Video of the Monster Spider Bull Elk

Elk video taken by Barry Pitt

The Spider Bull

UPDATE: (9/30/2008) The Spider Bull Elk is Dead. Read the details here

There is a new big bull elk in town, and he is causing quite a stir this summer. Right now everyone is trying to get a glimpse of the Spider Bull Elk from Utah. This huge velvet elk has points all over the place, and so far has been quite easy for people to find and video. It will be interesting to see how things pan out as it gets closer to the hunts.

Archery hunters are going to get first crack at this monster bull in August. How much bigger will he grow by then? Hard to imagine.

Is this a new World Record Elk?

Are we looking at a possible world record bull elk on our hands? Some people think so. If he is taken with a bow, I think he could do it. Currently world record non-typical elk is the Franklin Bull from Arizona which scores 442 0/8 P&Y.

If he squeaks through the archery season and is taken with a rifle (or Governor Tag holder gets on him), then the current world record is 465 2/8 B&C. In order for this bull to exceed that mark, he is going to have to gross score around the 480 plus mark!

How big is this bull?

So just how big is this bull? Some people are throwing out the 500 number. Yikes, that is big. Others are confident in the 480 class. You think 450 plus is not enough? He has great mass, tons of points, but does have an average to small inside spread and main beams.

Guess the Score
Go ahead and take a stab at the score. What does he score now, or what do you think he will grow into? Do we have a potential world record on our hands?

Win a FREE Backpack! Guess the score and when/if this bull gets taken this year by a hunter

Conspiracy Theory

Ok, so I have to throw this out….is this bull really legit. Is this a bull that has escaped a high fenced elk farm? There are some around here in Utah you know. Why haven’t we seen more of this bull last year? Or maybe he was a big 420 class bulll that was broken up and passed on, not knowing just how big he was. Are there any sheds to this bull laying around? Some good questions. I guess we will have to see just what happens in the next few months or so and I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.


I think this bull could cap off an amazing run for Utah with huge bulls. However, he may not be so easy to get to once he rubs his velvet off. He could very well hightail it out of dodge after he rubs and gets more pressure with the archery hunters. He could end up in an adjoining unit 20 miles away?….

Let’s take another look at this unique monster bull. This footage is from the guys at Tines Up.

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30 Comments on "Video of the Monster Spider Bull Elk"

  1. cfitz says:

    any idea where at in utah

  2. Tom Sorenson says:

    Wow – Utah has sure gone crazy with the big bulls of late.

  3. Nate says:

    I’ve got to agree to a point with the conspirocy theory, the bull is on Monroe Mt. it has some good bulls, but not a potential 450-500 class. I spend alot of time on the mtn, and was lucky enough to draw a tag last year. if you are familiar with the area the elk are like pets there. Its worse than Yellowstone, so it would be a good place for a farm raised elk to be let go. Until someone comes up with some sheds off this bull… you have to consider the worst.
    Now, as for me. I think i may skip the opener of my archery season and go up on the mtn, pull a lawn chair, have a cold drink, and watch the soap opera begin. Between all the regular Joe’s and the GOONS that call themselves outfitters, there could be some stray arrows and some arrests. Lets just hope we don’t get someone out there opening morning squeezing off a long shot “just to get one in him” so they can claim they shot him. there will definitly be more drama that comes with this bull. ENJOY!

  4. brock says:

    my dad hase hunted that mounten in utah for his hole life and we have never seen him

  5. Chance says:

    I have hunted that mt. a few times now and had the oppertunity to have a tag last year and I seen some good bulls but I would have to agree with nate a bull that size coming off that hill is unbelivable. If he is there why hasnt any said where they have been seeing him?

  6. jake says:

    hes got to be a farm raised elk and he got out hes to big and the ohter bull with him is a real nice one also but i just dont belive that he got that big and no one seen him in the past years im going to have to say hes a high fenced bull not a legiate bull

  7. Randy says:

    My grandfather and his brother grew up down there and were possibly the first bowhunters ever on Monroe. Needless to say our family has hunted that mountain for sixty years. That is a huge unit and there are so many deep dark canyons that a bull or buck can drop into and never be seen. I’ve seen non typical bulls on there, and two years ago my father seen a bull that was 9 x 11. Besides that, why would someone drop off a farm bull that big that they could charge 10’s of thousands of dollars to shoot out of a field?

  8. little jake says:

    hey guys i got some news for everybody that has any question bout spiderman there is a guy from salina that has video of the bull for the last three years i have seen my dad has seen it and the utah dwr has seen it the reason for the dwr seeing it is 2 weeks ago they were planning on removing the bull because of suspicion of this bull being farm raised well the guy with the video doesnt want his name released but he stepped forward and showed them the video so now there is no question about the bull being farm raised he is a true wild bull

  9. Red says:

    I know alot of people that have hunted the Monroe’s and surrounding areas and this is the first I have ever heard of this bull or seen it but who knows nature is funny that way sometimes. I hope that it is not a fram raised and if someone gets it this year i hope it is tested to see if wild or farm raised!! I have heard rumor that some of the “GOONS” asd Nate puts it have been blocking public roads to keep people out. If so they should be taken care of. remember this is hunting not who has the biggest bank role to buy a trophy that 10 “GOONS” hid from the rest of us REAL hunters!!!!

  10. Pudge says:

    Geeze boys all this drama sounds like high school. Well its wild now so let the hunt begin. if it is a pen raised why aint it dead yet?

  11. banito sanchez says:

    i seen this bull when he was only a 5 point i found his sheds and you could tell he was going to split off in the way that he did he had some starters in there just amazing!!!

  12. Nick O. says:

    yes… he is on a mountin in sothern utah and i have seen him. amazing. i live at the base of the mountain of which he is on… but i wont tell what one cuz that would be crazy.

  13. Nick O. says:

    you know what… i hope nobody kills him just so he can be taped and i can go up and find his sheds… good thing i know what valley and everything he is in… he has come out the same place everyday same time

  14. Elk Fan says:

    This is becoming pathetic that we cannot just focus on the bull and how tremendous of an animal he really is instead of guessing if team #@%$^$ or one of these other so called outfitters are going to block off public acess tot he rea to provide the opportunity for their clients. How about this, start a thread on in the Utah ection and start letting everyone else know the experiences you have had withthese thugs. I understand there is soome well known guides that try intimidation, slitting tires and other tactics like driving all night long in the area while honking their horn to push animals out of an area. Why let these guys hide? Lets give them the recognition they deserve and by the way file a complaint with the DWR take a digital camera with you for proof as well as for the once in a lifetime picture of your hunt. Good luck and god bless.

  15. andy titus says:

    i was at cabelas a cople weeks ago and was talking to a guy who has property on the monroe. he said the bull wondered onto his property, he is leaving hay out to try and keep him there away from moss. a kid behind me in line said he drew the tag, started talking with the fella and the guy handed him the keys to the property and said good luck. better a kid with keys to private property then somebody using an overpriced outfitter with a bad rep.

  16. Jason says:

    The bull does exist. He hangs out on a locals private property. He is not farm raised but does hide out on a private property that does not allow hunting. A friend of ours was able to draw out on this unit this year and managed to get permission from the owner of the propery to hunt it. The bull was spotted last weekend on this property. Kody should have his kill by next weekend.

  17. Elk Fan says:

    I was at work today and showed the picture to one of my co-workers. He looked at the others and replied “that is the bull I was telling oyu about, he was shot by a guy in a wheelchair using a crossbow.” well any word on this? Hey Jason, do you think that the bull is still alive and is your friend hunting now (taking vacation or something) or is he just trying to make time after work?

  18. bowkill says:

    the word i heard is the handicap guy killed a very nice 340 bull, i just really hope some lone hunter that works his but off at a crummy job kills this life changer of a bull, the last thing i want to see happen is some out of town rich jack… that cant even hike a mile come in and buy the bull, have some other jack… put all his goons on the mtn with planes, night vision and what ever else there is, work there but off just so they can stand there with there finger pointed for the guy with the most money. the big top is most definatly up!

  19. Allen says:

    That bull is still alive, last report was he hasn’t been seen since shortly after the archery opener. All his old paths and habits are gone. He got big by being smart so finding his is going to be hard. It’s going to make a great story if someone can track him down, limited entry Rifle goes til 9/23 after that I’m not sure if any tags are valid, have to check!!
    I’m sure we’l all know once someone has taken him, it’ll be big news!!

  20. Derek Shaw says:

    Well I agree with most of you guys. I hope some lucky hunter that has a regular job and hunts for fun is the one that kills him. Every year is more and more about who has the moeny to buy these animals and all the guide servives to help. I could shoot a bull that big too if I had 20 guys looking for him and then just call me and say “Yup, we found him, come shoot him” That isn’t hunting to me. there is nothing like doing it yourself. Does anyone know if he was taken yet???? i’m guessing not since its not on here yet.

  21. colton says:

    if anyone is willing to sell a tag for that area please infrom me will pay good amount

  22. T-Bone says:

    They killed him today i have seen pics he is amazing 500 4\8 green

  23. cosmo says:

    I as a hunter didnt want to see a big rich person come in and get the spider bull but as of today it was killed not the right hard earned way i think. I really didnt even want to see the bull killed but if so then some local or in stater but that dont usually happen when there is big guide services that put 20 to 30 guies living with it until the hunts are over or its killed. sep 30, 08 at 7:45pm

  24. cosmo says:

    I want to add to my comment and say that they ott to see if the bull was planted by a guide service or excaped from high fences to see if it can be the new world record or a book bull and also reading from the others about the points system i agree that it is a bunch of crap and is not fair, but no one has any say. I know people that have been putting in since before the points system and just drew this year thats what 15 points plus. i also agree to some that were was the bull from years past because if it was there other years or somwere on close units that we would have known about it before this year.

  25. nick says:

    that is pretty sweet last year i shot a 8×8 and i thought that he was big

  26. JOHN ALEXANDER says:

    I think it is a great animal and there are Elk that have not seen men in lots of States during thee life time. If it is a new record and Boone and Crockett or Pope and Young approve it then great job to who got it but let them and the Game and Fish aprove or dissapprove it first.And remeber that it is only good if it is fair chase rules on the records.Some one will have a great story to tell and goood luck to everyone because they only get bigger out there. I have seen them in the wild in New Mexico.

  27. max says:

    Remember when hunting used to be about a father and a son taking an animal for winter food? Leaving the biggest and the best for the strength of the herd and taking only a nice bull for purpose. This is rediculous the way it is so commercialized now…..20 guys tracking one bull…..they probebly didn’t even get cold. Take me back to those times please. I grew up on that mtn range and hate to see it change.

  28. Dave says:

    It is an insult to the intelligence of any hardcore hunter to say that this bull is a ligitimate wild Elk that has lived its entire life in the wild. It is nothing more than a genetically engineered, antler enhanced, steriod pumped atrocity that has been farm raised and released. It is an embarassment to the hunting community and I truly hope that the glaring truth about this bull will come forth and any thought about allowing it into the book will be thrown out.

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