New World Record Arizona Archery Mule Deer?

Matt liljenquest Mule Deer Arizona 2010
Matt Liljenquist with his 2010 Arizona Strip Archery Buck

Thanks to Chad Smith of Vaquero Outfitters, we know the following so far about this amazing archery mule deer from Chad’s own words:

With his dad, Randy Liljenquist and good friend Blake Chapman in position to help with hand signals, Matt and I stalked to 52 yards of this bedded buck. After a short wait in the 95 degree sun the buck got up and walked to 32 yards broadside. I gave him a grunt and Matt sent Rusty Ulmer’s new broadhead on its way.
Potential Record Typical Mule Deer

Matt’s buck gross scores 240 and has a gross typical frame of 228 7/8 by an official measurer – net score is pending 60 days drying time. I can honestly say Matt and Randy are some of the nicest people you will ever know and it could not be more deserving. I am grateful that they let Blake and I be part of their fair chase hunt.

Huge Archery Arizona Strip Buck from 2010

Wow, did he just say a typical frame of 228 7/8? That is amazing. What does that tell us and does this buck really have a chance at being a new world record typical archery mule deer? Let’s break it down a bit and see what we come up with. One look and you have to realize that the right side is just GIANT. That G4 on the right side has got to be one of the biggest around. The left side has some non-typical (abnormal) points. It seems these points took some of the thunder away from the typical frame, as the G4 and main beam on the left side are not nearly as big as the right.

From the green score we have so far, the 240 gross includes the abnormal points. So this tells us there is about 11 1/8 inches of abnormal points. You take the 228 7/8 gross typical frame, deduct the 11-inches of abnormal points, and you have a rough score of 217 6/8. Then you take into consideration the symmetry deductions comparing each side. There are going to be some more than usual deductions due to the G4 difference and a little on each point. Maybe there is 8 – 10 inches of symmetry deductions which would bring the rough, green score around 208 net P&Y. That is just a rough, very unofficial guess by me. However, it can put it into perspective on what its chances of being a record will be.

So what is the record, and how does this buck stack up? No question the typical frame is in a very elite class, especially for a buck taken with a bow. If Matt decides to keep the velvet on, he has a great chance at the world record. The biggest typical buck I know taken in the velvet with a bow is the Tim Roberts buck taken in Colorado in 2006. Tim Robert’s buck official Pope & Young score is 209 2/8 gross and 205 1/8 net typical. Tim chose to keep the velvet on the antlers or it could have challenged the hard-horned P&Y typical world record which scores 203 1/8.

Tim Roberts Record Archery Mule Deer

Tim Roberts Record Archery Mule Deer from 2006

So there you have it. Velvet score of 205 1/8 net or 203 1/8 net hard-horned is where you need to be to become the next world record and biggest buck in the world. The season is off to a good start.

Hint…I just got a text message of a buck taken in Utah…..a typical buck claiming a gross typical score of 220. Holy cow it’s going to be a good year!

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5 Comments on "New World Record Arizona Archery Mule Deer?"

  1. Tom Johnson says:


    Congratulations! That is truly a giant.


  2. Marvin says:

    Unbelievable buck, but there is no such thing as a velvet world record animal in Pope & Young. You can have the largest velvet buck entered (just as an informational comment), but P&Y only recognizes hard horned entries for consideration of world record status.

  3. Thanks Marvin you are correct. Pope & Young does in fact have a velvet category, but recognizes their World Records by hard-horned only. This buck could be big enough to be that if the hunter decides to strip the velvet. Tim Roberts waited right to the end to decide if he should strip the velvet and see if he could overcome the 203 1/8 net score and be the new world record for P&Y. However, they felt after the velvet was stripped there was a good chance he would just miss that mark and he chose to stick with the velvet. Once you strip it, there is no going back.

    Just to answer some other questions that have come up….no this buck will not challenge the Boone & Crockett (B&C) world record for typical mule deer. In addition, B&C does not accept velvet entries. You have to strip the velvet for B&C to accept it in their record books.

    David King
    King’s Outdoor World

  4. Shane McDow says:

    Im going to hunt a muley draw zone via horseback in N. California on the 1st of Oct.

    I was up there a few weeks ago and saw some nice immature 5 and 6 pointers.

    Do you have any advice for my hunt? I have been a succesful hunter for nearly 30 yrs – but never taken a giant muley and I know there are some whoppers in this area im going to! Thanks Shane

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