World Record Mule Deer Broder Buck – The Biggest Ever!

World Record Mule Deer - Broder Buck

The Broder Buck: World Record Non-typical Mule Deer
The Biggest Deer in the World

Today, Don Broder, the son of Ed Broder, died. Don was tied into a very ugly legal battle with his siblings over this magnificent trophy. I did a very extensive article in 2005 about this unfortunate situation and have posted the whole article following the legal battle and eventual sale of the trophy mount for $225,000. Blow is a short story of the Broder Buck and the amazing hunt that took place in 1926.

Ed Broder and Philip Mohr packed Ed’s 1914 Model T Ford touring car in November of 1926 with three weeks supply of hunting gear and provisions and headed west out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Reaching the settlement of McKay near Chip Lake, Alberta they traveled south over near-impassable logging roads to their chosen campsite on the Bigoray River. From this point on the wilderness was so rugged that hunting could only be accomplished on foot. During the first week out Ed bagged a black bear despite poor hunting conditions due to the first snowfall not having arrived yet. At the start of the second week a foot of fresh snow fell, making excellent hunting conditions allowing Ed and Philip to use their keen tracking abilities. Both of these men were extremely skilled in bush hunting and were always prepared to spend a night on tracks in the wilderness in order to pursue their game at daybreak the following day.

World Record Mule Deer Broder Buck

Ed Broder holds his world record mule deer after being officially scored by Boone & Crockett in 1962, 40 years after he shot it. The buck still holds that title.

During the second week Ed was tracking a moose when he noticed that a big deer track had crossed the moose track. After examining the deer track more closely he chose to follow the fresher deer track because he had always wanted a big buck to have mounted. After tracking the deer for several hours Ed became cold and wet, but still persisted. The deer tracks led him to a small clearing where he spotted the deer browsing in some low shrubs at about 100 yards. Moments later the deer raised its head and the antlers came into view. Ed quickly drew his Winchester 32 Special and dropped the buck. As he approached the buck Ed realized this was no ordinary mule deer; it was truly astounding! Ed had Wolfe Taxidermists do a shoulder mount and proudly displayed his trophy in his home for 36 years prior to its being officially scored by the Boone and Crockett Club in 1962.

Story behind the original scoring of the trophy

The entry measurement of the Broder Buck scored at 359 3/8 original score. One of the main differences was the point total. Originally the points were counted as a 22×22. The next panel was in 1962 at the B&C 10th competition.

John Hammett and Grancel Fitz on Feb. 24, 1962 were chosen to score the buck, where it was declared world record with a score of 355 2/8 as a 22×21 point. That was held at the American Museum of National History in New York.

Breakdown of the Score

Here is a look at the awesome antlers this mule deer grew as scored by the Boone & Crockett Club: A total of 43 scorable points graced its head, with 22 points on the right and 21 points on the left. The greatest spread is 38 5/8 inches and 22 1/8 inches inside spread. Main beams are 26 inches. Longest brow tine is 4 4/8 inches, with the longest second tine 19 5/8 inches, the third tine is 14 inches and the fourth tine is 12 6/8 inches. The largest circumference is 6 4/8 inches. Total on the right antler is 96 1/8 inches and the left antler 95 5/8 inches for a total score of 213 7/8 inches. It has 6 4/8 niches of deductions for a final typical score of 208 3/8 inches. With 146 7/8 of non-typical points to add, the outcome was a certain World Record at 355 2/8 net with a gross score of 260 6/8 B&C.

The Score Sheet
Score: 355 2/8 non-typical
Points: 22×21
Outside Spread: 38 5/8″
Date: 1926
Hunter: Ed Broder

What was the World Record previous to the Broder Buck?

The Andrew Daum buck was donated to the National Collection of Heads and Horns in 1909 in New York City. The mule deer was just listed as Rocky Mountains, but was later linked back to Eagle Creek, Colorado in 1886. It is one of the oldest trophies in the record book and was officially score in 1951. It was the first world record non-typical mule deer for Boone & Crockett. The scoring system was adopted in 1950 and the first book using the B&C system was published in 1952. The original score was 298 5/8, but was later re-scored when an error was found.

Andrew Daum Buck - Previous World Record
It now ranks #17 overall for non-typical and scores 304 5/8. This buck has held the test of time still being in the top 20 after all of these years.

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