411 6×6 Typical Bull Elk from Utah 2012

411 Gross 6x6 Elk from Utah 2012

A beautiful 6×6 point elk was just taken in Utah. Things are making out for a great season in terms of antler growth, despite the dry conditions.

Randy Johnson from High Desert Wild Sheep Guides proved they could also find the big elk as they put down what will be one of the great bulls of 2012 for Utah. Randy’s younger brother Bryant was guiding their client, Dave Cole from Texas, and found this long-tined bull. This clean 6 point bull has a green gross score of 411 B&C.

Randy emailed me these photos to post. It is hard to find a 400 class bull. Even more so to get one over the 400 mark as a 6×6.

411 Gross Utah Elk 2012

Dave Cole with his tremendous 6×6 point elk from Utah that gross scores 411 B&C

Group Photo of Utah Elk

One of the great bulls from 2012 for Utah

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