New world record elk 617 …is this True?

World Record 617 SCI Elk

This is what we know…according to emails going around.

“This huge bull elk was taken in the lower country by Arthur Gutierrez.It is the current world record bull elk scoring 617 SCI.”

I have spent a lot of time on huge SCI high fenced bulls on this blog clarifying if they are really world record elk or what does it all mean. The only reason I do this is many of the emails are not disclosing all of the facts and therefore causing a lot of confusion on if it is really a world record.

Here are some more facts on this bull pictured here. It was taken in Colorado in 2010 and was taken in a high fenced environment on private land. This was not a fair chase bull and therefore is being scored and entered into SCI (Safari Club International) in their high fenced category. The world record status is only for SCI and high fenced bull.

This has nothing to do with Boone & Crockett (B&C) or Pope & Young (P&Y) and will not be entered, recognized or even considered into those record books. Don’t worry, this won’t sneak in…So for a fair chase bull world record, this is not it. You can find that bull here as the World Record Spider bull.

It is amazing, however, that this bull scores 617 SCI. Can’t believe they are now getting over the 600 mark. A few years ago the big rage was over this high fenced bull that was pushing the 600 mark.

Another monstrous high fenced bull. Another one to clear the air with.

World Record 617 SCI Elk

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2 Comments on "New world record elk 617 …is this True?"

  1. Grazer says:

    Nice, but I sure hope that the hunter doesn’t take any pride in this elk because he shouldn’t. The only “hunters” that will harvest an animal in a high fence area are just out for the thrill to kill and not for the sport. I would take more pride in a cow on public land than I would with this bull. Why not go hunt at a petting zoo, because that is essentially what you are doing. Hope this guy is happy with his shot placement because that is all he should be proud of. Next time spend your money on something you can be proud of!!!

  2. Mrose says:

    This is a total disregard for the true hunters, that go out on Public ground for a fair chase hunt.
    These So calles Canned hunts, that are behind fenced in area.s on some rich private owners land should be OUTLAWED.
    These people who go pay say: $15,000 to $30,000 to go take a bull elk as pictured above, and then even be able to put it in the SCI book is a total discrace to all hunters who actually take the time and effort to go out and scout, watch, and hunt, not go to some ELK FARM where the Elk are raised like Beef behind a fence, then some Idiot comes in and pays to walk up to it and kill it, then claim it for a record, let alone shame the TRUE HUNTERS, and make themselves look like the FOOLS they really are, and show the Stupidity in the worst way.
    I for one would be glad to see these Canned Hunts made Illegal in all the 50 States.
    Tahnks for reading this……………………………….. Mrose

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