Biggest Arizona Bull? 476 Giant Elk: Mike Gallo

476 Gross Non-typical Elk from Arizona 2012

The 2012 season just keeps getting better and bigger when it comes to record book elk. Arizona is known for the biggest elk in the world and historically a force to be reckoned with. This last week one of the biggest elk in the history of Arizona elk hunting was taken.

Huge 476 Arizona Bull from 2012Mike Gallo was hunting with Mossback Guides and Outfitters, passing on some giant bulls in their own right, and connected on this giant bull. The green score on this 8×8 point bull is an incredible 476 5/8 gross and 462 4/8 net B&C. This will be the largest public land bull taken in the state and a potential #3 non-typical elk in the world.

This bull has such incredible tine length to match its 80″ of mass. The third points are 24 and 26-inches long. The main beams are 49 and 51-inches long. The biggest surprise and a testament of just how big this bull really is, is the 34 2/8-inch inside spread. A bull of this caliber could easily have a 40 to 45-inch inside spread. Surprisingly the antlers are well in tact with no major breaks.

So how does this bull stack up to the biggest in the world, including the world record Spider Bull?

Here is a breakdown of the current top ten (OK top 11 plus 2 extras) non-tyipcal bull elk according to Boone & Crockett

1. 478 5/8 – Piute Co., UT Denny Austad, 2008 1
2. 465 2/8 – Upper Arrow Lake, BC Picked Up, 1994 2
3. 460 1/8 – Unknown Frank Cameron, 1936 *
4. 458 4/8 – Kittson Co., MN Picked Up, 2010 3
5. 450 6/8 – Apache Co., AZ Alan D. Hamberlin, 1998 4
6. 449 7/8 – Golden Valley Co., ND Kevin D. Fugere, 1997 5
7. 447 1/8 – Gilbert Plains, MB James R. Berry, 1961 6
8. 445 5/8 – Apache Co., AZ Jerry J. Davis, 1984 7
9. 444 4/8 – Coconino Co., AZ Ronald N. Franklin, 2003 8
10. 442 6/8 – Clearfield Co., PA William G. Zee, 2011 9
11. 442 3/8 – Gila Co., AZ Dan J. Agnew, 2001 10
12. 441 6/8 – Clinton Co., PA John A. Shirk, 2006 11
13. 441 3/8 – Navajo Co., AZ William H. Junell, 2008 *

* Note these bulls are not officially accepted. Pending further review

I highlighted the elk listed from Arizona. Interesting to note that each of the bulls so far listed have all been from a Reservation. Mike Gallo’s bull was taken on public land, which makes it that much more unique. The only other bull we should mention here since we are talking about the biggest bulls in the world, is the Mike Shipsey Elk from the San Carlos Reservation. This bull is not listed or accepted in the Boone & Crockett record books, but has an unofficial score of 502 6/8 gross and 478 net.

Congratulations on a truly magnificent elk. We will keep things updated as the events unfold and the official score comes into play. We could be looking at a possible No. 3 in the world.

Mike Gallo and his 8x8 Trophy Elk

This bull has just a 34 1/8

Potential #3 elk in the world

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