New World Record Moose: Biggest Ever with a Bow

World Record Moose

The new world record moose taken with a bow. Many believed the 248 0/8 bull that Michael Cusack shot in 1973 would stand as the world’s record Alaska-Yukon moose forever. However, Real Langlois (the Rack Man) arrowed a monster bull moose in the Yukon in September of 2008. It finally has been panel scored and officially accepted by Pope & Young as the new world’s record this past spring 2011.

I had the great pleasure of working with Real and his people shortly after he took the biggest moose ever taken with a bow and was able to be apart of getting his story on this memorable hunt published first in the summer of 2009. At the time it was the pending record, so I am happy to see that it has now been accepted and recognized as the new world record moose.

World Record Moose RackSo what do we know about Real Langlois? For one thing, he is a tremendous hunter and specializes in moose, killing his first when he was just 16. At the age of 20 he took up bow hunting and has personally taken over 25 moose with his bow and 40 total. In addition he has guided hunters to another 50 moose.

Here are some of the official specs.

Species:           Alaska-Yukon Moose
Score:              249 1/8
Location:         Earn Lake, Yukon
Bowhunter:     Real Langlois
Year:               2008

Real, the Rackman, called this 75-inch wide big boy in and after just 20 minutes had this bull within eight feet!  A very close encounter to say the least, and they got the whole thing on film. Quite an adrenaline rush to be so close.

Click the video below to watch the close encounter first hand.

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    WOW!! World record. Congrats keep up the good work..

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