Oregon Hunting Access on Google Maps

Oregon’s fall hunting season is fast approaching and the perennial question “Where can I go hunting?” will be much easier to answer this year.

Interactive Google™ Map shows hunting opportunities statewide

ODFW today unveiled its new Oregon Hunting Access Map, a great tool to find out where to hunt, especially for people new to hunting or new to the state. Even experienced Oregon hunters are likely to discover a new hunting location by exploring the comprehensive list of opportunities in a centralized place.

The map features state wildlife areas, national wildlife refuges, private lands open to hunting through ODFW’s Access & Habitat (A&H) and Upland Cooperative Access (UCAP) programs, Travel Management Areas on private timberlands open to hunting, and Willamette River Greenway properties that allow hunting. Because the map is based within Google Maps™, users can calculate distance and driving directions to the hunting area, switch between map, terrain and satellite views, zoom in and out of areas, and customize the map to their liking.

This is such a cool idea and no doubt we will see more of this technology being used with not only state agencies, but outfitters, booking agencies, reference web sites and more. Below is the map embedded here. To see the main map go here and to learn more about it with more reference information click here.

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  1. Wow, that is so cool. I love unique and creative ways of adding value to Google Maps. Do you know if there is one of those for Minnesota? If not I will check out the Google Maps API to see if I can create one. Thanks for the cool post.

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