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Video Review: 2007 Honda Rancher 420 4×4

Honda Rancher 420 4x4

I thought I had lost this video clip. Ah…found it. I took this short video review of the new Honda Rancher 420 back in November 2006 when I was invited to take a test ride at Honda’s facility in South Carolina. I also was part of a tour through their manufacturing and assembly line plant. It was very impressive the way Honda was so efficient at their facility. At the plant they have the assembly line for the new Rancher and also the Rincon 700. I was happy to see some of the improvements that Honda made on the new Rancher. Below I have posted a short video clip which goes around the machine and showcases some of the features. I have also included a short review that was published in the June/July 2007 issue of Hunting Illustrated Magazine.

Honda Fourtrax Rancher 420 ES

It’s hard to improve something that doesn’t need improvement. That was Honda’s basic struggle as they released the new and improved Rancher 420 ES for 2007. There is no question that Honda had a good thing going with the Rancher 350; it provided years of tremendous sales and popularity. With 500,000 units sold since 1996, one would question if messing with a good thing would be bad. However, Honda timed it just right with appropriate and needed upgrades to continue to make the Rancher ATV one of the best-selling ATVs on the market today.

Honda beefed up the motor department and increased it from a 329cc air-cooled engine to a 420cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine. The increase in ponies also brought about an increase in suspension travel, going from 5.3 inches to 6.3 inches front and back. Honda also improved the braking and added dual hydraulic disc brakes in the front. Like most new ATVs that you find today, electronic fuel injection (EFI) was also added to the new Rancher providing better throttle response, improved cold weather starts, and eliminated jetting problems for high altitude riding. Honda, however, elected to stay with the solid rear axle and not provide a rear independent suspension. Their thinking on this was to keep the ATV mechanically sound with a trouble-free, solid rear axle, less weight, good stability, and to keep costs to a minimum. These considerations sum up the mission of Honda – keep things maintenance-free and for a good price. There is no question that Honda has the reputation of building the most reliable ATVs on the market. The Rancher is proof of this and also proof that many people just want an ATV that works and that they can afford. This is where the new Rancher 420 ES really shines. With an MSRP of $5,499 and the added features, the Rancher will continue to be a great seller for Honda.

The improvements on the Rancher 420 ES carry over to the overall ride and experience on the trail. The bigger motor gives a good increase in power that was much needed to stay competitive and the increased suspension is noticeable. It’s hard not to like the new Rancher 420. It has all of the basics plus a few nice additions like EFI and front disc brakes. This ATV will not blow your socks off and, when pushed hard, can easily go beyond its capabilities. However, the market for the Rancher is the everyday person who wants a good-performing ATV that comes with some nice features, isn’t going to break down, and has a fair price. The Rancher 420 has good low-end torque and Honda’s ES (electric shift) transmission allows you to control the powerband for hill climbing to trail riding or pulling a trailer around the farm. The ATV handles very predictably and the suspension soaks up the basic stuff allowing for an enjoyable ride.

Honda may have been worried about what response they would get by changing one of their most popular ATVs in history. But they don’t need to worry much as everything new on the Rancher 420 is an improvement on an already winning formula.

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  1. TC
    89 mos, 4 wks ago

    This rancher has been a constant problem since we bought it a month ago. First it was a backfire they can not fix. Next came the overheat they can not fix. Now the electric shift will not go into gear. We have had it in the shop more than we’ve had it home. We bought Honda because it had an impresive track record as being the best. I will only say that of the carborated models. My brother has a 350 2006 model that you could run all day for two weeks and not have a problem. Fuel injected has lots of problems. I would not recomend this model. I would stick with carborated models. They seem to be more dependable at this time. They need to work out more bugs before they sell it to the public in the future. I wish we would have known of these issues before we bought this Rancher. Acording to the dealer we bought from, Honda knew about this problem and has continued to sell it even after calls kept coming in about the backfire etc. We will be having a meeting with the dealer to try to get them or Honda to buy it back under Lemon law. What a dissapointment from the leader in ATV’s.

    I Love Honda But Not This One!!!!!!

  2. jim spila
    89 mos, 3 wks ago

    i just bought an ’07 rancher for my girlfriend. it’s about 3 months old. up untill now there hasn’t been any major problems. a few days ago we went riding and the wheel broke off the axle. it will be fixed but im not sure if its safe to ride.

  3. 89 mos, 3 wks ago

    juat bought a new 4-wheeler and will be outting up pics soon, hope you will consider putting up the Outdoor Bloggers Summit badge on your site, we really need you to be part of it.

  4. Ernie Schank
    89 mos ago

    I like the 420 Rancher, but have had problems with squirrely front end. Small inclines or loading into pickup feel like it is going to go over backwards. It is not stable like the 350 Rancher. I added 30 pounds of weight to the front and that makes all the difference in the world. I think the rear shock is too soft and needs to be stiffer. Without the weight you can’t even carry a 15 gal spot sprayer on the back. The old Rancher handled a the same sprayer well. I have called Honda and registered my complaint. They told me to work with the dealer.

  5. Doug Burr
    88 mos, 4 wks ago

    Purchased the 420 Rancher for back work in the woods. I have only got about 20 hours on in and have some concern about the fuel ignition system. Several times I push start, there is a click of the starter but the engine doesn’t fire. Not a good situation if one is in the backwoods. Also, the manual shift is not smooth in the upper gears; first and second are fine, but three and four is more of a clank. I will return it to the dealer for their opinion.

  6. BOB
    88 mos, 4 wks ago


  7. Bill Greek
    88 mos, 3 wks ago

    I was really excited to hear honda came out with a new Rancher. I own a 2005 and thought for sure I would be coming home with a 2007. I decided against it due to the rear axle is exposed and there is only one taillight. I wish they wouldn’t have changed these two things. Thanks BIll>

  8. jimmy rigger
    88 mos, 3 wks ago

    i got my 420 in june and i have just over 1000 km on it and its unstoppable iv not had any problems but i bought 26 inch boggers and it doesnt turn them very well i with that i would have got 25′s but i can still pull a wheelie with them on so im still happy

  9. Paul Yeager
    88 mos, 3 wks ago

    I purchased a new 2007 420 Honda, the horsepower is great and a nice ride, but has one major problem. It has a very bad backfire every time you coast down a hill. Honda dealer claims it is normal and cannot fix the problem.

    Welcome to any suggestions.

  10. andy
    88 mos, 2 wks ago

    I’ve had problems with the backfiring too. and here recently hearing a noise from the rear end. I jacked it up on a lift put it in 3rd, and give it a little gas. it sounds as if the spline gears are not lined up correctly. every once in a while it will give off a pop. has anyone else had this problem. carring it back to dealer Saturday, i’ll let ya know what comes out of it. Also hear a noise from the front end area that i cant pin point, it only does it crusing about 3rd or 4th gear down the road. any ideas?

  11. Chad
    88 mos, 2 wks ago

    I have 400 plus hours on my wife’s 2007 420 ATV. We have problems with backfiring (rifle shots) since day one. Especially when you come down inclines. It also has problems with shifting gears when first used for the day. I have been very unhappy with Honda. They quoted me, that I was the first person with these problems and take it to the dealer. The dealer has told me that Honda knows of the problem and it is an open ticket or a problem they will work on until resolve. I have read of people getting two sensors replaced and it resolves the issue. That is a sensor for each problem.

  12. Chad G
    88 mos, 2 wks ago

    I bought my 420 in June of this year. Great bike the ES shifts smoothly. The only complaints that i have the rear shock needs to be stiffer and I am hearing a noise from the rear end. Took it to the dealer twice. Said it was nothing.

  13. James
    88 mos, 1 wk ago

    I got my 2007 Honda Trx420 (thats what its called in canada same bike though) and i haven’t had ANY problems no back fires nothing, its my first bike but not the first bike i’ve driven and its GREAT props to honda. My buddy has a foreman 500 ruby and i can go anywhere he can, although he pulls away on the straits lol. The 420 is a tank and i will always buy honda!

  14. Wingman
    87 mos, 3 wks ago

    I just got the 2007 420 Rancher and I too have the “rifleshot” backfire. Does not sound good. Hope something can be done to solve this.

  15. adam
    87 mos, 2 wks ago

    My 420 has had an overheating problem lately. 1st I thought it was from the 25″ mudlites I put on it, but I go thru a lot of mud, now I have attempted to clean out the screen from the radioator, wich it real hard to get to. Any ez way to get to it without pulling off the plastic?

  16. barry
    87 mos, 2 wks ago

    i bought the honda 420 three months ago. After the first day of riding it, the backfire was horrible. I took it to the honda dealer and they thought i was crazy and said there is nothing wrong with it. So i kept complaining , they said they have received five more bikes with the same problem with no sollution. So i fixed this problem. I put a snorkle on it with two layers of panty hoes between the pipe sticking up from the front of the bike and the curved cap that is on top. This somewhat chokes the bike of a little air, WITH NO LOST OF POWER. But it stops the backfire and you can go in deeper mud/ water, killing two birds with one stone. Down side is it voids your warranty. Its up to you . Backfire gone………… or warranty that covers hardly anything. The Snorkel was well worth it to me.

  17. RD
    87 mos, 1 wk ago

    I’ve had my 420 for about three weeks and it has 150 km on it and about 18 hours. No problems at all so far; no backfire, no broken axles or overheating. I am amazed at how easily it starts, how quiet it runs and the snappy power. I find the ride a bit hard but it is very surefooted. I got high-centered in a mudhole which has made me want to add a lift kit and or bigger wheels. I really like the electric shifter and it has performed flawlessly. Switching into 5th gear is a bit clunky but not an annoyance. I would like to stick a more solid bumper on the front. I hear Warn makes one.
    At any rate, I am happy with my purchase but a bit puzzled why it sells for around $8300.00 in Canada and thousands less in the U.S. Our dollar is near par. Any ideas?

  18. Kenny
    87 mos, 1 wk ago

    I purchased it Sept 07 and have not had any issues. I hope I never do. I will keep you posted. Keep the comments coming good and bad. Did anyone find a solution to the backfire issue. Other websites I have visted said it was a temperature sensor on engine. Once that is fixed, backfire is gone. Anyone heard this or gotten it fixed?

    I am not sure if this is problem or not, but the shifting seems hard for my ES model. Seems to chunk into place. My dad has a 04 ES model and his is somewhat smoother but still is shifts hard. My belief is that since this is an electric shifter it has to basically throw itself into gear vs. a clutch system. Any takers on this theory?

  19. jeremy
    87 mos, 1 wk ago

    Heard the backfire yesterday for first time (only 20 miles into this new bioke) that sucks :-(

  20. Howard Kimura
    87 mos, 1 wk ago

    I had my 420 for about two month, and about 100 km. on it. No backfires, broken axle or overheating (even when going thru Mud) Runs great, plenty of power and is very happy. Big improvement over my 2001 – 350 ES.

  21. Darrell
    87 mos, 1 wk ago

    I bought the new Rancher 420, and previously owned a 03 rancher, i don’t know if the right word is tank it is unbelievablefor the price and performance, i have several firends with 500 cc and bigger and i have no problem out performing them or right along the side of them and the 420 is thousands cheaper. I do have to say its the first four wheel dirve that i can make stand up and ride a wheelie pretty much as far as i would like. the 420 is a little squirly in the fornt end and have heard a noise in the fornt end ridng in 4th gear just cruisin can’t pin point it, took it in and honda said everything was find. i’ve been looking into some tracks from Mattracks, let you know how they perform.

  22. Chad C
    87 mos, 1 wk ago

    Took back to the dealer for the third time for backfiring issues. They replaced temp sensor and they said still backfiring. Speed sensor repalced for bad shifting with the ES. Very disappointed with the backfiring (rifle shots). Hope there will be a recall. Very disappointed with Honda and their support staff.

  23. B Savage
    87 mos, 1 wk ago

    I have also experience trouble with the backfiring while decel. I also have had problem shifts. The motor is responsive, but cannot pull the front wheels off the ground. Honda support staff is very unsupported. Wait a few years, for the kinks to get worked out for this one. I am very disappointed.

  24. Becca C
    87 mos ago

    Same backfiring issues. Some bad shifts. Dealer has solved all issues except the backfiring. How SAD!!!

  25. scott
    87 mos ago

    I have a 06 rancher 4 wheel drive es mode. . I am very disappointed recently. with only 36 hours on it the entire electronic shift needed replacement. The total bill is $2400.00 Honda said since it is out of warranty (6 mo) they are being gracious by giving me $800.00 towards the repair. I have asked the dealer if there were any singnsof abuse since I did not use it that hard. They said no and feel honda should warranty the whole thing. No such luck. I am now in the middle of trying to negotiate with honda but they are telling me they don’t have to do anything and if i continue to complain they will not even offer the $800.00 anymore.
    Is anyone else having transmission problems with there 06?
    Please let me know I want to see if I got a lemon or is honda hiding something.

  26. Chad
    87 mos ago

    Give more details about the problem on the es problems.

  27. Jerry
    86 mos, 4 wks ago

    I got my 420 in July I have allways had a clunking noise in 4th and 5th gear. There is a slight whining noise in the front and the backfiring issue just started. I like the bike but am very disapointed with it. The bike has only 156 miles on it and I thas never been missused. My dealer has the sure hate it atitude but when I was looking to buy they promissed the moon.

  28. Chad
    86 mos, 3 wks ago

    Clunk in 4th and 5th gear might be normal if not shifting aggresively. We had the slight whining noise from the front end, dealer replaced the brake pads. It ended up being one of the front wheel bearings. The dealer has been great with dealing with me, but has not figured out the shift and backfiring problems. I faxed Honda with my concerns. They were very polite and noted that they did know that this was an issue and will work on it until solved. We will see.

  29. Steve
    86 mos, 3 wks ago

    I bought my 07 Rancher in april 07′ for $4,650.00
    BEST money ever spent. I had My rancher on the rubicon at Loon Lake 3 times, never let me down.
    And its only a 2 wheel drive. I bought aftermarket skid plate’s ,tires and wheels. You can pitch it side ways on gravel roads, it handles GREAT.
    Not one bit of problem. People comments on back
    firing, that’s NORMAL, for a fuel injection machine.
    Its just unburn fuel in the exhaust. Give it some gas and its gone, again, NORMAL operation.
    I have a manuel shift, so I can speed shift anytime I want to. I would not spend a dime on ANY electic shift model of any kind. I have about 300 miles on mine, Looks still like new. You take care of your machine, and it will take care of YOU.
    Again my 07 rancher is the best ATV I have own, and I am on 3rd honda in 15 years, recon, my 2nd one, and 200 cc 4 trax my first.
    Friend has a Can-am, been in the shop twice, and cost TWICE as much $10,000.00
    His can-am is faster, but if i want speed, ILL just jump on my RM 250 and blow his doors off.
    But the rancher is a GREAT machine, wheely
    in 2 gear speed shifting, no problem.
    Lots of power and good product, it never let me down yet, keep up the good work HONDA!!!!!
    THANKS for stoppin bye!!!!

  30. paul
    86 mos, 3 wks ago

    Got my 420 3 months ago. My wife and I do extreme mtn riding> Its a great machine.Got to take care of them though.

  31. c zint
    86 mos, 3 wks ago

    i love this atv owned many others but this one is perfect paid 5050 and feel like i got a sweet deal.if your thinking of getting one do it.

  32. Jerry
    86 mos, 3 wks ago

    Thanks for the reply Chad. I spoke with another dealer the service guy was really helpfull. He said the back fire issue will sort itself out as carbon builds up in the muffler and told me to slightly adjust the clutch screw on the front of the motor case. This did help the clunking noise shifting into 4th and 5th it is not near as bad and I found that depending on the rpms when shifting makes a difference also. The winning in the front does sound to be a brake pad issue Im going to check that out this week sometime.

  33. Scott K.
    86 mos, 3 wks ago

    I got my 420 in Feb 07. Everythings been great as far as the shifting and backfiring, although I have a manual shift. The only problem mine has is that the EFI light blinks on and off on it even though it continues to run great. Also the reverse light comes on in 3rd, 4th and 5th. I’m going to see if my extended warranty covers that, tomorrow. I’ve been a Honda man for about 32 years now, and I don’t see that changing.

  34. aaron
    86 mos, 2 wks ago

    i ust bought mine today so i have no idea

  35. Kalan S.
    86 mos, 2 wks ago

    i got my 420 a couple of months ago with es, the fist couple of times i rode it the shifting was hard and when cold it did not want to shift, took it back to dealer told them they where real nice adjusted the es and it works great, overall the bike runs good, but then 2 days ago got back from riding it and it sounds like the rear end pops the wierd thing is if u jack it up it does not do it put it back on the ground and it starts poping again going to take it the the dealer as soon as can will give results as soon as i find whats wrong with it

  36. Gary P
    86 mos, 1 wk ago

    Just bought a Rancher 420TM7(4×2). Can’t believe the power, quick throtle response, and comfortable ride! I ride my brother inlaw’s 450 Foreman a lot. Those days are over! This 420 beats it on every account. I’m sure it is 10 MPH faster on top end. I rode up and down a pretty steep logging road for about 2 miles. Some parts of the road were so steep, that when climbed on foot to clear a tree, I had to get down on my hands and crab crawl upward. The 420 went up it with no problem. I never heard a backfire on the way down either. Of course, most of my descent was a controled slide. Love the 420!

  37. paul
    86 mos, 1 wk ago

    I’ve had my 420 for 8 weeks now. No problems, Took it to little sahara sand dunes,climbed san mtn in 3rd gear. Lots of power, wheelies in 2nd easily. Love the way it will hold its self back going down steep hills. Great bike.

  38. thomas
    86 mos, 1 wk ago

    ive had my 420 for 2 days (40miles).same backfire and rough shift .i gotta call the dealer and complain nicely!(at first!).but i still love the bike so far hope too get everything worked out.i live in kau hawaii the big island.and the trails are tough.since you get so much for so cheap i went for the 5 year warrenty.let 420 get you higher places! ;)

  39. mark
    86 mos ago

    Big bang for the buck. Good power and responsive. Backfiring is an issue, but not with cold weather!!!??? Some bad shifting with the ES when cold. Nice product overall, concerned with backfiring and ES problems. Also front end starting to squeal @ 700 miles.

  40. Chad C
    86 mos ago

    Very good bike. Not backfiring when cold out. Squeal still in the front end. No bad shifts anymore since sensor change.

  41. Jeremy
    85 mos, 1 wk ago

    I bought my 420 in April ’07 w/ a Warn 2500# winch. The second or third ride it did the backfire thing. After that it was hit and miss if it would backfire. I was told a valve adjustment would take care of it. I’m at 230 miles, so I’m a little over due for one. It does not like to shift right until it warms up, but I can overlook that. We do alot of mud riding, and I’ve had NO issues with overheating. I am soooooo impressed with the performance of this machine. I weigh 280 pounds and can wheel it in 1st and 2nd gear. I easily stay up with my friends on 500cc and up machines. Since I bought it I added a 2″ lift, 12″ ITP wheels, 27″ Maxxis Mud Bugs, 2″ custom snorkle, HMF exhaust, and a removeable rear seat for the girlfriend. I highly reccomend this awesome machine to anyone. This is my second Honda, and certainly not my last. This pic is before the exhaust with my step son on it…

  42. 85 mos, 1 wk ago

    I work for Honda and I have a 07 420 rancher. I have never had one problem with it and all my customers that I have sold one to has never had a problem either. At our dealer ship we teach our customers how to start and ride the 420. All you guys with fuel injection problems? You can not press or hold the throttle while turning the key on and if you attempt to start while holding the throttle or your kids have held the throttle pinned while it was off it will not start. It resets the fuel injection module. The 420 is the best selling atv of the year for under 6000 dollars. All you guys having problems need to … take it to a different dealership if they are too stupid to help you out!

  43. OldHipy
    85 mos, 1 wk ago

    I’ve had my 420 for going on 4 months. I’v been in the sand,mud,and a foot of snow. It hasn’t backfired,or misshifted( since its manual). It has no squeals,knocks,or pings. Hasn’t even ran out of gas yet either.It has awesome power,traction,and handels as well as any machine i’ve ridden. My honda guy takes good care of it for me. If you are having problems with your 420 or any honda for that matter,get a new honda guy. Thats the key. A machine is only as good as the person that does the upkeep.
    enjoy your ride!

  44. Smartguy
    85 mos, 1 wk ago

    Does anyone know any performance mods. to make this machine faster? I also had the problem with backfiring when it was new, but now that it is broke in it does’nt do it anymore. I have noticed the noise coming from the front end and I cant pin point it. It sounds like its coming from the right side. Also have sqealing brakes, clanking noise in 5th gear and popping noise in rear axle. But I haven’t noticed the popping noise in a while now.
    Other than those few querks, I love this 4-wheeler. I sunk it in the Ogeechee river last sunday and I accidently shut it off. I was worried it locked up the engine. But I pulled it out of the river and put it on an incline to drain the water from the exaust and then it fired right up. And no water in the oil. Ha I got lucky and then rode it all day.

  45. John
    85 mos ago

    I bought my 420ES in May and have just a little over 120 miles on it. I to have had the back fire issue when costing down a long hill. But my newest problem has to do with the ES. Last week It would not go into gear for quite some time. Today it will not shift out of Reverse gear. I have tryed the manual shifter without any luck. I am up for suggestions. I am planning on going to the Dealer tomarrow and seeing what they cando for me???

  46. Josh countryman
    85 mos ago

    first off i own a 2007 420, and have had no problems with it. everyone who has the backfireing problem its only down inclines and its because the rancher has an automatic brakeing system and it keepsthe bike at a steady speed as seen when you speed up you will feel the brakes come on after you let off the throttle it keepsyou at that speed so the bike is not backfiring its just reving down suddenly to account for the throttle being closed, also a bike will not backfire if the throttle is not open.emails- if you need anymore answers

  47. c.j. dyer
    84 mos, 3 wks ago

    i bought a 400 rancher in june of 06. it lasted till mothers day weekend the following year. great fourwheeler had no complaints i wreaked and totaled it in a head on collision wit my dads 500 rubicon. after several months of fighting wit my gap insurance that was sold to me through honda i got to get me a new one. this time i went wit the 420 rancher. so far it has been an awsome fourwheeler. i have had it to back fire but their was no problem in how the fourwheeler acted arterward and dismissed it as bad gas. it has not backfired in several monthes now have not had ne major problems. it is verry powerful and i out run my dads new 500 rubicon i have took it easy on it, not like i was on my 400, i dont like the disk break on the front it screaks and not sure bout the un sealed drive shaft but we have ran chevy trucks for years through mud wit un sealed drive shafts if ne one has had problems wit the drive shaft plez post i would also like to kno about the power comander chip for the 420 and how much does a dyno jet kit help

  48. MC
    84 mos, 2 wks ago


  49. chris
    84 mos, 2 wks ago

    I have had my 2007 rancher 420 4×4 for about 8-9months and the backfiring has slowed down alot. I had one prob out of the bike since i had it and that was an axle. The backfire is not a very big deal. It stopped doing it so much when i started using the top of the line gas which is prefered. I love my bike jus got and exhaust and a power commander that im about to put on it!!!!

    2007 honda rancher 420 4×4
    2″ lift
    27inch swamp lites
    ss112 ITP’s
    HMF exhaust
    Power Commander

  50. Derek
    84 mos, 1 wk ago

    I have had my 07 Rancher since they first came out. I believe it is a great machine even though it does backfire occasionally. However, unless mine just does not do it quite as loud as everyone else’s here, a four wheeler is loud as it is, so it doesn’t quite bother me. Although, I will be adding a lift and tires to seeing as though all of my friends that own Yamaha Big Bear and Kodiak’s sit about 3 inches higher than me stock and really power through deep ruts easier than mine (half of the time having to pull me out). But other than that, it has been great to me.

  51. matt
    84 mos, 1 wk ago

    i have a 07 rancher with 26 inch mud lights and the airbox is snorkeled i also had a problem with the backfiring and my friends dad is a mechanic at honda and it was my exhaust valve that was loose it wasnt rattling or anything it was just loose so yall might want to check yalls exhaust valve

  52. david
    84 mos, 1 wk ago

    I have a 2000 Rancher 350, that I have put through Hell and Back, then back through Hell again. This is probably the toughest Quad I know of….However I would like some more Power with out buying some huge 600 or 700.
    After much indecision I decided that the 420 would be the choice for my next bike, “until I read all these Reviews!!!
    Would some of you folks that have had all these “backfire,bad shifting,funny front end noises” tell me why I should still consider buying this machine???

  53. ronnie
    84 mos ago

    got a honda rancher this summer it has been great the back fire is the gas build up when your are gone down hill. if you guys will just give it a little gas it will help i have found our you are in to low of a gear. that is what you have breaks for. No prob here.

  54. ronnie
    84 mos ago

    oh yea chris is right . YOU GOT TO RUN THE GOOD GAS IN IT. that is what the book calls for

  55. cole
    84 mos ago

    i got a 07 honda rancher for christmas and it worked fine…..for awhile….then i was muddin with my friend and it just quit everthying was dead on it. Turns out they sold it to me with a bad battery and i also hear backfire from the rear end. But the back fire has slowed down and i rarely hear it anymore unless im goin downhill i wish it had better handling and more wieght on the front. i dnt no what to to say about honda now.

    420 honda rancher 4X4
    2 inch lift
    26 inch swamp lights

  56. 84 mos ago

    i love my honda it does great in the mud as well on the trail but i hate an can not stand that fact that i can not get a winch under therethat sucks so bad i have to say that was a bad move

  57. paul
    84 mos ago

    Well I must be not hearing things! I’ve had my 420 for about 5 months now and it has never back fired. I ride the mtns and have done all sorts of up and down hill wheelin. I do put the best gas I can in it. Maybe that is why it hasn’t back fired. It does great in snow thats 10 to 15 inches deep. Still like its power,but I am considering a pipe and power commander>

  58. whatever
    83 mos, 4 wks ago

    honda has admitted backfiring issue. You can get a winch for it. Not a bad machine for the buck. Recommend getting the extended warranty, new model!!!

  59. Greg
    83 mos, 3 wks ago

    I have 700 hard miles on my 420. Ride it like a sport.
    No problems but is does backfire on occasion.
    25″ mudlites and I will stil slide the rear on demand.
    It is built for fun more than utility in my opinion.
    I dont plow much but I do like to have fun..

  60. Bennett
    83 mos, 2 wks ago

    has anyone found an air filter that is not foam? and has anyone gotten a hmf optimizer and exhaust yet? how much did it help ya’ll?

    83 mos, 1 wk ago

    I have ridden the new 420 and I liked it. The disk brakes in the front are much better than the old drum system. The power is good and wheelies easy. The front end is not as stable as say a 450 Foreman, but it isn’t bad and really adds to the fun factor. While I was riding, it did backfire a couple of times. I have owned two Honda Foremans and they use a regular carb and they backfire really bad when engine braking going down hill at speed. The inside of the exhaust came apart and blocked the exhaust flow, due to the harsh backfire. I hope this doesn’t happen with the 420. I use the Foreman 365 days a year on the farm and it is truly a tank. It is like any machine it will have some issues, but not many. I want the new 420 for fun riding, but am considering a Rancher 350. Has anyone put a pipe, filter, jet kit on a 350? If so how much did it help. HONDA!!

  62. Joseph
    83 mos, 1 wk ago

    Ive had my 420 for almost 5 weeks now and had no problems with back firing or any other problems all of you have been having, i was recently in grenada lake bottom with my 420 honda and my friends 660 grizzley and passed him in a mud hole that was up to my handlebars, you can believe it or not , i have no lift kit or snorkeler i don’t realy need it all you have to do is don’t stop and i always come right out, all I have is 25″ inch mud light tires on it (highly recomend) and a 2500 warn winch (used to climb up veryy high creeks banks. Thats about all you need. I climb sand bars in 2wd and have a 2wd/4wd in 3rd gear hardley ever put it in 4wd ,most of the time im using my 420 honda 4wd rancher by pulling my friends out .

  63. Chad P.
    83 mos ago

    I have had my 420 4×4 since June 07′ backfire has almost stop since i have been running high octane gas. I have put 26″ Swamp-lites on it and it turns them no problem. Does anyone have a 2″ lift on theirs? If so let me know if it made much of a difference on their driveshaft. And let me know what kind of lift it is. Everyone tells me to go with moose but i dont know. I love the bike no problem here. Keep up the good work honda.

  64. 83 mos ago

    on my second 420 rancher,transmisson locked up on the first one,honda gave me a brand new machine,the second one is gets used 365 days ,it sits in a unheated shop starts right up every time sometimes when its -35 below out the summer months its out hanging with the rincons and king quads and seems to hold its me this machine is the best bang for your buck.

  65. cameron/mississippi
    83 mos ago

    I just got my 420 honda it is the best purchase i’ve ever make with Honda. I mean I nevered believed any of my friends when they said it would hang with the honda Rincon’s. But it did and when I rode it for a while I got used to it and will never purchase another four-wheller besides the 420 rancher. I do lots of muding and I mean alot, almost every weekend. This past weekend I was riding on logger’s trails with all of my friends and I got my 420 buried in between one of the skidder ruts in 2wd and all I had to do was lock it in 4wd and it pulled itself right out. And I’m not talking about just over your tire mud but over your handle bar mud. It amazing at how much power it has. Please buy honda if your looking for 4-wheller.

  66. Chad C
    82 mos, 4 wks ago

    Backfiring has completely stopped with the cold weather. I am using premium unleaded containing no ethanol, which is hard to find. There are no more problems with the ES. Great machine for the money. Honda has backed all warranty issues.

  67. Trey
    82 mos, 3 wks ago

    2007 Honda Rancher 420
    1800 miles
    Stock + 4-25″ Interco Swamp Lites

    I bought my 420 back in august and have been very impressed. I have a total of 1800 miles on mine and it stil runs great.Yes for the first 2 months there was a bad backfire problem, but somehow it fixed it’s self the week before I had an appointment with the dealer to get it looked at. (i like to be in and out. it is worth it to check into getting an appointment if the problem is not a drivetrain problem) I too had the rear end slip once or twice within a 2 week period about a month after i bought it, and was worried about it but it hasn’t happened in about 4 months of much rougher conditions than the first 2 months. i guess it was one of the quirks that worked its self out. I have had NO problems with the EFI nor the 4X4 front end. my cousin has a 98 polaris 400 that has been overhauled recently. he asked me to ride with him one day so that if he broke down back in the swamp, i could pull him out. Sure anough he broke down about 5 miles away from the camp. he hooked the winch to my hitch and i pulled him every foot of that 5 mile stretch through 4 holes from 1 foot deep of water to 2.5 feet water on top of that famous louisiana gumbo. I was even doubtful if i would get through by myself, not to mention pulling another bike and 250lb rider. my bike never stopped. needless to say, after pulling him out, we were both very impressed. The tires by the way are great, smooth on the hardpack and unbelievably mean in the mud.

  68. Joe H.
    82 mos, 3 wks ago

    I have a06 rancher.I am very dissapointed with the power that it has.A small mud hole becomes a big one.For some reason it has very low torq.For the money I wish i would of bought A stock 500.I would not but this bike if i had to do it over again.

    82 mos, 3 wks ago

    Foremans are the way to go. I have decided to buy a Foreman 500.

  70. Chad C
    82 mos, 1 wk ago

    I am now completly satisfied with the Rancher 420. I have friends with every brand of ATV’s. I have also bought a Foreman and a Recon. The Rancher has a higher top end speed than the foreman and a smoother ride. Camo is the best color, worth the extra price! The rancher is definatally the best deal for the buck! Happy with both. Had a problem with backfifiring with the rancher, until we switched to premium fuel!

  71. jb
    82 mos, 1 wk ago

    i got an 08 honda rancher 420 and i love it it aint light in the front end or nuttin its the best ridin 4 wheeler around you cant beat the hondas

  72. Matt sowder
    81 mos, 4 wks ago

    I bought my 07 420 back in sept. of 07 i bought the manual camo. i LINE Xed the racks and bumper and bumper gaurd and cv axle gaurds. I love this 4 wheeler the fule injection is flawless. however mine BACKFIRES…..KAPPOWWW!! at first i thought it was cool cause it scared other people. but now it gets on my nerves. i did find out how to keep mine from backfireing. 93 octane high test gas burns better and even plus better for the fuel injector. so that dont bother me. what does piss me off bout this quad is that i paid extra 300 bucks for the camo and its pealing off like sunburnt skin!!!!! not chemicals from washing no no its a defect and my dealer is replacing it along with some others that it has happend to specially the rincon. we can all pick flaws bout these quads but for the money its worth it. i got the 3 year extend on the warnaty cause i didnt expect them to have the flaws out. first years are always PROTOTYPES but thats my risk. hope this might help some of u got a good column goin here lets help each other since honda dont. ride safe guys!

  73. kk
    81 mos, 3 wks ago

    I have a 2006 Honda Rancher AT (400) that just reached 50 miles. I started it today and found the that transmission failed lto engage in both manual and automatic modes. I have scheduled an appointment with my Honda dealer to check it out, but they have already alluded to the 6 month warranty.

  74. trey
    81 mos, 3 wks ago

    they do make wench kits for the ’07 rancher. However, you can do like i did and fabricate one out of a small welding plate available at lowes or home depot. It’s a quarter inch thick. All you do is drill the winch holes then drill holes for u-bolts. I then mounted it on my front rack using u-bolts. It pretty much takes up all the space on your front rack, but the up-side to this is that the winch rarely gets wet. I know the companies say these things are waterproof, but I’d rather be safe then sorry.

  75. ccorey
    81 mos, 3 wks ago

    my 420 racher 08 is straight noooooooooooooooooooooooooo problems yal need to stop caplaning u should have another one

  76. ccorey
    81 mos, 3 wks ago

    good bike guys give them a chance

  77. wes maness
    81 mos, 2 wks ago

    had backfiring issues to. other than that its been great. awesome climbing hills front end stays down and very fast

    81 mos, 1 wk ago

    I have had my 420 now for a year now and it is a beast. I had given it a few upgrades though. 28″ mudzillas, lift, HMF pipe and programmer. It has more power than ever even with the big tires. I’m currently working on my own snorkel for it. Next on the list is a clutch kit. As for problems so far so good and trust me I don’t baby it.

  79. garrett
    81 mos ago

    stays in the shop more than i drive it. backfires when i let out of it. was in the shop cuz it wouldnt shift. stayed in the shop for three months before i got it back. its a good four wheeler whe its runnin good. needs different tires cuz factory ones wont hold up. itp mud lights of dirt devils are good on the stock rims in the mud .

    81 mos ago


  81. Luis
    80 mos, 4 wks ago

    I have a Honda 420 4×4.I have no problums with it. I just put in a new k&n fillter noticible difference in horse power and can anybody recomend an exhausd for more horse power?

  82. Daniel Stevens
    80 mos, 3 wks ago

    i have a420 rancher 2007 and i give it hell . i installed a winch and home made snorkel (homedepot30bucks)and 27in mud gear tires.looking foward exhaust and power commander.the only problem i ever had the starter switch went out it would not start working on this now.

  83. Bookem
    80 mos, 3 wks ago

    I’ve owned my 07 420 Rancher ES since last July and haven’t had much of a problem. I began using some fuel stablizer and never had any backfire issues. Perhaps try some stablizer and see if this may help. Moisture sets up really easy in these tanks. Need to know if anyone can tell me if 25″ x 12′ tires/wheels would ride good on this 07 model Rancher. Good luck on the backfires, guys!

    80 mos, 3 wks ago

    could someone tell me would 27 in tires on 14 inch wheels be to much for a 420 honda. my buddy got them put on his bike with a 2 in lift and his bike is 2 wheel drive. he says he doesnt feel any lose of power. im thinking of doing the same thing but wanted to know if this would be to much for the bike. i got 27 inch tires already front is on a 8 inch rim,back is 10 inch will the bigger rim make much differnce.

  85. Jim
    80 mos, 3 wks ago

    Had a honda 350 ES. The ES malfunctioned all the time. The parking brake froze up on it, and it was loud. Sold it and bought a Polaris 500 and LOVE IT !!!!

  86. KC
    80 mos, 2 wks ago

    ive had my 07 rancher 420 for about 3 months now, its backfired a few times and when i switch into 5 gear its sorta rough. all the gears were doin it at first but i just think it needed to be broke in. i can hear a knocking in the front end but cant pin point it yet. overall i love the 4wheeler plan on 26″ mud lite xtrs, hmf optimizer and pipe. if all goes well when i take it back to the dealer tomorrow to see if they can fix the problems. great column 2!

  87. 80 mos, 2 wks ago

    Hi I bought the 420 a year ago from the south carlinoa straight from the crate and have no problems I have had the backfrie problem but thats normal with a EFI its just like a carb when u pin it and the efi is letting to much gas in the motor and less air its normal on any machine but I bought the FM never I repeat never buy anything electrical on atv it is a no brainer move like come on stuff is goin to go wrong when ur adding electrical screen and water its like having a cell phone well going swimming in a mudhole condensation is goin to build up and ur goin to have shorting and bad grounds from riding it in water and over tough services.. Any mechainc in the world can tell ya that KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID…. Honda is just trying to keep in the digital age but it just won’t work. so if u want a good reliable 420 bike you need to get the FM

  88. Mark
    80 mos, 1 wk ago

    I have a 2007 420 fm 4*4 no problems. don’t hot rod it. its a mud and climbing atv. i love it . i traided in my 400ex on it smart move

  89. travis
    80 mos, 1 wk ago

    pickin up my new 420 in 5 days! stoked!

  90. John
    79 mos, 3 wks ago

    I’ve had my 420 rancher (not es) for about a year now no problems what so ever except for the front disc brakes having a little squeal when in 3rd gear or over (not a big deal). Most problems people have with fuel injections, electronic shift, and other new conveniences is that they treat it as if it was still a older made, no electronic hunk of metal.

    The reason the ES models stop shifting is because water gets in the wiring plugs and short circuits it. (It’s not made to go through a puddle of mud that’s as deep as the top of the seat.)

    One reason for problems with the fuel injection is that some people will crank it up while it’s still doing the initial priming (immediately after turning the key), which floods the pump.

    Basically there are some measures you have to take and know about to not have any problems with this model because of all the new electronic features.

    I’d like to reiterate that I’ve still no problems out of mine even after taking it through tough terrain over the past year.

    I’d recommend it to anyone who takes care of their investments, as it is one of the best for such a low price.

  91. Craig
    79 mos, 3 wks ago

    I bought a 420fm 4×4 in camo in April 08. ABOSULTLY LOVE IT. I have a set of 25″ maxxis mud bugs 10s in the front and 12s in the rear. It will go over backwards before I can get it to spinout in the hills, its just awsome the pull this bike has. Comepared to the 350 big bear i used to ride well sorry can’t compare the two this one bike would spank that 350! Has alittle problem with not being able to spin the tires in the deep mud but that is when you can’t see the tires because they are buried! So can’t complain, that is why I have a winch! Planning on snorkling the intake and installing a power commander Claimed 10-15 hp gain with remapping the fuel system. The little women calls it a tank she says and I quote “It goes over or though what every she puts in front of it!” Having a problem with back firing on deccel down hill but feather the throttle this will help caused by unspent fuel in the exhaust. There is a small problem with my bike stalling in or just after I come out of a water crossing. Also tyler comment 42 please contact me have some questions 4 you.

  92. Chad
    79 mos, 1 wk ago

    Make sure you are using good fuel containing no ethanol. This will bring the backfiring issue to a halt or at least minimize the problem. Do not use Speedway or Marathon Fuel!!!!!

  93. Jerry
    79 mos ago

    I have had my 420 for 13 months now and still having trouble with rough shift. The transmission or rear ends has a grinding noise now and the front end whines. This bike has been pampered it has only 303 miles in 13 months Honda has been suportive but my local delaer sucks. I suggest buying the extended warranty if you buy one. Dont get me wrong I love the bike when the front end is not whinning and gears gringing and backfiring.

  94. Rusty
    78 mos, 3 wks ago

    My 420 is exactly 1 year old, has 680 miles and 168 hours on it today. My rear end made that popping sound, it quit after a while. dealer told me to ride it until it breaks, its under warranty. Mine backfired for a while, it stopped . Had a squeak from the front end, dealer put some grease on the end of the drive shaft where it goes into the chunk (dry fit), it stopped squeaking. I have a swishing sound, also from the front end, and it sounds like a brake pad or something ….. not too concerned. Bottomline, the 420 is a bad boy. I can outrun everything except the 650 cc + class. hit it right, in first or second (needs a little RPM like an old 2 stroke) and it will yank the front end a foot off the ground. We have done some awfull things to Hondas (we have a total of 9 in our 4 wheelr group) and they still always get you back home. Find yourself a really good dealer like mine and stick with the best. As soon as Honda puts a differential lock on the rincon, it will be my next purchase and the 420 goes to the wife. Shes ready to get off the 250 Recon

  95. Jimmy
    78 mos, 2 wks ago

    I just got my 2008 4×4 rancher ES and I love it.
    I haven;t ride it hard yet since I am still breaking in the engine.
    its got 20 miles on my first day of engine break in. I will be riding it harder tomorrow since the breakin period has past :)

  96. austin
    78 mos, 1 wk ago

    i have had my honda rancher 420 4×4 es for over a year. it has not had any problems. then i got a letter in the mail about a recall on the front cv axles and drive shaft. when in driving u could here a clicking noise in the front end. the cv boots rip very easily to. it did overheat the last time i rode it so when i get it back i will have to check it out agian to see if the problem persists. overall it is a good machine. goes through mud real well. i can make it through everything my friends can the only one that goes further have a lift n tires.

  97. Graeme
    78 mos, 1 wk ago

    Just hit 10 hours on new 420fm manual, runs great, no popping so far but i always use 100+ octane.
    However i do have a clunk from back end occassionaly, sounds like a rock being thrown up, wouldnt usually think much about it but this is on sand!
    Did some experimenting and found there is a loud knocking noise from the rear if doing medium speed donuts on the beach on full lock clockwise, but no sound if turning anti clockwise(2 or 3rd gear i think). Noise also appears sometimes when cruising at a constant speed in high gears at low load.
    Ran bike up to various speeds and gears while on a stand and listened for sounds, holy cow…sounds like a rock crusher has been built into back end, but this may be an unfair test as c/vs are at maximum angle with wheels hanging, Would love to know if anyone else gets this full lock knocking or has tried running up while on a stand.
    Same old story form dealer….never heard of any troubles, just keep riding it till service due.

  98. Graeme
    78 mos, 1 wk ago
  99. Jerry
    78 mos, 1 wk ago

    Honda has recalled the 420 for front end problems. They will be replacing the front axles. Hmmm imagine that now they need to recall the rest of the prolems

  100. Jerry
    78 mos ago

    I have a 2006 Rancher350. When I try and start it, it just clicks. I charged the battery and replaced the solenoid still just clicks. Any suggestions?

  101. tony
    78 mos ago

    have a problem on a 2000 rancher 350 the electronic reverse quit. what do i need to fix this

  102. crowbar
    78 mos ago


  103. gene
    78 mos ago

    Bought a 2007 420 fe in july 2007 and never had a priblem with it yet. Owned other hondas before this one and wore them all out with no problems with them. For my money, you cant go wrong with this bike. Read all comments posted here and i am amazed with all the problems listed here. A lot of these bikes in my town, and not once have heard of backfiring or efi or shift problems. Maybe it is the gas or climate problems in the states who knows. Honda done a good job on these bikes.

  104. Ken
    77 mos, 3 wks ago

    Iv had my 420fm for 8 months and yes it backfires once in a while oh well i can live with it I now have 26″ bearclaw tires on it and beat the crap out of it mud bogging and trail riding I now have 5000km on it and have to say its a great bike .Just keep it washed check things like oils and diffs and it will take you anywhere and back home again .

  105. Chad
    77 mos, 3 wks ago

    Backfiring will quit with a good quality fuel! Do not use Speedway!

  106. john
    77 mos, 3 wks ago

    i got mine a few months ago. i put 26″ maxxis mudders on it. rode twice in the tennessee mts. and i love it. my buddy has a foreman 500 and i can out run him on top end and stay right with him on the trails. no backfires no overheating, just an all around great 4 wheeler.

  107. cletus
    77 mos, 3 wks ago

    i got a recall on the front CV boots on the front end

    i have also heard backfiring from mine

    and im always hearin a rubbing noise from the front end i believe its just mudd in the break disks

    i put 27 inch maxxis muddzillas on mine lost some power but does reall good in mudd

    needs betetr brush guards on the front though

    all my friends have 500cc or moe and i can out mudd them and out peform them in the trails

    overall its a great machine

  108. JOEL
    77 mos, 3 wks ago

    I’ve had my 420 for about 1.5 yrs. I also had a problem with backfireing, fouled spark plugs. I called my dealer.they came to my house 50 miles away took it back with them. and when they brought it back to me it was fixed. So maybe you need to get a new dealer………….. i love honda

  109. Jason
    77 mos, 2 wks ago

    Does anyone have any problems on the 07 Rancher ES, with shifting when you first take off after the bike has set overnight and all day? Seems it takes about 2 minutes for it to start shifting right, then its fine. Anyone have an answer why this is? My dealer cant tell me?

    and please drop me an email.

  110. DewCanSam
    77 mos, 2 wks ago

    We got our 2007 Honda Fourtrax Rancher ES TRX420TE on July 5 2008. And that was the biggest mistake we ever made.
    Within 2-3 weeks the damn thing would not shift up or down. Finally after sitting for a couple days it started upshifting. Then a couple more it could downshift but, still would not go into reverse. Although i could see that it would try to downshift into reverse if the reverse lever was not pulled in. I figured to unplug the switch for the brake lever and finally it would shift into reverse now. Being that we are over an hours drive from the dealer. And no truck to carry the thing in, we had to wait till we could get a friend to take it in.
    So, they claim that they found water and dirt in a “shifting sensor”. They claimed that they cleaned it out and applied silicone to secure the coupler up. This way we would NEVER have the problem again. BS . 3 weeks later and we are having the same problem again.
    I understand what is going on cause we were riding it through the mud puddles. But, isn’t that what the thing is made for ?!

  111. Cody Coupel
    77 mos, 2 wks ago

    Let me tell everyone about the backfire, it’s nothing but the wrong fuel, check your plugs and see it your getting enough fire, if u use low grade fuel ( regular ) you need to change your plugs and only use highest grade octane ( 93 , supreme ) the backfire will be gone i promise you this one, a former atv mechanic!! The 420 is a great bike, and upgrades must be done correctly or little or no improvements!

  112. Paul
    77 mos, 1 wk ago

    Yes Dew, Thats what its for. But when you emerge electrical componets in water,mud,snow, should expect some trouble. Thats why I bought a manual not elec.shift 420. However i do have a Recon my wife rideswith elec shift. It has been through lots of water and snow. We have changed the shift mod. once. I did it myself and coated it thick with silicon. Havent had a problem in 14 months.
    Also i’ve heard of backfiring problems. Mine has only done this about twice that i recall. I think putting high grade fuel in the machine makes a difference. However when you travel down hill and let the engine hold back the machine you should expect some back firing.
    Finally, If you have trouble and your dealer cant,(or won’t) help, change dealers!

  113. chris laureano
    77 mos, 1 wk ago

    What does the shift angle sensor on the back of the motor on a 2007 rancher es do? Mine is stuck in reverse and im beeing told to change shift sensor.

    2007 rancher es 4×4
    27 inch kendas
    2inch lift
    hmf pipe
    no power commander yet

  114. chris laureano
    77 mos, 1 wk ago

    Mine also backfired when i bought it too. It stopped when i put the after market pipe on the atv. Everyone around these parts that has a 420 backfires.

  115. Max
    77 mos, 1 wk ago

    I’ve had my 2008 for a few months now and it’s a work horse. On my farm I use it for pulling trailers, moving straw/hay and other work related chores… But… It’s also nice to play and play HARD with the Rancher! I find it more fun then my 400EX sometimes! I love the F.I., any time it’ll start right up, even if it gets rolled over or has sat for a while… The ESP is nice when you have slop covered boots from working the fields or in the barn and I like the fact that it’s easy to maintain. Pretty much all I have done are oil changes every 8-10 hrs. (since it gets used pretty hard). I have noticed when going faster, shifting to 4th, then 5th, you’ll hear a little bit more of a “clunk” but I’m pretty sure that is just how the ESP feels and sounds. No isses with 4wd and even when cold it goes into gear decent, just a little jump or bump, but after it’s warm she shifts like a dream. The engine (to me) has great power and having the ability to leave it in gear is great unlike a CVT. Our property has a few nice spots to ride and when we had lots of rain in the late spring there was quite the MUD hole! This thing would blast through everything (with the stock trires) and get absolutely COVERED in muddy water still coming out like a champ! It takes a little longer to clean it off since it’s bigger then the EX and has more nooks and crannies, etc, but I’m happy with it! For the people that have had back-fire issues, I did too for the first 5-10 hrs. or so, then after break-in it has seemed to go away. The back-fire would only happen from high speed to low (or coasting) speed. If you are on the fence about getting the Rancher, DO IT! You’ll like it! Just take your time with break-in and have fun!

  116. garrett
    77 mos, 1 wk ago

    i put some 26 inch mud lite xtrs and they out perform my dads 07 500 with 26 inch mudzillas i didnt loose any power they are good on the 420 i love em

  117. crowbar
    77 mos ago

    what do you think? rancher or foreman? can pretty much either one for the same price, with all the deals out there. cant decide and need to make the right choice. thanks for your inputs.

  118. Chad C
    76 mos, 4 wks ago

    I have both 07 420 Rancher and a 08 Foreman. The Foreman is a better mudder and utility machine. If you are looking for more of a sport utility machine, go with the Rancher. The Rancher is a lighter quicker machine. If your looking for a work horse go with the Foreman.

  119. crowbar
    76 mos, 3 wks ago

    chad c

    thanks, not sure yet still looking at the rincon and can am. hard decicion. $ for one. just wanting to make sure what i get is going to be the right one. appreciate your input.

  120. 76 mos, 2 wks ago

    Got my 420 a few months back. Have just over 200 hrs on it. It was back firing bad, (Started with the popping, then started back firing) Had its first service and it was worse than before. When I got the next tank of gas for it, I got 89 octane and it was from a Jr food store. Now, I don’t have any backfiring problems.

    I’ve read alot on this and have found out that Ethanol makes it run leaner and causes the backfiring probs. Speedway is where I was getting my gas and they have up to 10% ethanol in their gas.

    Check with where you get your gas and if they have ethanol, go to the next station. Find one that doesn’t have any ethanol and your baby will run much better. You will have to run it till all of the old gas with ethanol is out. But, you will be much better off.

    Other than that, just make sure your valves are adjusted properly and you shouldn’t have any back firing problems at all.

    Btw, this 420 has excellant power and I am very impressed with the way it runs. Handles great on any trail. Is a bit light in the front end though, so you have to watch when you give it throtlle in the curves. May take you off the track if your not careful. Has the power to pull anything you need it to. I have the 2wd model and as long as I can keep traction it pulls great.

    By far the most confortable 4 wheeler I’ve been on. I can ride all day long and dont get worn out. That means alot to me. I highly recomend the 420 Rancher.

  121. Lee
    76 mos, 1 wk ago

    i have a 420 and have had the same backfire problem, but also have had many problems. The engine started smoking so i took it to dealer they said i had run all the oil dry come to find out oil pump went bad and cause motor to mess up. the dealer fixed it exactly one week later it happend again, now they say its my problem and said i have to buy a new engine. also i had rear end making noise took it back and was axle nut loose. dealer told me it was a commom problem with the 420. if anyone can help let me know.

  122. Graeme
    76 mos ago

    update to post 97
    My 420 now has 600ks up, dealer dismantled back axle but couldnt find knocking noise, so reassembled and super tightened axle nuts, knocking has reduced but is still there and noticable to mates riding beside. Has anybody else had rumbly diff noises from their bikes? this also appears as a loud single knock at times and can be felt in footpegs. Bike also had a high pitch squeel for 5kms at one point, was from rear end too, same story nothing found. Lately bike is sticking in 4wd(fm not es) regardless of stopping before shifting or not, stuck in 4wd for 2ks on tarseal last time, stopping and starting or shifting gear made no differance (4wd light on lever in 2wd). Bike is also now refusing to engage 4wd at times unless completely stopping and starting again sometimes requiring two cycles of takeoff.
    Over here things have to be “fit for purpose for which sold”, ive told dealer enough is enough and demanded a new bike or money back or complete new drive train, i await their reaction.

    If the bike had no issues i’d have to say i love it, up and down hills 3 up often in 5th gear, bike spends most time in 4th, almost never needs lower.

    Are these bikes governed? it wont go over 81kph, same with 1 or 3 on board 2 or 4wd into or down wind.

  123. Bob
    75 mos, 3 wks ago

    The back firing problem does not have anything to do with EFI, sensors, or the type of fuel that you use.

    The backfiring problem is caused by poorly manufactured baffles. Replacing your muffler with a muffler that has good baffles will solve the problem. Unfortunately, it has been hard to get a good muffler from Honda because they were having a hard time getting good mufflers from their suppliers.

  124. Graeme
    75 mos, 3 wks ago

    Update, dealer has taken bike in again, started leaking oil from front diff input seal!
    Noticed also drive shaft at front end is not running true, has a wobble, never seen a balanced machined shaft do this before! dealer thinks this could be normal! Told them to strip front end as seems obvious bent shaft is at the heart of seal leak and noises. Still demanding new drive train as they have overtightened rear end nuts in their attempts to fix and motor needs stripping to replace shaft and front diff is obviously now damaged too. Absolutely pee’d off with this lemon now.

  125. Chad
    75 mos, 3 wks ago

    Graeme, find a new dealer. Have you talked to a Honda rep personally? Disagree with fuel not being an issue. All brands are showing problems with fuel quality and ethanol. Honda has backed me 100% on any problems and all resolved.

  126. trent
    75 mos, 2 wks ago

    August 3rd 2008, just bought 2 new 2007 420 2wd es’s for $3600 each!!! After riding each for several miles the next day i have a great impression of them. I’ve read the reviews talking about backfiring and such and mine do that as well but i like a little noise in a machine so it’s not a problem from my view. I’ve owned a 350 rancher before and presently own a 400 rancher fully automatic 4×4, the 420′s aren’t as smooth of a transmission as the 400 but hey for $3,600 i can accept a rougher transmission. The 420 is all around a better machine than the 350 es i had before, The 420 with fuel injection will get up and GO!!!, top speed is probally around 55mph, but the machine can get there pretty fast! I wouldn’t really view this machine as a full utility atv, but for sport and some utility(which is what most 4-wheelers are purchased for) it does a good job!, i would recommend this atv to anyone, especially for $3,600. Honda products are hard to beat(from motorcycles to cars to push mowers), i’ve owned them all (Polaris, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki). I’m sure that their customer service may not be exactly what it used to be, but that’s what’s happened with every other company in the past decade(their main goal is sell units, then comes customer satisfaction after that). Hope this review is helpful to someone.

  127. cris
    75 mos ago

    has anyone had a problem with 420 4×4 front end whining in 5th gear going 30+ mph. i only had it 2 months and havent gave it any heck or took it in any mud or water. whats the problem. any info appreciated. thanks

  128. joey
    74 mos, 1 wk ago

    Hi i got a new 420 in june/08 and run it a bit almost 1400km’s which isnt a lot i dont think but i have had mostly good luck with the machine only problems i’ve ever encountered with the honda is the electronic shifting not working great when you first head out for the day which can get annoying but nothing with the rear end or backfireing on going downhill. It has a vigorous throttle responce it keeps right up to my buddys bikes on takeoff 600′s and 700′s it reaches 89km and then she hits her governor, my friend got the same bike and it goes 91km/h i dont know why.i like the power, its good for trail rideing but its not much when it comes to useing it as a utility vehicle as in hauling trailers and such which i would like better so i think i will trade up to a 680 if they are a good bike?????

  129. Graeme
    74 mos ago

    Seems you got a good one joey, mine is flat out at 81km/h still,(has just reached 1000km) worse my suzuki vinson 500 auto leaves it for dead after the first 10 ft(first gear) and soon disappears out of sight at 95km/h.
    Have changed dealers now, new one currently is replacing all bearings in diff, fixing shaft seal and checking if front cv’s are included in recall.
    Unfortuantly inspecting diff hasnt shown any obvious reason for its grumbling, so crossing fingers new bearings cure it.

  130. cody
    73 mos ago

    my 420 rancher is like a tank it will go any wer

  131. Paul
    73 mos ago

    Has anyone installed a power commander on the 420 yet, and what was the result??

  132. Nater
    73 mos ago

    I have had my 420 rancher since august and man has it been a blast I love a fourwheeler that you can ride a wheelie on in 4th gear but there has only been two little problems first ive had a winning noise in the front axle but only happens for a little while. second the front brake started messing up I would pull the lever and it would stick like it was stuck not completely terrible though all I gotta do is push it back out with my finger. I love this atv it has been one of the best ive ever had the only thing different I have done to it was add bumper and itp mudlites on my stock rims and I had all my racks and bumpers rhino lined really helps to keep them from scratching.

  133. GB
    72 mos, 3 wks ago

    Have an 08 Rancher 420. Putting a Warn 2500 winch on the front. Want to upgrade tires to ITP Mudlites on stock rims. Will the 25x10x12 rub on the front with a winch?

  134. ronnie Nottingham
    72 mos, 2 wks ago

    after reading all the stories about the backfireing,i wonder if you change the sparkplug if that would help in the 420.My brother and me also have, each a 300 honda, his is a 1995 4×4 my a 1997 2×4. Thay both backfired, and would have to change the factory plug .After about 3 or 4 months of this on my 1997, our dad pick up two [ spitfire ] sparkplugs, to match the ngks. My plug has been in my bike since 1997 ,i have never taken the plug out to clean it, the bike cranks up just as soon as you hit button .My brother had no trouble untill recently when, a friend serviced it, he put new brakes on bike changed the oil, and the plug,now it runs like it did before, so I just wonder if that would help with the 420s.

  135. jared fleming
    72 mos, 1 wk ago

    i have a 08 420 rancher i got her 7 months first i though wow what a bike .i drove alot of bikes but this 1 is pretty good,good rideing etc like isaid i have it 7 months and now it is junk its been back to the shop 4 times noise in the front end they cant figure out same in the rear end,and also when they sold me the bike at the honda dealer they never even put any grease in the front end, what do they be think,i dont no if any one else have these problems but if soo let me no please.p.s. i wa going to trade her in lol ya should have see the price they were going to give me lol

  136. Allen Dye
    71 mos, 3 wks ago

    Bought my 420 rancher in june of 08. Has apprx. 200 miles of tuff riding on it. The only problem I have had so far is the recall for the front axles. Once they fixed it I had to take it back because the front wheels would not engage for the 4×4 they fixed it right away. They told me the backfiring was not a problem that it would correct itself, also it seems to me that there is a clank when I shift gears, is this a problem that I should be concerned about? My last ATV was a POLARIS 500 SPORTSMAN, after reading all these comments with similar problems should I be looking for another POLARIS?

  137. Mel Fenn
    71 mos, 2 wks ago

    Dirt bikes, street bikes and ATV’s and I have a mighty long history. Combined I am sure I have owned well over 30 in my lifetime, several have been Hondas and all better than I deserved by the abuse I gave them. Though my bought new 2007 420 Rancher is a gut wrenching anger making disappointment.

    It is only for use on our farm, pretty easy work. Backfires, engine clatters on any gas, and this the shop has not fixed I should say ten times — does not shift! particularly if ambient temp is under 50 degrees. The engine is hard to start in cold weather. And it suprises me I noticed no one mention how terribly this thing turns…muscle to turn and large radius. But no doubt about it my serious complaint is shifting!!

    Life is busy. Takes a great deal of time and aggrivation to take this thing to the shop when nothing is gained other than I get charged for one thing then another during the service. Then backhome with the disappointer.

    The last motorcycle hill climb I won was on a Honda way back in 94. Would far rather have the engine and transmission of that bike, which was factory stock, in my ATV than this 420 mess. Something is up, a cheaper way to produce, or I just got a bad one, or I am too picky for modern quality scales. Though I think maybe Honda has ran me off with this gas guzzleing non shifter. Because for sure, when it is cold weatther, I am the old guy pushing a wheel barrow around the barns. Thanks Honda.

  138. 71 mos, 2 wks ago

    I have an 07 Rancher 4×4 I bought new in 08. I have never had a problem with backfiring, but as ssin as I purchased the bike I dropped a (Fitch Fuel Catalyst) in the gas tank. This product acts as a octane booster and fuel treatment. I could tell a difference right off the bat with performance and overall running of the engine. ( Also I have ran my bike with 25′s,27′s, and now 28 x12′s with a 2 in. lift and I havent had a problem yet with my suspension or axles. I go on long rides and thru some extreme mud holes almost every weekend and farm use thru the week and no problems at all. Still handles and rides great. At almost 1700 miles of hard hard riding I dont see what the problem is with these bikes. All I have done is the front axle recall.

    07 Rancher 4×4 ES camo

    ITP Type 7′s with 28x12x12′s on all 4 corners

    2 in lift

    custom dual snorkels

    Warn 3000lb winch with remote plug-ins

    Fitch Fuel Catalyst

    Power Commander and Swamp Pipe

    Custom Warn Winch Bumper from a 400

    Rancher w/ trail lights

    Moose rear bag

  139. Brad Woods
    71 mos, 2 wks ago

    I bought my 08 rancher in march of 08. Ever since i got it i have drove it very hard in deep mud and water neyer really baby it. i love this bike never had a problem. It did backfire but corrected its self. This bike is great. I have a lift kit, power programer, lift springs,hmf pipe,cluch kit,and 29.5 outlaws. This thing is a beast

  140. todd
    71 mos, 1 wk ago

    I bought my 420 back in september of 08. I love it. I spend most all my time ride around the paiute trial in central utah and have not experience any problems.

  141. 71 mos, 1 wk ago

    The 420′s are bad about the Backfires. But, there is two things to help this. First is to make sure your not getting gas with Ethanol in it. Alot of stations are using 10% ethanol in their gas and it is hurting mileage and the way vehicles run. Especially small engines. 2nd is to change the factory spark plug. But, once you change the plug it will most likely backfire even worse for a bit till the computer gets everything adjusted for the new plug.

    One other thing is that the 07′s had more of a problem with backfire until the valves were adjusted properly. They were being sent out with Tight valves and this would cause Overheating, backfires, and even NO Start problems.

    I’ve had my 420 TM since July and have around 800 miles on it. Never had any real problems. Just the backfire problem which is almost gone now. I watch where I get my gas from. My wife grabbed me some gas one day and the back firing started up again. I asked her where she got it and it was from the station that has Ethanol. Since getting that ran out it has almost quit.

    Another thing. The local dealer told me that the Fuel injected atv’s of all brands were having problems with fouling out the plugs. (I dont know this for sure though as they are the only ones I’ve heard say that)

    Mine is an 08 2wd ES. I used it to pull around a 16 foot car hauling trailer with 2 picnic tables and around 35 people for probably 4 hours straight at beech bend park. It never had any problems what so ever. (The only problem was I didn’t have enough weight to hold the front end down so I could turn, had to get someone heavy on the front rack to cure that problem)

    My overall experience has been excellant. This thing has been in mud holes up past the rack and came out. Just had to be pulled out a few times when there was no bottom to the pit. Ofcoarse the stock tires suck also. That will be changed soon.

    Ride wheelies sitting down in the first 3 gears easily and can pop them in 4th. Tops out at 59, which is good for a bike that is geared rather low. The ES works great once its warmed up, it does have a problem when its cold changing between 2nd and 3rd. But does great in just a few minutes after it gets warm.

    running it in the woods in 100 degree weather and not over heating is a major plus to me. This thing has never thought about overheating. Just make sure you keep the screen cleaned good.

    Fuel injection gives it such a good throttle response that it makes it very hard to even move someone elses atv. I just can’t stand the carb atv’s throttle now.

    All I can think of for now.

    All in all I’d give the new rancher a 9.8/10

  142. Ghislain Mallet
    71 mos, 1 wk ago

    bought my 420 in november 2007, i broke in the pedal in the metal, i ride rely hard and i never had problem with backfire or noting only proble was recal for front axel i wont to put a power kit on it i wonder if have a big difference im happy whit it but i think dont have enought power so if sombody can tell me what kind of power kit i cant put in for more power i will appreciat that only think i have rong about honda you dont have any service

  143. Eddie Shifflett
    70 mos, 2 wks ago

    I bought my 420 a little over a year ago. I only had one backfiring problem going down a long hill I think in 4th gear. I got the front end fixed from the recall and that’s the only problem (knock on wood). I love it, it’ll take me places I don’t want to go. As far as mud I haven’t really hit to many holes yet but I can tell it’s ready to go. I was talking to someone about the backfire problem and the said it was probably the gas…they had heard if you use high grade it will cause backfiring. I always use the lower grade stuff but this past weekend I used high test and man what a difference. The pep was really there. All I can say is this thing is a beast..I’m looking to install a winch, any suggestions????

  144. stephen
    70 mos, 1 wk ago

    I have had my honda rancher 420 since 07 and I love it has been the best atv I have ever owned havent had any problems with backfiring or anything the only problem that I have with mine is the camo peels off which really sucks thats the only thng I wish I had done different when gong to get it cause I would have probably picked black. but its been great its pulled me through some really thick mud holes of corse without stock tires. but havent been to hard on it but im a big guy I weigh about 230 and I can easily jump 4 feet high landings a little hard but it’ll do it. the only bad thing that have really done is i pulled through a pond that came up to the bottom of the seat (“over the exhaust”) and it sputtered and died cause I let off the throttle to put it in reverse and I had to bring it out and sit it on the back rack and let it drain and after about 30 min of trying to get the motor to un frezze it started…but the only thing is i would like to het another exhaust not one real loud though but i have no clue on what to get?

  145. Wes
    69 mos, 3 wks ago

    Well I bought the 07 Honda 420 Rancher Manual shift last Nov New off the floor.
    Must have ran 30 ish tanks of gas through it now, its been a long fun winter here in Manitoba.
    The only problem I just discovered today after driving though frozen wet slushy ditches and field and swamps the last few day and then let it sit out side over night to freeze into an extra 200 Lbs of solid ice and $20.oo bucks later at the car wash and then thawing it in the garage for another 11 hrs was the outer front CV boot clamps spun loose, the boots are fine.
    So I cant complain about that, I did it to myself.

    Love my Honda

  146. LovinMy420
    69 mos, 2 wks ago

    The backfire from going down an incline is because you are not in a high enough gear.

    I have 400+ miles on mine and no problems :) I ride that bitch hard and she has no issues!

  147. brian
    69 mos, 1 wk ago

    i have a 2008 420 and i have no problem at all. the backfire from others are from loading up, shift gears 2nd gear is perfect for going down hills even 3rd most of the time the brakes are you need. You are stressing out 1st gear….. but i love it its perfect size not bulky and holds its own

  148. Bruce
    69 mos, 1 wk ago

    I love my 420. Can anyone tell me what is the best lift kit for it. I also had mine out today and went through the ice. What it the best way to drain the water out of the engine?

  149. sara r
    69 mos, 1 wk ago

    i have an 07 rancher 420 4×4 and it has been one major disappointment. its been problem after problem. i wouldn’t suggest it and i wouldn’t buy another one. Right now its in the shop for a broken drive shaft.

  150. peter
    69 mos ago

    2007 trx420es no real problem first 9 months, in february 09 shifter
    motor calfed with 2400 klms front brakes worn out. When it was in
    the shop they did the axle recall and we have had a strange pull
    from the front end (not brakes). The bike trys to steer straight like the diff is locked up ? dealer doesn’t know what I am talking about.
    Also has anyone changed a boot only on front axle.

  151. MARCUS
    69 mos ago

    I own a 07 honda 420 rancher 4×4 manuel shift I have not had any problems until about a month ago when riding and the machine locked up in 4th gear going about 25 mpr causing bad facial injuries that has required 2 surgeries so far, have some friends who has experienced transmission problems. Has anyone had any of these problems please reply

  152. Tyler
    69 mos ago

    Bought a new winch for my 07 rancher any feed back on the Viper winches listed on E-bay? I got there classic 3000lb winch but I fought with it for three hours to get it mounted in there. And its still sitting in the box any recomendations on what type and size I should put in that little hole up front??
    What a good little bike I have not had any problems with it as of yet.

  153. James
    68 mos, 4 wks ago

    Got my 2008 trx420 FM 1 month ago. I have about 25 hours on it. It is definently a let down from previous hondas I have owned:

    1) Shifts hard when cold
    2) Gear changes are very clunky, especially 4 and 5
    3) Getting it into and out of reverse requires an abusive amount of force in my opinion
    4) Front end whines when cruising
    5) I have heard the rear end clunk a few times
    6) The turning radius is huge, front end pushes
    7) The paint came off my wheels like peeling sunburn
    8) It requires very skillful throttle blips to downshift smoothly.
    9) It gets hot and needs the fan when putting in 2nd
    10) It is sort of a gas guzzler


  154. James
    68 mos, 3 wks ago

    the clunky and hard shifting gets better with some clutch adjustment.

  155. Graeme
    68 mos, 3 wks ago


    New Dealer gave up in the end, tried his best but in the end these bikes are lemons, and advised “Blue wing Honda”- (new zealand) of his lack of findings.
    I had a desisgn engineer look at it and monitor bearing tempertures under normal low to moderate speed conditions on sand, the results were a shock! suggest you folks with troubles grab an infra red thermonitor and check temps within seconds! of stopping as hot spot heat bleeds into oil very quick.
    So i demanded money back yet again from original dealer, as unfit for purpose ……….. this time they paid up, in full !

    Funny how that turkey is no longer sold here, its been replaced with a independent rear end model.

    Bought a Polaris x2 700 efi, cost me Just $300nz extra over refund, still laughing, even seems to use less gas and tops out at over 70MPH, add in the hill desent control, unlocking back diff and the extra CC ther simply is no comparison.

    Ps vinson used 50per cent more gas than honda at same time with similar riding.

  156. Adam James
    68 mos, 2 wks ago

    I picked out a 2007 Rancher (420 ES) a few months ago for my father in law. It’s a good little machine overall. I ride a nicely equipped 06 TRX 450. So it’s hard to get on something like a Rancher and be impressed with the actual performance.

    Running it wide open is a joke. It is far from fast and IMO was not built to be run that way. What the machine does excel at is what my TRX 450 does not. It’s a great work machine. I’ll strap a chainsaw (in case) on the front and take it out for half the day in the woods. It takes me anywhere I need to go. The machine has never broken down, acted up or let me down. It goes through and over just about anything. I haven’t gotten it into a mud pit or anything sketchy that’s over 2′ deep and probably never will. But for bombing around the camp and going off trail it’s a lot of fun.

    As far as back firing it’ll give you a few gun shots out the exhaust if you’re running it hard and then coast down a hill with no throttle. IMO that’s quite normal. If you put an engine under load @ WOT it’ll be dishing out a 100% fuel spray from the injector. When you immediately let off and then coast down hill the machine is no longer under load, but the R’s are still up because of the downhill momentum. That creates excess fuel which ignites up in the header pipe, thus the backfire. An occasional blip or feather of the throttle and it’s fine.

    Believe me it’s far less obnoxious then my TRX 450.

    The only thing I plan on doing is trading in the 07 down the road for a newer model with the power steering. If you get into a rut you’ll know it. The bars will definitely give you a good arm wrestling match.

    Other then that it’s a good machine and for the money and reliability it won’t disappoint.

    If however you’re looking for something with a lot of torque, size and is able to take some heavy abuse then you need to look at the Foreman, Foreman Rubicon or something along those lines.

    For it’s size though it’s a good, hard working and fun machine to ride.

  157. jamison Whittington
    68 mos, 2 wks ago

    I had my 07 420 for about 2 years i like it but when you are in 4×4 it will crash you when you come out of the gas if you are going fast or on pavement . I have hade it under water and the air box filled with water and it was still runing there was about 4 inches of water in it. it go’s good but it does not go as good as the 350 rancher but it is fun to ride. me and my frinend both have 420 Ranchers mine is a 2007 and his is a 2008 and the 2007 is faster and you can do good wheeles on them. there like a tank i put a front and back push bar on mine and that helps them. you can do prety good hill climbs with them but mine does get hot and back fire some times and steams .

  158. Darcy
    68 mos, 1 wk ago

    Had hondas a few years ago, (last one was a 01 450 manual). Since, bought a 04 Cat 650 twin (lasted a month – couldn’t keep a belt on it), then a 05 Cat 500 manual (great mud and work machine), then a 06 Outlander 800, then a 07 renegade 800, just bought a 09 420 with independent. Haven’t picked it up yet, but was tired of problems with the big bore machines. Hopefully the problems listed here have been fixed, or will be minor in comparison to the thousands of dollars in repairs I spent on the cat 650 and 800 Can-ams. I know it won’t have the 60+ HP, but maybe I won’t have the anxiety attack every time I start this one. Will keep you updated. And yes – all my buddies are making fun of me for buying a girl’s quad.

  159. jamison whittington
    68 mos, 1 wk ago

    i can’t out run my budy now because he put a power commnder on his 420 rancher it real helps them out

  160. Chris Willis
    68 mos, 1 wk ago

    I purchased a 2007 Rancher last week, the bike has about 3 hours on it. I have noticed while cruising in 5th gear (mid-range RPM, constant throttle) I can hear a very noticible clanking noise coming from the engine/tranny area. Since this seems to be limited to 5th gear only, I suspect it is a tranny problem. At first I thought thought it might have been a detonation issue because it was about 89 degrees outside so I let the bike cool for a couple of hours and she it make the same noise. I will be taking to the dealer and let them check it out.

    I will post an update once I get it back from the dealer.

  161. Nicky Weaver
    68 mos ago

    I have an 08 420 and I too have experienced the backfire. It has happened about 5 times over the past year. I doesnt worry me though. Other than that I havent had any issues with it. I installed the HMF and optimizer about a week ago and I can feel the difference in power, plus it sounds great. 14″ ITPs on 27″ Swamplites. Is anyone else running the 14/27 on their 420s? Have they caused any problems? Just curious.

  162. Kris James
    67 mos, 3 wks ago

    i have a 2008 rancher 420 and have had no problems at all. i ride vary hard and take it most places you would’nt even take a horse. i also installed a winch. It was kinda complicated cause of not much room to put one but i have never had to use it to unstuck myself just others. i also purchased an automotive fog light kit from the local parts store for about $30.00 and installed them on the rear of my wheelr as reverse lights and they work great. its pretty handy to be able to see behind when backing since most wheelrs dont come from the factory with this option. they also work great as work lights and most light kits you can get are usually brighter than the stock head lights . Of course thank you to Honda for building a great, well rounded machine.

  163. 67 mos, 1 wk ago

    Sucks For you Guys But i bought an 08 Rancher THIS THING IS A BEAST 4×4 420cc Manuel Shift its Unbeatable At the Price And Its Beat my Friends 250 Cc Dirt Bike in the Half mile It Runnin Stock Rims/Tires But it Can lightem up on the Road

  164. troy
    66 mos, 2 wks ago

    I have a 420 honda 2008 it back fires so do most hondas 350 did it to but 420 is quiet bad Im from NZ and 95 unlead is the highest feul grade can get here which makes it worst i think?
    On steep country to ligth when towing a trailer breaks in to skid easy not stable on steep sidlings in NZ we use atvs mainly for farming we expect alot from these bikes the 420 to me is fro flat farm ligth work im going to buy a honda 500.indenpenant ssuspention is better too

  165. 65 mos, 3 wks ago

    i have a2007 500 with mud lites and its very hard to get stuck.I have a friend with a 2006 foot shift honda that runs great.he runs it very hard constantly droping it in gear at high rpms.Hondas will probably never be the most powerfull thats a can ams job but most are very hard to break.Mine has push button shifting and we sometimes have trouble with that in the winters.The 500 has plenty of power ive held a 700 yamaha back before he did have stock tire though.

  166. mike
    65 mos, 1 wk ago

    I bought 3 of the 420 es. 1 has 26 inch mud lites,1 with 27 inch Zillas and 1 stock> I have had no problems with any of them and we do alot of mudding in East Texas (River Run, Mud Creek). Great ATV’s. Plenty of power with the 27′s.

  167. tyler
    65 mos ago

    I have had my trx420tm for 8months it held up to every thing i can put it through and avery thing is still stock sunk it in 4ft mud an the only thing wrong with it is the transmission it bad ***.

  168. JUSTIN
    65 mos ago

    i am the service manager at the honda shop here and i have formed my opinion of hondas new 420. it is the biggest piece of junk they have ever made. every thing from installing skidplates that dont fit to transmissions that lock up with less than 1500 km on them. in my opinion they should take back most of them and melt them down for pop bottles and beer cans

  169. Wesley
    64 mos, 3 wks ago

    Me and my dad just got an 09 420 rancher with independent rear suspension and auto or ESP shifting so far ten stars love the independent suspension and loads of power.

    was vary grate full for all the advice on all the problems like shifting into 2nd or 3rd down hill to help stop the back firing also if its in auto it puts it in 2nd or 3rd down hill.

    all the gas in Oregon has ethanol in it so just going to have to deal with that. if it starts to back fire I’ll try changing out the spark plug with a more high end model.

    there were so many negative feed back wanted to give a more positive spin on it the Honda 420 rancher is a grate machine just so long as you stick with the more recent ones. ;) they worked out the kinks and it just runs grate.

  170. Wesley
    64 mos, 3 wks ago

    Me and my dad just got an 09 420 rancher with independent rear suspension and auto or ESP shifting so far ten stars love the independent suspension and loads of power.

    was vary grate full for all the advice on all the problems like shifting into 2nd or 3rd down hill to help stop the back firing also if its in auto it puts it in 2nd or 3rd down hill.

    all the gas in Oregon has ethanol in it so just going to have to deal with that. if it starts to back fire I’ll try changing out the spark plug with a more high end model.

    there were so many negative feed back wanted to give a more positive spin on it the Honda 420 rancher is a grate machine just so long as you stick with the more recent ones. ;) they worked out the kinks and it just runs grate thanks.

  171. Wade
    63 mos, 2 wks ago

    I bought an 08 Honda Rancher. There is no other atv that is as reliable as a Rancher. I can not tear this atv up. Mud, Rocks, Logs, Water, Towing, Pulling, Winching, and Wheelies. This ATV has the strong built suspension to take the beating from those rocky mountain trails. And the power to keep my 27 in. tires moving through those deep mud pits. Honda really went out and made the Rancher by far the best bang for the buck. A rock solid, minimal mantiance ATV for under 5000. You can’t beat it. I love my Rancher and wouldn’t trade it for any other atv.

  172. raymond green
    63 mos, 1 wk ago

    bought 2004 rancher 350 4×4 ran real good no problems to speak of. sold it and bought a 2007 420 es. fi. big mistake, back firesreal bad very unnerving. dealer ship didnt do anything. it would start missing so bad i could hardly get it back to camp.very scary when you are 10 to 50 miles away from camp, and by your shelf. im 68 years old i need something reliable. hope i never wasted my money.

  173. ray
    63 mos ago

    I bought an 07 420 camo, love the camo, I’ve had it two years now with no problems at all [none]. Before the 420 I had the 03 rancher 350, Beat the sh-t out of it with no problems [none] are you starting to see the patern here. You can’t beat a honda. My non-honda riding friends {Grizzly} 700 my go a little faster but they can’t leave me or go in tight wooded area’s, what a beast, howd you like that thing on top of you, No thanks Honda………

  174. Richard
    62 mos, 1 wk ago

    Love the 420 es, lots of power, never back fires(but I use premium gas) it is hard on gas but I am hard on throttle, still have the 24″ tires but will go bigger in the spring, so far the bike works great 700 miles would recommend one to anyone…..

  175. BENNY
    61 mos, 4 wks ago


  176. Jared
    61 mos, 3 wks ago

    I’ve had my 420 since May of 2009. Camo 4 wheel drive haven’t had any major problems. When i first got it i could hear some popping of some sort from rear end but it quit. I have 26 inch Mud-Lites an it turns then great. I’ve had it over handle bars without snorkle in water an it didnt cut off. Over all great four wheeler just needs some little improvements.

  177. HONDA
    60 mos, 2 wks ago


  178. taylor
    60 mos, 1 wk ago


  179. 60 mos ago

    Honda ATVs generally are good and reliable. Howerver, Honda has a lot of improvements to do about their Hondamatic-ES units. These units have so much problems with the transmission that do not make Honda good and reliable.

  180. Brandon
    60 mos ago

    this fourwheeler to me has ben one of the best fourwheelers i have ever had. I got mine about a year ago from the honda dealer ship it only had one mile on it. ill admit i have put some miles and hours on it now but i have a problem that someone else on here had. The 3rd and 4th gear in mine are gone stripped out. first it started in 4th then just the other day 3rd went out now not just that it grinds in N 1and 2 then when you get to 5 everything is good it has plenty of top end and plenty of pulling power i agree but i just think they should make the gears be able to with stand the torce that they are putting to them.. i no it may have a few bugs in it here and there but over all i think that it is a great four wheeler and it bein fuel injection has ben no problem for me i like it but there is one more thing and im not sure what it could be but for some reason the other day after i had washed it i went inside to get some drying towels well when i had come out side i herd some noises so i walked over to it and it was the starter coming on and off but ever sence then it hasnt dont it but maybe once or twice well fill free to comment about it thanks

  181. Jared Smith
    59 mos, 3 wks ago

    I had just bought HMF unility pipe and Power commander about a week ago and i was outside changing oil before i took it to a local four wheeler shop to put everything on when i realized i had to oil. This is not a good sign when a four wheeler had done burn that much oil within a years time. It’s not buring the oil it’s just a leak but its not my oil plug. The local shop said it doesnt look bad just a screw or something might be loose.Which is a good thing.

  182. Wayne
    59 mos, 3 wks ago

    I bought my 07 420es used in December 08, it only had 30 hrs on it. I was really skeptical about buying a fuel injected es but the price I got it for was a steal. It was a lot faster than any rancher I have ever ridden. Since I bought it Ive built a snorkel, added 27″ outlaws an audio tube and a headlight flasher. After 500 hrs of serious mud, water and trail riding I finally broke something. Ive replaced the seals and bearings in my rear axle and replaced the cylinder rings. Yes I used to have a backfire too, didnt have a problem with it personally, I thought it was funny to watch people jump from the sound on the trail but since ive started running 93 octane to boost the power a little and keep the engine a little cleaner it doesnt do it. You cant kill a honda, You only wound them.

  183. Cody
    59 mos, 2 wks ago

    I have a 2008 honda 420 rancher with the electric shift. I have had several problems with it not wanting to shift or getting stuck in gear. I have replaced the angle sensor and the control motor on the front crankcase. I am still having problems with it if anyone knows anything about this or anything please let me know.

  184. KC
    59 mos, 2 wks ago

    I love my 2007 honda rancher 420 4×4 and of course the natural camo. best wheeler i have ridden. i would pay 10 grand for it over a yamaha any day. HONDA BABY!!!

  185. Jamie Cronkhite
    59 mos ago

    Presently I have two Honda atv’s. A 2003 450ES and a 2001 350ES. Both are stock. I live in the north central plains area of western Canada. I have quaded (atv) for 10 years in norther Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies. If you would like to see some of the places I have been drop a line.
    I have a interisting issue with my 350 rancher though. It will not idle for very long. I can put several miles on and pull over to clear a trail and for instance And suddenly the 350 will stop. As if some one shut off the ignition. It has done this since day one. I have tried all the typical fixes but have not resolved the issue. I’m begining to think the carb is too large for the 330 engine and it looses vacumn on the idle circut of the carb. I welcome your thoughts. Also I have transfered the rims and tires from my 450 to my 350 and had very good results.

  186. Derek
    58 mos, 4 wks ago

    I have a starter problem.
    It clicks at the rear of the machine and wont start.
    Battery load test fine> Any ideas

  187. Ivan
    57 mos ago

    I have a 07 420 got the manual shift (of course) less to go wrong if you play in the snow and water. I have heard alot about backfiring and such. Mine never has backfired, rattled, used oil, or had any noises. I couldn’t be any more pleased. But I change oil often and only burn high grade gas. got to take care of them.

  188. 56 mos, 3 wks ago

    My YFZ’s rear brake line got caught somewhere while trail riding yesterday and the line broke off right at the rear connector. So, please suggest me a proper solution for this.

  189. Matt
    56 mos, 2 wks ago

    Ive just picked up on 09 TRX 420 (Which is the Canadian equivalent). Have previously ridden Polaris Sportsman’s, and this thing blows them out of the water. What inspired me to get it was the purchase of a Honda Lawnmower. After leaving the mower in the cold all winter and not changing the gas or oil this spring the thing amazingly started up after about 3 pulls.

  190. Rick
    56 mos, 2 wks ago


  191. Mel Burbage
    54 mos ago

    This is my 3rd rancher ES I have the 2007 420 4×4 ES EFI and it has been fairly flawless until 7/3/2010 I have had a few problems with my other 2 ES units with the shift system but this one is gonna be costly. I was riding back from the mail box with my 8 yr old son on board and shifted fron 2nd to 3rd and after a few feet it lost power and there was a loud snap! and the back wheels locked up. i am glad I had it in 2 wheel drive. I will keep you all posted on the outcome of my future costly repairs.

  192. george
    52 mos, 3 wks ago

    2003 honda foreman s made a loud snap after try n to start it. had to pull start it and after wards i couldn’t get the four wheel drive to engage or the fan to come on to cool down the oil. got any suggestions.

  193. Frank
    52 mos, 2 wks ago

    I own a 07 honda 420 fourtrax manuel foot shift and i have about 9000 miles on it i dont really have any problems only problem is it overheats alot on hot days and when im going down hill fullout it kinda back fires but not to worried might be time to change the spark plug 420 is one of the best atv that honda made after rubicon 500 i like my 420 it has power and speed period

  194. darren
    44 mos, 1 wk ago

    my brother and i both have 08 420 ranchers. mine is 4×4 but his isnt. the other day while riding his backfired and shut down and now its not firing. i have been messing with it for about two days and cant figure it out. i have tried new plugs the coil and the computer all has fire to it just when you put a plug in it wont pulsate. just wandering if anyone has ever experienced this? other than this problem i have never had any problems with mine, i run 12″ ss wheels on mine with 27″ mudzillas and i promise it will go wherever u want it to. very satisfied for the money.

  195. Kevin
    37 mos, 2 wks ago

    I have a 2010 rancher 420 manual shift I bought new ‘still in the crate’ four months ago. I have since installed a 2 inch lift, snorkel, and 27 inch outlaws. I have put about 200 miles on it so far. Seems to have plenty of power on ‘flat’ ground, but not as much in a mud hole. My friend has an 06 foreman 500 with the same lift and 29.5 outlaws. I can smoke him on dirt, pavement, etc, yet in a hole, he eats my lunch. Seems to need a little more power when it comes down to the nitty gritty. But overall it seems to be pretty good. I have seen where people have complained about fuel and backfires, but this bike is doing really well. I can get two rides out of my bike where my foreman friend can get only one, and so far no back fire. Overall seems to be a great bike for the money, but could use a little more grunt in the mud holes. The biggest complaint I have is it seems to take a city block to turn it around. It feels like its pushing the front end. I have to do a ‘three point’ to turn it when my buddys run circles around me.

  196. Charlie
    34 mos, 1 wk ago

    07 420 bought it new. Don t know why folks are saying drinks fuel. I run all day on the trails on a tank of fuel , and never carry extra. Only trail ride it. No mudding, It has been a very good bike til this week. Just got back from a Co trip. Got back to lousiana. And won t start. Sounds like a knock in the engine. Bike ran great with no issues the entire trip. I use only Gas , I do not purchase anything that has ethinol in it. 1000 plus hours. Got my money s worth out of it. I’ve been wanting a CANAM anyway

  197. Morgan
    31 mos, 2 wks ago

    I have a 07 Honda Rancher 420es. I noticed when I’m in low RPM when shifting gears there seems like a noise coming from the rear end or transmisson. Loose type noise. Ive seen these comments about this topic a few times. What could this be? What other things should I check for on the rancher? I just replaced the angle sensor, motor

  198. Morgan
    31 mos, 2 wks ago

    One other prob I had last week was it just stalled one day while driving and it started back up no prob but missing like crazy when I try moving. I shut it off for a few mins and it was fine then started it again once it got warm again. It hardly moves when this happens. Seems like when it cools down its fine. What should I check? Hasnt done it everytime but would like to figure it out. Thanks

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