Biggest Washington Mule Deer? 230 inch Buck from 2012

Washington Mule Deer

Back in the good old days of mule deer hunting, the state of Washington could hold its own pretty good when it came to big trophy mule deer.  You have to go back to the 1950s and 1960s to really find the giant bucks that made it into the record books.  However, you get past the 1980s and the entries almost become non-existent.

That is what makes the mule deer that Pete Fochesato recently took while hunting with his son Conner so special. Pete was hunting Okanogan County in a burn area for a mule deer. Little did he know they would stumble upon one of the biggest mule deer to come out of the state of Washington in 15-20 years.

The heavy buck has a pretty box frame and lots of great mass. Gracing a 33-inch spread, Pete’s 9×10 point buck has been unofficially scored at 231 gross, 227 net B&C.

This may not be the biggest buck to ever come out of Washington (that ranking goes to Quinten Grow way back in 1943 with a mule deer that scored 283 4/8 B&C), but it sure is the most spectacular buck we might see for a long time. Let’s hope it doesn’t take another 15 years to see it happen again.

230 Class Washington Buck

Heavy 9x10 WA Mule Deer
photos by Northwest Sportsman

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  1. Eric says:

    what a pig that thing is! i love it! looks like the bucks we have up here in BC… maybe he wondered south…

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