Official Score: Lopez Buck Scores 306 3/8 net B&C

Kyle Lopez Colorado 306 3/8 net B&C Buck
Click for larger image – Kyle Lopez with his 2007 Colorado Mule Deer

The monster mule deer taken by 14-year old Kyle Lopez in Colorado during the 2007 season has been officially scored. A conservative green score put the buck at just over 303 net. However, good news for the Lopez family as Roger Selner has scored the buck after the 60-day drying period at an amazing 311 2/8 gross and 306 2/8 net B&C. This buck has 26 points on the right and 17 points on the left. This buck will be invited to the next Boone & Crockett panel scoring, but that won’t take place until 2010.

Kyle’s Buck is now the new #2 non-typical buck for Colorado and #13 in the world. That is a incredible!

Read the story of Kyle’s buck in the Best of 2007 issue of Hunting Illustrated Magazine out on newsstands January 29th!

Come see the buck in person. The Lopez buck will be in the King’s Outdoor World booth at the Hunting and Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City February 6-9th. Here is some more info about the Hunting Expo.

Where does this compare against the all-time greats from Colorado?

Top Ten Non-Typical Mule Deer from Colorado

1. 306 7/8 Montezuma, CO Lloyd Pyle 1972
2. 306 3/8 Douglas, CO Kyle Lopez 2007
3. 306 2/8 Norwood, CO Steve H. Herndon 1954
4. 304 5/8 Elk Creek, CO Andrew Daum 1886
5. 303 6/8 Eagle, CO James Austill 1962
6. 302 4/8 Paonia, CO Louis H. Huntington, Jr. 1965
7. 300 Mesa, CO George Blackmon, Jr. 1961
8. 297 5/8 Larimer, CO Jack Autrey 1941
9. 296 2/8 Mesa, CO Unknown 1981
10. 287 5/8 Montezuma, CO Travis Shippy 1985

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3 Comments on "Official Score: Lopez Buck Scores 306 3/8 net B&C"

  1. Steve Creek says:

    An amazing buck! He will remember that hunt for the rest of his life.

  2. Davin says:

    this is a nice buck and it is so big congratulations on it

  3. alfredo gabaldon says:

    read about you in the magazine when it came out on the newsstand on this amazing colorado muley that you harvested.really excited that their are muley’s out their that are monsters.wanted to say congratulations on the harvest you had and the story you and your dad told,very good magazine overall also

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