New State Record Washington bull Elk

Washington State Record Elk

There has been some talk of a huge bull recently taken in the northwest. Some confusion is did it come from Oregon or Washington? This is not a 466 bull from Oregon. This huge bull elk was shot with a rifle in Washington and green scores 449 gross and 436 net non-typical. This elk was taken by Dan Agnew. I emailed Dan to confirm as it seems rumors are already abound about this new potential state record Washington non-typical elk.

The elk was taken on September 3, 2008 in eastern Washington and is a 9 x 10 that green scores 449 gross and 436 net non-typical.

How does this rank in the books?

The current state record is the Jeff Thorpe bull from 2003. Jeff took this elk with his bow and so is the overall state record in addition to archery state record. Jeff’s bull scores 421 7/8 B&C.

Dan Agnew Washington Elk 2008

The Dan Agnew bull with a green score (if this holds up) of 436 net B&C will not only shatter the state record but be the biggest bull elk from the northwest and also a potential top ten non-typical bull in the world.

Dan Agnew is no stranger to monster record book bulls. He currently has the #7 all-time non-typical bull and the #21 all-time typical bull – both coming from the San Carlos Apache Reservation.

I will post some more as I get more information about this awesome elk.

Man, the dark-horse bull elk from 2008 just might be from Washington. Who would have thought!

UPDATE: This bull has officially been scored and recognized by Boone & Crockett with a score of 436 4/8. This 9×10 point giant is the biggest bull in the state of Washington as a non-typical and ranks #13 in the world.

Here is another photo

Dan Agnew and his Washington bull elk

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75 Comments on "New State Record Washington bull Elk"

  1. Zach says:

    YAY another guy that paid big bucks to go shoot him. He paid 63 thousand dollars for the govonor tag. He had guys scout him for him and when they found where he was they called him and he went out and shot it. IT WAS IN THE FIRST HALF AND HOUR THE MORNING WHEN HE WENT HUNTINg.

  2. Rob says:

    Curtis, I must disagree with you. What your saying about “Idahos Biggest Mule Deer” makes no sense. Do you use a good pair of binoculars when your hunting?!?!? I bet those guys in your book didnt have 1000$ Swarvoskis… Dont tell me you wouldnt buy the nicest scope you could afford if it helped your chances in the field. Unfortunatly for us and fortunatly for him he can afford a 60k$ governers tag, if I had that kinda spare cash you bet your ass I would do it. As for the money not benefitting the average hunter, thats ridiculus if people like you controlled permits and such, the elk herds would be diminished in a matter of years. The people that you say will restrict more area, are why bulls like this are around. Without them the sport of hunting woud not exsist…. (sorry for the rant)

  3. carnivore says:

    Well it looks like Mr. agnews bull is not so big anymore. the pther bull that had rumors about it was shot on tuesday Oct 21 in the same unit. It scores 451. It is the one that the WDFW is passing the pics around trying to get a good price for next years govenor tag.I do not know if the guy is going to turn it in or not. He was just an average Joe that said when he drew out the anybull tag after aquireing points that he would just be happy to shoot any bull bigger than a 3 point. Now that is a true trophy not paid for just a good bull shot by an average Joe

  4. cross tha creek says:

    My last comment was not approved for posting, so I will try to reword my comments. I don’t know if my first comment was considered an “attack” on this guy or what…but I was simply relaying the information that I recievd from the Wildlife Enforcement Officer, from which area the bull was taken. Long story short, this guy had lots of help from the hired guide service, as well as help from a hired helicopter, to haze the bull onto the open hillside. This bull was not taken honorably or respectfully. This man does not deserve the right to get it scored, it wasn’t a fair chase by any means. I am also told, that this guy is in trouble for his actions. This is not an attack on the man, just telling the truth about the hunt….

  5. raggey says:

    Carnivore is right…the “other” big bull (who’s prior year’s sheds have been senn by everyone) was taken in the same general area over a week ago. However, this year that “other” big bull is a 7 x 7 typical (not the 8 x 8 non-typical that he was last year) that will socre in the 415-420 range. This bull will likely be the new #2 typical in Washington as the current typical record (the Gunnier bull scoring 420 5/8 net) appears safe but we all will wait for the offical score. He will not socre close to 451 (I’ve seen the pics).

  6. ben says:

    this is a great trophy to anyone. BUT i think faire chase should also be faire chance for every hunter.for it to be a true record then the tag should be atainable to all hunters that buy tags and draw permits, not just the rich guys. i dont think ther is anything wrong with what this guy did, i just dont think it should be in the same books. i know he can hunt with any wepon but since when can u not use hunters ornge during rifel season, more rule bending for the guys with money? to many records are being broke with this gov tag in many states not just here.

  7. cross tha creek says:

    I can’t believe no body has any comments about my last inquiry…I see “Ben” wrote about hunter orange and rule bending….but it wouldn’t have mattered if all these guys had tied cow bells around their necks!! With the aid of the helicopter to haze this bull out, and all the horses used with the guide service…. I know who he is (the guide) I find it incredibly disturbing that no one else has heard of this, or maybe has and just don’t believe it!?!? I ask you all….why would a Wildlife Game Enforcement Officer lie to me about this!?!? In fact two different Game Enforcement Officers gave me this information. I am only a hunter with no inside ties or anything like that…I just talk to the Watershed Enforcement guys and Wildlife Enforcement guys… I am amazed that I haven’t seen more on this story. Everything was confiscated and he faces charges and fines!!!! That poor Bull had no chance against those odds!! He was trapped between a helicopter, men on horseback (guides), the actual hunter with the rifle, not to mention some of the terrain!!! I am sickened by the whole thing…….

  8. raggey says:

    “…the poor bull had not chance against the odds, he was trapped between a helicopter, men on horseback (guides), the actual hunter with a rifle, not to mention some of the terrain”…man, if that’s your story on this hunt you have got some incredibly bad information and have no clue as to what actually happened.

    This bull was killed after being seen by the outfitter, guide and hunter from a pickup within a 1/2 mile of a FS road in the first 1/2 hour of daylight on the hunter’s first day of hunting after arriving in camp the night before. Yes, the hunter had a rifle and the terrain was steep but a Helicopter? Men (guides) on horseback?A trapped bull with no chance or place to go?

    Maybe another year, maybe another hunt, maybe another tag holder, maybe another guide service but certainly not this year’s hunter or his hunt for this bull! BE SURE you have your facts straight before you gossip and spread lies such as this.

  9. OneShotWoman says:

    I think that this is a nice bull, I have been hunting deer in North Idahofor about 12 years, and really trying hard for about 3 years to find an elk, mostly I just run in to people, though. I haven’t been able to get a good shot at an elk, but I am definately not going to go buy one. I would rather spend another three years walking my butt off looking for a spike, maybe even a cow, you cant eat antlers anyways.

  10. roosevelt says:

    Great bull. I don’t think any tag that allows you to hunt any unit, during the rut with a rifle, should be allowed in the books. Take your trophy, hang it on your wall and buy another one. Don’t let them in the books with your true hunters, who don’t stand a chance of “buying” their trophy. And if he was buying the tag to help out the elk cause, let him donate the money, and buy a general season tag. Just because you have money, you shouldn’t be allowed to break the rules; right OJ.

  11. Cross tha creek is full of B.S. up to his eyeballs!! Unbeliavable how somebody can come up with so much b.s. Horse’s and Helicopter’s??? That dude watches to much T.V.

  12. Lowell says:

    Does anyone know how to get the facts? how much $ or where this came from?

  13. Lisa says:

    All I read about is complaints about this person and a few compliments.. My question is this…. I see he took the horns and left.. What happend to the meat of this bull, did it go to rot, or did it get go for food. I was always taught , don’t kill it unless you are going to eat it. Just wondering what happend to the bull ? And congrats to the hunter.

  14. bill phipps says:

    im not sure if dan did allthe things that cross tha creek implies and honestly i hope that if he has any amount of true sportsman in his blood he didnt,however with the way the gov. works in ore,wash, and other states i have been priviledged to hunt,i have seen a lot of wastefulness and complete disregard for our wildlife and giving respect to the the true majesty of a monster muley or a toad of a bull elk. all of us who hunt for these types of animals on a truly fair chase playing field know how amazingly hard it is to honestly harvest an animal of this magnitude,i hope that the wdw didnt allow this to happen but it wouldnt surprise me after all our states allow them to put up scruffy and entice people to shoot from the road! so i agree this bull shouldnt be allowed in the books if it wasnt fair chase

  15. raggey says:

    Why would this auction tag hunter take the horns and leave the meat? The elk was cut and quartered in the field and 100% of the meat was packed out…some taken by the hunter, the rest donated and none went to waste.

    Facts and story of the hunt have appeared in multiple newspaper articles…Spokesman Review, Oregonian, The Daily Chronicle, Wenatchee World, etc. Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation and lies have been spread as well.

  16. ben says:

    just because it is in the news papers does not make it fact!!!! but i have no problem with what he did, people can spend there money however they want, but it SHOULD NOT BE IN THE RECORDS WITH REGULAR TAG HUNTERS. what is the differance between a ranch hunt and having guides sit on the elk for days waiting for you to come shoot it. and the part about having guides ther long before him, was info he gave in one of his newspapers..

  17. Little Timmy says:

    It would be nice to get the whole story, probably won’t happen, and I even know one of the guys who went on this trip, but if we think about it this is not much different than if one of us drew a big horn sheep tag. We would all spend a ton of money, whether we had it or not, to scout, hike, hire a guide and maybe even fly the area to insure we had a probability of success. Can we compete with Dan’s funding, probably not. Is it the way I like to hunt, no. Do I think there should be a dividing line between traditional hunters, taught be their dads or self taught, and those that hire guides or private hunts, sure. But as long as men will be men, someone will cheat so there will never clearly be a line drawn. It is truly awesome to see an animal like this. Some of our thoughts may be envy, ego or frustration, I just hope all of us realize what we need to do to keep hunting open for everyone to enjoy. That means respecting people’s property, not leaving a mess, poaching and follow the guidlines. But that also means not charging people to cross your property to public lands. Buying up open land just to charge people to hunt on it and everything else that comes with greed. Hunting has always been a way for people to come back to their roots and if we continue to abuse it, no matter how big or small our pocket book, we may not have a chance to share the experience with our children. I am already experiencing this as I teach my boys to hunt, with respect and dignity, by all of the lands that are either closed or baught up for greed. Think of this and see what you can do to help the sport, that includes those with both with fat and skinny wallets. Too bad my statements will mostly likely be forgotten after one reads this. I just hope I can stil share the outdoors with my kids!

  18. raggey says:

    I’m not sure I understand your logic about disqualifying this bull from the record book.

    All current rules of Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young and other organizations allow entry of big game into the record books when killed by Governors, auction or raffle tag hunters (or any other hunter for that matter) who are assisted by professional guides in scouting, locating and hunting their animals.

    This is fundamentally no different that your favored “Regular Tag Hunters” who take a half dozen of their own family members, friends and hunting buddies with them into the woods to help them scout, locate and hunt their animals.

    What, you want to disqualify them too when brother Bob and Uncle Joe find an elk or deer and sit on it until the “Regular Tag Hunter” gets the phone call, heads to elk camp and shows up to pursue his trophy? Or is this different in your mind?

    I’m assuming the only big game you want to qualify for the record books is those harvested by the solo DIY regular tag hunter who has no help or assistance, correct?

  19. roosevelt says:

    Think about it raggey. I’m talking about hunting during the rut with a rifle. Only bow hunters, and the person who buy’s the governers tag can do this. Bows vs. guns. Who cares what guides he gets. He’s only paying them to tell him where the elk is. If I hunted during the rut with a rifle, I could kill a record book bull EVERY year. That’s why they shouldn’t be allowed in the books. Is it really that hard to comprehend?

  20. ben says:

    i have never known or evan herd of someone sitting on a animal for someone else to come shoot. you must have some great friends. everyone i know would just shoot it. is there anyone here on this blog that goes out and sits on a animal for there friends for days? this is a real question and i would like to here answers from everyone. how many of us could shoot a monster bull in archery season if we used a gun. everyone. thats not hunting, thats why the seasons are the way they are. guided hunts are diferant, thats why they promise a 90% chance or better of getting a bull. how many of us get that each year. im not saying its wrong, just different. its the differents between real hunters and people shooting . soon all recordswill be held by the rich guys. look at how many records have been broken with gov tags in the last 5 years. AGAIN IM NOT BITTER, I THINK THE ANIMALS ARE AWESOM AND GANGRATS TO THE HUNTERS, BUT I IS JUST NOT THE SAME.

  21. catketcher says:

    you people are just upset you didnt kill him. my buddy’s wife drew the dayton archery bull tag this year and we didnt get mad that the governors tag killed it before we got a chance. that bull was killed on chase mountain about 2 miles from our camp. we wern’t mad, she killed a great 350 bull. she missed some that were over 4oo hundred that i got on video. he aint the only big boy out there. quit whining and hunt

  22. Christy Whitman says:

    To have the opportunity to shoot such a large bull under any circumstances is an accomplishment. If he paid 63K for athat tag and it helps with conservation great. I drew the dayton unit for rifle and am tickled to death. Yeh, I’m a woman and all that but I hunt hard when ever I’m in the field. I’ve shot several muleys and blktails. None are huge but one muley is out to the ears, perfectly symetrical, and on my wall. I’m proud to say I dragged that deer out of the mountains for 2 hours with my 12 year old daughter, a 17 year old young man from our church and had it hanging in camp ready for my husband to cape for the wall. It will always be a trophy to me. I can’t wait to hunt this elk, (t will be my first elk hunt) I hope to shoot something huge but will be satisfied with what I get. It will be the first animal I hunt that my husband will be with me. We have a few daughters that we take hunting also which has made it almost impossible fore him and I to hunt together. Yes he will help me find and hunt this bull but you can be sure I’m packing my share out. That’s how I like to hunt so any elk taken that way will be a trophy for me. Yes permit hunting is a great way to have the opportunity to get a large bull cause the general public hasn’t shot them all before they reach maturity. Good luck on drawing this tag in the future, I got it with only 5 points and can’t wait.

  23. meatman says:

    it’s a nice bull! but this guy didn’t hunt he paid for someone to do all the ground work for him it sounds like from some of the postings? I don’t know the hole strory behind this. I agree if he paid with his wallet for this record then fair chase was never in the mix and B&C should not allow this in the rocord books but maybe start a new category for the very wealthy, called look what i bought!

  24. meatman says:

    i would like to know the name of the outfitters this guy used?

  25. Rick Payne says:

    Hi Guy’s,
    Just took a look @ the Blue mntn Bull………I grew up in Dayton, and still have family there, I have personally seen bull(s) that size in areas that we hunt ( mostly for deer, 3-point minimum rule and there are some nice bucks there) and yes it is a “spike only” area, with the exception of drawing a cow tag(antler less) or a coveted branch antlered tag…………when I was a kid you could hunt any elk, then it went to permits for cows, and then SPIKE ONLY , that was originally meant to be short term….well that was about 20 yrs. ago………I have never put in for those tags, when they went spike only, I started hunting Idaho, Montana, ……well you get the point. I have some relatives that have put in unsuccessfully for many years…. the drawing odds are nothing short of ‘DIVINE INTERVENTION’……….but we always had fun going up in September and doing a little(a Lot ) of bugling……there is usually a good bull taken in there every few years or so…….MY brother in law lives on the south end of town….we were privileged to watch a nice 7×7 bull, and a large 5×5 whitetail buck spend part of their winter just a few hundred yards above his house…..pretty cool………….most people are not aware of this little out of the way place!!….thanks for taken the time to read this, hope the info was helpful and accurate……….Rick!!

    P.S. Great place for Blacks(bears I mean)…Good Hunting!!

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