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King Buck Out, Hansen Buck Still World Record

King Buck Out Hansen Still Buck World Record

The whitetail world was holding their breath over the weekend as a potential world record buck was being panel scored. It took several years, but the final verdict was in…The King Buck Out, The Hansen Buck is still the World’s Record Typical Whitetail Deer. Continue reading →

Possible World Record Mule Deer with a Bow 2012

Jeremy Chamberain Monster Archery Mule Deer

A great mule deer just hit the dirt this past week that could rock the archery world. Bowdy Gardner was bowhunting public land in Southern Utah and was hunting in an area not many hunters would venture in to, Bowdy arrowed what could possible be a new world record typical mule deer. Continue reading →

Fight Over World Record Broder Buck

What Happened to the Broder Buck

Fight Over World Record – What Happened to the Broder Buck

I originally published this article as a cover story in Hunting Illustrated in the Winter Issue of 2006. I made this post back in Dec. 16, 2005 and included an excerpt of the article. I am now finally posting the whole article with an update on the current events of Don Broder passing away April 30, 2012. Below you can read about the whole story and events that unfolded in the Broder Family Saga and the fate of the greatest mule deer ever.

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World Record Mule Deer Broder Buck – The Biggest Ever!

World Record Mule Deer - Broder Buck

The Broder Buck: World Record Non-typical Mule Deer
The Biggest Deer in the World

Today, Don Broder, the son of Ed Broder, died. Don was tied into a very ugly legal battle with his siblings over this magnificent trophy. I did a very extensive article in 2005 about this unfortunate situation and have posted the whole article following the legal battle and eventual sale of the trophy mount for $225,000. Blow is a short story of the Broder Buck and the amazing hunt that took place in 1926.

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New World Record Mountain Goat

World Record Mountain Goat Feature

There is a new world’s record mountain goat, and no surprise it is from British Columbia.  That place is just Billy Goat Heaven and continues to produce the biggest goats in the world.  The Boone and Crockett Club just announced on April 25, 2012 that a new world record has been confirmed. Continue reading →

New World Record Moose: Biggest Ever with a Bow

World Record Moose

The new world record moose taken with a bow. Many believed the 248 0/8 bull that Michael Cusack shot in 1973 would stand as the world’s record Alaska-Yukon moose forever. However, Real Langlois (the Rack Man) arrowed a monster bull moose in the Yukon in September of 2008. It finally has been panel scored and officially accepted by Pope & Young as the new world’s record this past spring 2011. Continue reading →

Is the Spider Bull Legit? A Look Back at this World Record Elk

Spider Bull Legit Feature

Author’s Note: This article was first published in January 2009 just before Boone & Crockett officially declared it a world’s record elk. This is my own conclusion to the legitimacy of the Spider bull. Because of the popularity of the biggest elk ever taken, I am posting this article for anyone who might find it beneficial. I need to give credit to Ben Brown for his help with this article as well. – David King

The Spider Bull. It’s a name that will go down in infamy. The epitome of nicknames for a trophy animal. For those of you who have kept up with this story, mainly on the internet, you will have seen firsthand the firestorm of attention this bull has been given. Continue reading →

New World Record Typical Mule Deer

World Record Archery Mule Deer

Pope & Young has recently announce three new world’s records during their Biennial Convention and Awards Banquet this spring of 2011. Since we have been talking possible world record archery mule deer, it is only fitting to mentioned another monster of a buck. Continue reading →

Possible World Record Mule Deer?

Record Saskatchewan Buck

New World Record Mule Deer with a Bow?
So here is the biggest rumor and news of 2011 – A possible world record archery mule deer. There is not much information yet on this buck and is being held pretty quiet for now (I can understand that). But some information that has been trickling through is this buck was taken last week in Saskatchewan, Canada by Cody Robbins. This monster double drop tine buck could quite possibly be the biggest mule deer taken with a bow. Numbers of 295 gross and 287 net P&Y are being thrown around right now. Until I can find out some more definite information, this is what we have to go by. (Update: I have now heard that the green score came in at 294 6/8 gross and 287 7/8 net). Continue reading →

New world record elk 617 …is this True?

World Record 617 SCI Elk

This is what we know…according to emails going around.

“This huge bull elk was taken in the lower country by Arthur Gutierrez.It is the current world record bull elk scoring 617 SCI.”

I have spent a lot of time on huge SCI high fenced bulls on this blog clarifying if they are really world record elk or what does it all mean. The only reason I do this is many of the emails are not disclosing all of the facts and therefore causing a lot of confusion on if it is really a world record.

Here are some more facts on this bull pictured here. It was taken in Colorado in 2010 and was taken in a high fenced environment on private land. This was not a fair chase bull and therefore is being scored and entered into SCI (Safari Club International) in their high fenced category. The world record status is only for SCI and high fenced bull.

This has nothing to do with Boone & Crockett (B&C) or Pope & Young (P&Y) and will not be entered, recognized or even considered into those record books. Don’t worry, this won’t sneak in…So for a fair chase bull world record, this is not it. You can find that bull here as the World Record Spider bull.

It is amazing, however, that this bull scores 617 SCI. Can’t believe they are now getting over the 600 mark. A few years ago the big rage was over this high fenced bull that was pushing the 600 mark.

Another monstrous high fenced bull. Another one to clear the air with.

World Record 617 SCI Elk