Monster San Carlos Bull Elk

Dan Agnew San Carlos Bull Elk 2010

Dan Agnew does it again. You would be hard pressed to find another trophy room with bigger bull elk. Here is what Dan told me about his monster San Carlos bull elk he just took in 2010.

Attached is a picture of my bull taken on the San Carlos Indian Reservation on 9/30. This bull is a 7 x 8 typical that green scores 428″ gross and 409″ net. I first saw the bull on 9/27 with tribal guide Mark Stevens at 600 yards with about a dozen cows. After viewing a video we had taken of the bull when we got back at camp later that morning, we decided to go find him. We saw him in the late afternoon a couple of days later from about a 1/2 mile away from a atop a steep hillside and then hiked down and located him about an hour later. The shot was about 150 yards with a .30-378 Weatherby.

The taking of this bull, together with three other 400″ plus bulls, including a 421″ non-typical taken by 19 year old Kristy Stevens, will be featured on a new video/dvd entitled “Elk Hunting with the San Carlos Apaches II” which will be available in January, 2011. This new video/dvd is being produced by Chappell Hunting Productions and will be a sequel to the popular “Elk Hunting with the San Carlos Apaches” video/dvd released in 2004.

That is cool they are going to put out another elk hunting DVD from the San Carlos. I know Steve Chappell will do an excellent job putting it together and the footage is going to be amazing. That first video they did in 2004 we designed the DVD cover. It was a great one to have.

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  1. Kristin Stevens says:

    It’s Kristin Stevens …. Thank You Dan .

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