger bucks have been taken with a bow.

  5. Melvin,
    It depends on what you are classifying as “biggest”. What you are saying is that there are wider velvet mule deer, therefore that makes them bigger? That could be the case.

    In this case, biggest means the highest scoring velvet buck taken with a bow that is classified in the typical category. Naturally a non-typical velvet archery buck would score much higher. However, in this case, the Tim Roberts buck is the biggest “typical” velvet mule deer ever taken. There is no other buck known (and I say known loosely) that scores over 205 1/8 net typical P&Y. If there is and you know about one, please let me know.

    Of course there are mule deer that are wider than 34-inches taken in the velvet. Bill Janowsky arrowed a huge non-typical in 2006 in Colorado that scored 240 5/8 net P&Y and was 39 6/8-inches wide, making it one of the widest bucks taken with a bow (not to mention this was a velvet buck as well). However, this was a non-typical mule deer – not typical.

    If Tim Roberts’ buck is the biggest typical buck in the velvet category scoring 205 1/8 net P&Y, what is the biggest non-typical velvet mule deer?

    Burton/Cordes Saskatchewan Archery Buck

    That would be the monster that Richard Burton and friend Ron Cordes arrowed in Saskatchewan back in 2005. This buck scores 271 4/8 net P&Y. We featured this buck in our Best of 2005 issue of Hunting Illustrated and also featured in our 2007 King’s Mule Deer Calendar.

    Hope this helps….Thanks.

    David King
    King’s Outdoor World
    Hunting Illustrated

  6. Melvin Jeppson says:

    Thanks for the feedback and great pictures. In a couple of weeks I plan to spend some serious time bagging a trophy of my own. I’d be glad to take one half the size of your featured monsters.

  7. wade ferguson says:

    Hello MY favorite Folks.

    My friend Rob this week end Just wiped out the Oregon Record For Mulie Bow. And that world velvet buck shown above looks like hes got 2 to 3 inches in the forks better all the way around.This buck is the buck that the people had in mind when designing a scoring system for typical antlers. Exactly perfect, 14 inch tines all the way around, 31.5 wide. He is Gigantic and beautiful, full velvet. Also very very unique hunt.
    This buck should go way up in the world, it comes out of the velvet preserve process tomorrow and to be scored,You better get in on this one. Talk to you soon Wade.

  8. mitch Michener says:

    I ve cultivating this buck for 7 years last year he was a 14 pointer, this year it looks like he might hit 16 or 18 points would this make it in the record book, im in colorado. Thanks Mitch

  9. Nick says:

    Hey Wade Im just curious, if Ron shot this buck this season, and pope and young has a mandatory 60 day waiting period for the drying process how is this buck getting scored tomorrow.

  10. amber hanke says:


  11. TODD says:


  12. Nick says:

    Hey Todd, what is his net score thats the score we all want to know

  13. steven berg Jr says:

    wow, nice rack. anybody know what the deer field dressed at?

  14. justin says:

    this is a really nice buck i wish that i can get something like this one day i hope u have more luck killing nice deer like that

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