Monster Wyoming Buck

Bryan Ingram Wyoming Mule Deer

It gets me all excited inside when not only I see a huge buck like this one, but another huge buck taken by a hunter wearing our King’s Camo. I have to thank my friend Steve Alderman at Mule Deer Country getting the first crack on this buck and the photos.

So far the report on this buck is that it is 40 inches wide, 18 x 12 points including a big drop tine, and is absolutely Massive. It gross scores over 260 B&C and is one of the biggest bucks to come out of Wyoming.

A little behind the story (courtesy of Maury Jones) is Bryan glassed an area where this buck was pre-scouted, by outfitter and guide Rob Wiley, for 7 days, only seeing one doe. Finally the buck made a mistake, coming to the fringe of the timber briefly. They sneaked the timber, spotted the buck at 60 yards, it bolted, and Brian hit it twice on the run, a lung shot and a spine shot. His reaction to the buck finally being on the ground was emotional to say the least.

Bryan Ingram Wyoming Mule Deer
I have had the great pleasure to speak with both Bryan the hunter and Rob Wiley of Non-typical Outfitters about this spectacular buck. Bryan is a very down to earth man. It is funny how a buck like this surfaces and certain people will be quick to criticize and judge and they have no idea what they are talking about…but sounds good on a forum. Bryan is no “deep pocket hunter” and has worked hard over many years of hunting mule deer to be a person that is well deserving.

Bryan Ingram Wyoming Mule Deer 2011
Bryan Ingram with his heavy Wyoming buck from 2011
Look at that mass! Wow.

How does this buck stack up to the great history of Wyoming’s biggest mule deer? A buck of this caliber does not come very often, and Wyoming is no exception. You have to go back to 2004 and the incredible buck Kathy Keene took scoring 285 4/8 net B&C. Kathy’s buck ranks No. 3 all time for the state of Wyoming. You have to go back even further to 1984 and the Thomas Ford buck that scored 262 7/8 B&C. For Bryan Ingram, this is a buck of a lifetime for sure. The way the record books reveal, we may not see another buck of this caliber coming out of Wyoming for another 10-20 years. The WY state record is a buck that was taken in 1924 and scores 293 7/8 B&C.

Kathy Keene Wyoming Buck
Catherine Keene with her 285 4/8 B&C buck taken in 2004 is one of the greatest mule deer that Wyoming has produced ranking No. 3 in the state and No. 45 in the world

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3 Comments on "Monster Wyoming Buck"

  1. Leon Searles says:

    I know Bryan Congrat’s to him. He is very deserving of this Buck.

  2. Cindy Goeken says:

    Bryan happens to be a close friend and I have had the great pleasure of holding these horns in my own hands and yes they are magnificent ! Bryan told me the hunt story from one hunter to another and emotional is the right word, for both the teller and the listener WOW I felt all his emotion I am so Happy for him !

  3. Lyle Valador says:

    I got to meet Bryan when he got back from Wyoming, i had heard alot about him since i also live in Ukiah. He is a very interesting person. I could not believe how inviting he was to get an invite to his home to see this great buck and meet his family. Bryan has killed his share of great bucks and believe me it was nice to see a guy tell his story on this buck and to see the excitement. After you hear his story you are happy for him and well earned.

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