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New Texas State Record Whitetail Deer: 311 4/8 Buck!

Las Raices Ranch Buck

On opening day of the deer season 2010, Mark Barrett of the Las Raices Ranch is now the proud hunter to have taken what just might be the biggest, greatest whitetail buck to ever come out of the state of Texas. With good spring moister to build antler growth things fell into place to grow such a monster buck. Here is what they are saying about the deer:

We’ve Been Keeping this one pretty tight to the Vest, but now that he is down we can share these pictures. He is potentially, by our score, the largest Native Texas Deer EVER! (Rough Score in Velvet of 311 4/8) Congratulations Mark Barrett (aka Dad)

They go on to explain that this ranch and deer is special do to the fact that it is a family owned and operated hunting ranch in Webb County, Texas that has exclusively ‘non-manipulated nor transported’ native genetics. The deer was a 100% native pasture deer that had not been manipulated in any way.

The score is unofficial at this time and we will wait and see just where this deer ranks outside of Texas State Record Whitetail Buck.

Las Raices Ranch Buck

Las Raices Ranch Whitetail Buck

Photos: Las Raices Ranch

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  1. 49 mos, 1 wk ago

    Beautiful looking buck. I was stationed at Ft Hood Texas for a few years in the 90′s and never seen one that large.

  2. Corey McClure
    49 mos ago

    Congrats Mark! Brian Kiefer told me about the Buck, nice!

  3. Nathan Henry
    49 mos ago

    This deer was taken on a high fence ranch… does the State of Texas acknowledge this as a state record?

  4. 48 mos, 4 wks ago

    Killed on a low fence or high fence?

  5. Ya right!
    46 mos ago

    This deer was shot behind a high fence and will not be in the boone and crockett record books.

    Just because there was no introduced genetics doesn’t mean they can lay claim to the state record. Its just another high fenced deer. Any one can grow a monster deer like this in enclosure with $$$.

    Also, the ranch that produced the deer was purchased already high fenced, so how the owner can gurantee there is no introduced genetics, I have no clue. I guess if you don’t know for sure its not called lieing! LOL

  6. jeremy
    39 mos ago

    Seriously?! Do you people even know how to score a deer? At best that deer is around 250 and i dont think he would even do that. 311? Haha. Try to fool someone else!

  7. bill
    38 mos, 2 wks ago

    for real guys they guy never said anything about trying to put into record books first of all… second the guy shot an awesome buck and just wanted to share it with everyone and ppl like ^^^ just want to be d**ks and bash the post cant ppl just tell the guy “nice buck” and leave it at that wtf!!

  8. Jacob
    35 mos, 1 wk ago

    Shooting a high fence deer is like shooting a cow. There is no sport in it. So congrats,man. You just killed a pet.

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